About us

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg:
At the service of the cultural and creative sector

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg was created in July 2020 as an initiative of the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture. The establishment of this new tool for the support, promotion and development of the Luxembourgish cultural scene is the result of a broad consultation with the creative sector.

Setting up this new institution is part of the Luxembourg government’s cultural development plan, known as “Kulturentwécklungsplang 2018-2028”. The operations of Kultur | lx revolve around three core strategies:

  • Stimulating the career development of Luxembourgish creatives
  • Supporting and encouraging the dissemination of artistic creation
  • Boosting the impact and promotion of artistic creations in and outside of Luxembourg

Kultur | lx has already integrated under its roof some existing initiatives and missions of the sector, such as those of music:LX and Reading Luxembourg, and is currently working on developing others. In the medium and long term, Kultur | lx aims to become the preferred point of contact for the support and promotion of professionals from the following sectors : architecture, design and crafts; multimedia and digital arts; visual arts; literature and publishing; music; and performing arts.


Bernard Baumgarten

Director, TROIS C-L
( Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois )

Christian Biever

Directeur des Affaires consulaires et des relations culturelles internationales, ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes

Catherine Decker (présidente)

Conseillère Relations avec les institutions culturelles; Secrétaire générale de la coopération avec l’UNESCO, ministère de la Culture

Iris Depoulain

Commissaire aux droits d’auteurs, ministère de l’Économie

Nadine Erpelding

Conseillère Action et médiation culturelles, ministère de la Culture

Susanne Jaspers

Writer and director of Éditions Capybarabooks

Jérôme Konen

Director, Kinneksbond, Centre culturel Mamer

Tom Théobald (secrétaire)

Directeur du développement et de la promotion de la place financière, ministère des Finances

Michèle Walerich

Responsable du département Photographie, Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA)

Michel Welter (vice-président/trésorier)

Manager, A-Promotion

Barbara Zeches

Conseillère Affaires européennes et internationales, ministère de la Culture



Valérie Quilez
International Coordinator
Diane Tobes
National Coordinator


Ludovic Prost
Deputy Manager
for Administration and Finance
Angèle Maschio
Administrative assistant


Emilie Gouleme
Head of Communications

Department of Music

Giovanni Trono
Head of Music
Zachary Glavan
Project Manager
Clémence Creff
Project Manager
Project Manager

Department of Literature and Publishing

Jean-Philippe Rossignol
Head of Literature and Publishing
Aviva Rübel
Project Manager
Literature and Publishing

Department of performing arts

Victor Mayot
Head of Performing Arts