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About Francis of Delirium's performance at ESNS 2022

Nominated for the Music Moves Awards Europe, presented among the essential artists of the last edition of the Eurosonic Festival which took place from January 18th to 21st in Groningen, the Netherlands, Francis of Delirium looks back on this experience.

1/ Can you tell us about your experience in Groningen and the MMEA Awards ceremony? How did you prepare your showcase?
It was really exciting to get to go to the Netherlands a perform there, even if it was just for a virtual audience. That was our first time playing in the Netherlands and it just made us want to come back and get to see Eurosonic when it’s in its full glory. I think we prepared in a pretty standard way, me and the band met after the New Year and did a couple rehearsals. I painted my pants for the performance.

2/ What does it mean to you being nominated for MMEA?
It was kind of a shock, especially seeing the other nominees. We only realized halfway through the show that we frequently play one of the nominees music in the car when we’re driving to go to shows, so it was cool to get be around other really creative and talented musicians!

3/ Did you have much interaction with the others artists during the event? If so, any particular favorites? In the Netherlands restrictions were pretty tight, so there wasn’t much time for socializing but we got to quickly chat and hopefully will keep in touch with the other nominees.

4/ How did the show go?
I think the show was a success. It’s always good to go out and play, it just makes me want to do it more and reminds me why I play music. So now I really just can’t wait to tour the US!

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