Children and young adults literature from Luxembourg

Kultur | lx is thrilled to give you an insight into the world of the children and young adults publishing sector from Luxembourg!

Discover the aesthetical and linguistic diversity of the Luxembourgish creation through:

  • The publishing houses both focussing on international children’s books for the Luxembourgish market and on original Luxembourgish creations for national and international markets;
  • The last Luxembourgish children’s books awarded the prestigious Luxembourg Book Prize;
  • A selection of the new releases of children’s and young adults’ books by Luxembourgish publishing houses.

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We would be more than happy to guide you through the opportunities of the Luxembourgish children and young adults publishing sector.

Contact :
Brian Bailey, Project Manager, Literature and Publishing | +352 621 730 960

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The publishing houses

Atelier Kannerbuch was founded in 2014 to inspire children with books. They also publish children books and organise lectures as well as creative book workshops.

Contact details: | +352 28 99 37 46

When Georges Hausemer and Susanne Jaspers founded their publishing house in 2012, it was this charming way of life that prompted them to make this likeable animal the star of their company logo. Ever since then, the little hog has been proudly emblazoned on all their publications, which include literature, travel guides, non-fiction and scientific books. In August 2018, Georges Hausemer passed away before his time, at the age of 61. Susanne Jaspers continues to run the publishing house alone. Well, not entirely alone – she still has the trusty water hog by her side.

Contact details:
Susanne Jaspers | | +352 661 50 17 15

The aim of Éditions Guy Binsfeld is to immortalise stories that shape and reflect Luxembourg’s culture. There are many different ways of telling great stories like these. They like to find just the right one. Their collection speaks many languages, tracing what has left its mark on our country and what roots it in the present. Promoting young voices is just as important to them as looking after their portfolio of renowned authors. They are actively involved in all domains, be it literature, non-fiction, illustrated books, travel guides, children’s books, or business books. For them, it’s about quality over quantity every time. That’s why they publish just over a dozen books a year. And this means they can do what they like to do best: bring individual concepts to life.

Contact details:
Inge Orlowski | | +352 49 68 68-1

Éditions Phi was founded at the end of the 1970s and it was thanks to passionate editorial work that Luxembourgish literature was revived in the 1980s. Novels, poetry, drama, and children’s literature quickly emerged and it was followed by essays as well as monographs. Over the years, Éditions Phi has built up strong collections and expanded the circle of authors: more than 140 authors contribute to the collections of phi prose, graphiti French, German, and English poetry, amphitheatre, essays, philou, scientiphic, aphinities and prophil. Éditions Phi publishes 12 to 15 books per year and has over 370 publications since its foundation.

Contact details:
Roland Kayser | | +352 691 43 03 83

More than 70 years of experience, competence and passion have resulted in a diversified publishing programme with a total of more than 200 titles available: Picture books, non-fiction, fiction, children’s books, cookbooks, art books, anthologies, biographies, dictionaries, and reference works. Together with their authors, Editions Schortgen has been winning the Luxembourg Book Prize for years in the categories “coffee-table books”, “non-fiction books”, “children books” and is developing with and for you the Luxembourg book market constantly new. Graphics atelier, text optimisation, printing and sales – Perfect Layout & high-quality turn good ideas into the new favourite books.

Contact details:
Lena Schortgen | | +352 26 59 18 78

It went on to become a bookshop but it has started publishing again in recent years. Ernster Editions now has a catalogue of around twenty titles including extracurricular publications, works for children, and coffee-table books.

Contact details:
Vanessa Gubbini | | +352 22 50 77 240

Many of their books have a backrest part related to the story covered and allow one to learn more about the subject while having fun. With their age categories, they try to include as many people as possible so that everyone can find something to enjoy. They also try to promote the Luxembourg culture in Japan and the Japanese culture in Luxembourg.

Contact details:
Florent Nortier | | +352 26 66 01 01

For young readers (0 to 8 years), Kremart publishes books in Luxembourgish: stories written and illustrated by their own authors and artists, but also translations of international bestselling children’s books. Adult readers can take it one short story at a time with the “Smart Kremart” series. Those 20 little books were an instant success with over 33,000 copies sold. The story continues with the follow-up series “Timba” and “Bucktugou”. Kremart also has a selection of novellas or full-length novels in German, French or Luxembourgish by both emerging and established authors from Luxembourg, e.g. in the literary series “Kanephora”.

Contact details:
Christiane Kremer | | +352 621 710 929

Op der Lay was founded in 1993 by Renée Weber and Robert Gollo Steffen as a publishing company in Luxembourg, although some book titles had already been available under this label since 1987. Their publishing programme offers a diversity of fiction, children and young adults’ books, crime novels, theatre and monographs. Many authors who are now among the most respected literary figures in Luxembourg were discovered by Op der Lay.

Contact details:
Doris Bintner & Eric Steffen | | +352 691 43 03 83

Their first licence was for the Loup and P’tit Loup books published by Auzou Editions. With a growing desire to share their passion for books with young children, the pair decided to create PersPektiv Editions in 2016 so they could be fully independent and autonomous when it came to production. This has been a brilliant challenge! Since PersPektiv Editions launched, around twenty new books have been added to its catalogue every year, which includes their creations and right purchases. They aim to use different stories to develop children’s imaginations and dreams.

Contact details:
Christophe de Jamblinne | | +352 691 606 101

Zoom éditions was founded in 2001 by Claudine Furlano and Nicolas Lefrançois. For its founders, a publishing house is a bit like having a child. It is born, it grows, it takes a lot of energy, it gets sick, it has accidents… With all that this implies for the founders-parents: sudden joys, anguish, tender smiles, sleepless nights, etc… Over the years, Zoom éditions have published a diversity of children’s books from novels to fanzines.

