Books from Luxembourg

Leipzig Book Fair, Hall 4, Stand C303

21 – 24 March 2024

After a first exciting participation in 2023, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg returns to this year’s edition of the Leipzig Book Fair with a joint national stand and presents the diversity of Luxembourg’s literary and publishing scene. 7 Luxembourg publishers will present their new spring publications at Germany’s second largest book fair. As one of the most important fairs for the general public, visitors can meet and exchange ideas with Luxembourg authors and discover the diversity of the Luxembourg book industry.

To support the dissemination and circulation of Luxembourg literature, Kultur | lx offers publishing and translation subsidies to foreign publishers. More information on the various supports can be found here : Publishing support – Luxembourg authors with foreign publishers ; Translation support.

Contact: Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg
Brian Bailey, Project Manager Literature & Publishing | +352 621 730 960

Illustration © Lisa Junius
Publishing houses


When Georges Hausemer and Susanne Jaspers founded their publishing house in 2012, it was this charming way of life that prompted them to make this likeable animal the star of their company logo. Ever since then, the little hog has been proudly emblazoned on all their publications, which include literature, travel guides, non-fiction and scientific books. In August 2018, Georges Hausemer passed away before his time, at the age of 61. Susanne Jaspers continues to run the publishing house alone. Well, not entirely alone – she still has the trusty water hog by her side.

Susanne Jaspers | | +352 661 501 715


Our aim is to immortalise stories that shape and reflect Luxembourg’s culture. There are many different ways of telling great stories like these. We like to find just the right one. Our collection speaks many languages, tracing what has left its mark on our country and what roots it in the present. Promoting young voices is just as important to us as looking after our portfolio of renowned authors. We are actively involved in all domains, be it literature, non-fiction, illustrated books, travel guides, children’s books or business books. For us, it’s about quality over quantity every time. That’s why we publish just over a dozen books a year. And this means we can do what we like to do best: bring individual concepts to life.

Inge Orlowski |


Éditions Phi was founded at the end of the 1970s and thanks to its passionate editorial work, Luxembourgish literature was revitalised in the 1980s. Novels, poetry, drama and children’s literature quickly emerged, followed by essays and monographs. Over the years, Éditions Phi has built strong collections and expanded the circle of authors: more than 140 authors contribute to the collections of phi prose, graphiti French, German and English poetry, amphitheatre, essays, philou, scientiphic, aphinities and prophil. Éditions Phi publishes 12 to 15 books per year and has published over 370 publications since its foundation.

Roland Kayser | | +352 691 43 03 83


Since its foundation in 2012, Hydre Éditions has published literary fiction in German and French. Recently, its programme has focused on novels, plays, novellas and short story collections, with publications by both confirmed writers and an emerging generation of Luxembourg authors.


Ian De Toffoli / Jeff Thoss |


For young readers (0 to 8 years), Kremart publishes books in Luxembourgish: stories written and illustrated by our own authors and artists, but also translations of international bestselling children’s books. Adult readers can take it one short story at a time with the “Smart Kremart” series. Those 20 little books were an instant success with over 33,000 copies sold. The story continues with the follow-up series “Timba” and “Bucktugou”. Kremart also has a selection of novellas or full-length novels in German, French or Luxembourgish by both emerging and established authors from Luxembourg, e.g. in the literary series “Kanephora”.

Christiane Kremer | | +352 621 710 929


Op der Lay was founded in 1993 by Renée Weber and Robert Gollo Steffen as a publishing house in Luxembourg, although some book titles had already been available under this label since 1987. The publishing programme offers a variety of fiction, children’s and young adult books, crime novels, theatre and monographs. Many authors who are among the most respected writers in Luxembourg today were discovered by Op der Lay.

Eric Steffen / Doris Bintner |


Point Nemo Publishing was founded in March of 2020. Its core product is the magazine ADATO, which discusses architecture in conjunction with neighboring fields: technology, theatre, film and the fine arts, always with an eye on the socio-political context of our times. In this way, ADATO very much reflects its publishing house’s values and motivations!

Anna Valentiny | | +352 621 500 257

Program – Leipzig liest

Saturday 23 March | 9 p.m. – 10 p.m.
die naTo – Soziokulturelles Zentrum, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 46, D-04275 Leipzig
Reading and debate ‘Myself and the others’
With Ulrike Bail, Raoul Biltgen and Guy Helminger
Moderated by Katrin Hillgruber (journalist and literary critic)

Balancing between introspection and reflection on their relationship with others and the world, three renowned Luxembourg authors will draw us into their stories and poetry, exploring a desert island, introducing a family, and encounters with individuals who seem helpless when faced with objects and their environments. They will also explore different types of relationship, highlighting the links between culture and nature.

Ulrike Bail, im halblichten geäst deines atems, Conte Verlag, 2023

In im halblichten geäst deines atems, Ulrike Bail discovers cultural networks in the moss, symbolic processes between orchids and mushrooms and finds surprising words on her daily walks with her dog. Her poems explore the diverse relationships between culture and nature – delicately and sonorously.

Ulrike Bail has lived in Luxembourg since 2008, where she works as a writer. She has written several volumes of poetry, most recently “wie viele faden tief”, which focuses on the art of sewing, and “statt einer ankunft”, which is about the bus and tram stops in Luxembourg City. Her poetry has won several awards. Some of her poems have been translated into several languages.


Raoul Biltgen, Meine Insel. Eine Robinsonade, Hydre Editions, 2023

On a desert island, a man stands on the beach and tells a joke about a man on the beach on a desert island. Raoul Biltgen’s hero has ended up on a desert island, where he tells jokes – and builds fences. Who knows how long you can stay alone on a desert island?

Raoul Biltgen, born in 1974 in Esch/Alzette, lives and works as a freelance writer, playwright and psychotherapist in Austria. He has published short stories, novels and poems. His theatre plays, many of them for children and young audiences, are regularly performed in German-speaking countries. His awards include the Dutch-German Children’s and Young People’s Playwriting Prize 2017, the Glauser Prize 2021 in the short thriller category and the Youth Jury Prize at the Mülheim Theatre Days 2022.


Guy Helminger, Das Geräusch der Stillleben, Capybarabooks, 2023

Das Geräusch der Stillleben is an artfully interwoven puzzle. Secondary characters in one story become the main character in another, objects change hands from story to story. At some point, the still life has a 56.75 degree inclination and can no longer be stopped.

Guy Helminger was born in 1963 in Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg, and has lived in Cologne since 1985. He writes poetry, novels, radio plays and theatre. His work has earned him the Baden-Württemberg Youth Theatre Prize, the Prix Servais twice, the 3sat Prize, the Prix du mérite culturel de la ville d’Esch, the Dresden Poetry Prize, the Gustav Regler Prize and the Merano Poetry Prize, among others.