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Throwback to |lx jazz nights in Brussels

As part of its mission to promote and disseminate Luxembourg culture, Kultur | lx organised two evenings in partnership with the Luxembourg embassy in Belgium and the Jazz Station to present Luxembourg jazz musicians. With the |lx jazz nights, Kultur | lx wishes to get closer to the musical ecosystem and professionals of a given territory in order to facilitate the export of Luxembourgish artists.

The |lx jazz nights featured Reis/Demuth/Wiltgen and Claire Parsons on 12 November, and the Arthur Possing Quartet and the Michel Meis Quartet on 13 November. In front of a sold-out Jazz Station on Friday, filled with an enthusiastic audience, each artist had an occasion to present excerpts and compositions from their latest albums.

The Reis/Demuth/Wiltgen Trio (Michel Reis, piano, Marc Demuth, double bass, Paul Wiltgen, drums) once again showed the extent of their talent for musical interpretation through compositions from Sly, released in 2021 (Cam Jazz).

“The role of double bassist Marc Demuth, who has a very nice momentum in his playing and who never stops driving the trio, was particularly striking. Either melodically complementing the piano lines or pushing Reis and Wiltgen to give a little more flavour, energy. It’s nice to see that.”, Written in music

Claire Parsons, surrounded by her quintet (Jérôme Klein, piano, Niels Engel – drums, Pol Belardi – bass, Eran Har Even – guitar), inspired the audience and rounded off the first evening in style with her ambitious songs and compositions from the album In Geometry’, released in 2020.

The second chapter of this weekend dedicated to Luxembourg jazz was opened by Michel Meis’ quartet (Alisa Klein – Trombone, Stephan Goldbach – Double Bass, Antoine Spranger – Piano) who, led by the drummer, delivered a beautiful performance of their album Kaboom.

“In the course of the show, the quartet shows what it is capable of when drummer/conductor Meis, (…) leads the musicians and the sound thickens. This is exactly what the quartet needs to end the set on a high note”, Written in music

Finally, Arthur Possing, supported by the talented Pierre Cocq-Amann on saxophone, Niels Engel on drums, Sebastian ‘Schlabpe’ Flach on double bass and special guest trumpeter Thomas Mayade, closed the evening with tracks from the critically acclaimed album Natural Flow.

Kultur | lx would like to thank the musicians, the Luxembourg embassy in Belgium and the Jazz Station for the success of these two |lx jazz nights!