17.05.2022 #kulturlxnews #meetings

A look back at the Cultural Mission Luxembourg in Lisbon

Within the framework of the State Visit of Luxembourg to Portugal, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg initiated a multidisciplinary professional meeting bringing together a delegation of cultural professionals from the Grand Duchy and their Portuguese counterparts.

At the heart of these meetings between programming and producing institutions from Luxembourg and Portugal: the discovery and development of new collaborations and new horizons of coconstruction and exchange between the creative scenes of the two countries.

The Luxembourg delegation was made-up with: Ainhoa Achutegui (neimënster), Carl Adalsteinsson (CAPE), Bernard Baumgarten (TROIS C-L), Jean- Marc Dimanche (De Mains de Maîtres), Frank Hoffmann (TNL), Roland Kayser (Editions Phi / Fédération des éditeurs luxembourgeois), Victor Mayot (Kultur | lx), Kevin Muhlen (Casino Luxembourg), René Penning (Kulturfabrik), Valérie Quilez (Kultur | lx), Francisco Sassetti (Philharmonie), Marc Scheer (Kulturfabrik), Diane Tobes (Kultur | lx), Giovanni Trono (Kultur | lx) and Michèle Walerich (CNA).

During a professional day on May 11, organized at Culturgest, the Luxembourg delegation met with some 40 Portuguese professionals from the performing arts, music and visual arts sectors, as well as with many directors of multidisciplinary venues and artists’ residency programs.

The professional day was set up with a program of visits to venues and cultural institutions in Lisbon according to the issues formulated by the Luxembourg participants. They also took the opportunity to organize their own series of meetings.

The Luxembourg delegation and the Portuguese professionals are very enthusiastic and positive about this new format of meetings.

We hope that these meetings will lead to future collaboration projects and artistic invitations. One thing is already certain, Portugal will be honored during the Biennial of De Mains de Maîtres in 2023, and might be followed by an invitation of Luxembourgish art craftsmen in Portugal.