Contact details:
Claudine Furlano |

Literary Prizes for Children and young adults literature


The Luxembourg Publishers’ Association (Lëtzebuerger Bicherediteuren) has awarded the Luxembourg book award (Lëtzebuerger Buchpräis) every year since 2006 on the occasion of the Book Days in Walferdange (Walfer Bicherdeeg).

The best Luxembourgish books in the three categories Literature, Non-fiction as well as Children’s Books, and Literature for Young Adults are selected by a panel of experts. A special prize for Design/Graphic, and a prize “Coup de coeur” may be awarded additionally. An audience prize is granted following the votes cast online by readers across all categories. For more information:

Children’s Book Prize & Audience Prize
Watgelift?, Isabelle Hild and Andréi Clontea
PersPektiv éditions, 2021, Luxembourgish

Children’s Book Prize
Waking the Mountain, Marina Fonseca and Lisa Junius
Zoom Editions, 2021, English

Audience Prize
12 nei Gutt-Nuecht-Geschichten, Sonja Bintner
Editions Phi, 2021, Luxembourgish

Children’s Book Prize & Audience Prize
De Wëlle leeft am Bësch, Diane Orban and Myriam Karels
Editions Schortgen, 2019, Luxembourgish

New literary releases

Dem Louis seng Nues, Renée Weber
Op der lay, November 2022, Children’s literature, Luxembourgish
In winter, little Lou is looking forward to building with her puppy Lilly a snowman, which she names Louis. Her mother also brings her a carrot and a hat for the snowman. The next day, she realises that the carrot has disappeared. With the help of Bo, an owl, Lou finds the guilty, a rabbit. The loss of the nose is tragic, but at the same time, it saved the rabbit’s life. Renée Weber shows in Dem Louis seng Nues everything that is beautiful for us is also ephemeral and transient and will come to an end at some point.

Dëst ass net däi Liewen, Claudine Muno
Op der lay, November 2022, Children’s literature, Luxembourgish
Dëst ass net däi Liewen follows a young narrator who meets Jan on the bus and decides to follow him, even though he is not her style. She approaches him on the bus, close enough to determine that he smells of soap, but not close enough to hear the music playing in his headphones.

KOMA 21, Anja di Bartolomeo
Éditions Guy Binsfeld, November 2022, YA’s literature, Luxembourgish
As a teenager life is not always easy. In Koma 21, Anja di Bartolomeo tells the story of Liv, a 17  year old girl, who’s in puberty. If that is not enough, the “Aaschlachvirus” (asshole virus) derailed her life. She cannot see her friends or pursue her hobbies. Liv isolates herself more into a bubble, where she feels save until it bursts after a friend has gone into a coma after a car accident.   

Bonjour l’Europe et le Japon/ Hello Europe and Japan / Yoroppa to Nihon ni konnichiwa, Ikuko Ikeda
KIWI E.L.G., July 2022, Children’s literature, English, French, Japanese
Tony and Yuuko are cousins. Both are seven years old. Yuuko lives in Japan while Tony lives in Luxembourg, in Europe. With them, the reader discovers two different cultures and traditions.

Verdruddelt Geschichten, Marc Weydert (text) and Marie-Isabelle Callier (illustrations)
PersPektiv Editions, May 2022, Children’s literature, Luxembourgish
Eight well-known tales, each written in rime with unexpected twists. What if Cinderella had not lost her shoe on the roy staircase? What if there had been more than seven dwarfs? These stories play with the reader’s imagination and pretend that, for instance, there was one more little guy who wanted to be different from his seven friends.

1st Prize Luxembourg Concours Littéraire national 2021

WATGELIFT?, Isabelle Hild (text) and Andréi Clontea (illustrations)

PersPektiv Editions, August 2021, Children’s literature, Luxembourgish
Kressida the kind old fairy is on her way to grant wishes to the animals. However, because she can’t hear very well, a few things go wrong when she performs her magic tricks.

Lëtzebuerger Buchpräis in the category Children’s book and Audience Prize 2022

Mam Roki ënnerwee an der Uewerstad, Michèle Kinnen
Éditions Ernster, June 2022, Children’s literature, Luxembourgish
Come and discover the Uewerstad (Upper city) with Roki and her small girlfriend Tatisha. An Audiobook in 4 languages and with great riddle pages.

De Felix an d’Mimi wëlle bleiwen wat si sinn, Stéphanie Heuertz (text) and Julie Redo (illustrations)
Editions Schortgen, April 2023, Children’s literature, Luxembourgish
Félix and her sister want to know more about their homeland Luxembourg. On a schooltrip, they meet a Luxembourgish celebrity who joins them on their discovery through the Grand-Duchy.

Kanner, Computeren an eng Rettungsaktioun, Viviane Daman
Éditions Phi, October 2022, Children’s literature, Luxembourgish
Sarah’s new friend Nelly finds out that two teenagers plan to break in to her father’s Computer store. Sarah, Pascal, Steve and Paul advise her to inform her father. The next day Nelly has disappeared.

A WANN …? D’Geschicht vum Fuuss a vum Schleek, Jil Winandy
Kremart Edition, 2021, Children’s literature, Luxembourgish
The fox does not have enough space in its den. Then he meets the snail that drags its little house everywhere with it. The fox sees how well small and large, slow and fast, frightened and dangerous animals enjoy themselves together and learns that he has no reason to be listless. A WANN… tells the story of expectations that everyone has on themselves. But above all, the happy snail shows the sad fox that he has everything that he needs.