30.03.2022 #kulturlxnews

Carte blanche to Dirk Kesseler

Copyright - Dirk Kesseler for Kultur | lx

Kultur | lx has given the Luxembourgish illustrator and graphic designer Dirk Kesseler a carte blanche to reinterpret its values and graphic design.

He is using both analogue and digital drawing techniques to convey his naive humor and absurd daydreams. His illustration, published on the website’s homepage and on social networks for three months, shows the idea of “nurturing” creative minds.

“For the website-illustration I wanted to show the idea of cultural institutions, supporting local artists sort of like a gardener taking care of their plants.
When an artist gets financial and administrative help, they have a lot more time to focus on growing their creative output,” explain the illustrator.

An illustration to discover on our website and our socials (Facebook, Linkedin) until July.