In 2024, Kultur | lx continues its series of ‘cartes blanches’. After a year in which illustration dominated our homepage with works by Dirk Kesseler, Irina Moons and Keong-A Song, followed by a year dedicated to video with works by Suzan Noesen and Justine Blau, Kultur | lx is initiating a cycle around the digital arts, starting with the work Artificial God by the Luxembourg-based XR artist and director Laura Mannelli.

“Artifical God is a digital work created using Al. Inspired by the Rorschach test, the AI transposes a series of illustrations into a video sequence. The work contrasts a cult film from the 1920s, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, and in particular his humanoid robot Futura, with an equally cult text from the 1980s, Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto. While Fritz Lang’s film featured a robot for the first time in cinema, it was the image of the evil female witch that was chosen to embody a robot capable of causing chaos among humans. Based on the closing postulate of the Cyborg manifesto, I’d rather be a cyborg than a goddess, I wanted to free Maria from her condition as a woman caught between the figure of a saintly woman venerated in her human version and that of an evil woman and witch in her robot counterpart. So while Fritz Lang’s film suggests that machines are capable of controlling, manipulating and enslaving men, Maria, through Donna Haraway’s cyborg figure, is on the contrary capable of freeing herself from her control systems in order to emancipate herself from rigid categories, whether in terms of gender, nature or social status. The video shows Maria’s hypnotic transmutation into a super-powerful ‘Mecha’. ‘Mechas’ are huge robotic containers packed with technology that enable their human hosts to acquire superhuman abilities. It’s a way of denouncing man’s relentless quest to transcend his human condition and become a kind of artificial god.“, explains the artist.

Discover her work on the home page of our website.

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg commissioned visual artist Claudia Passeri to design its 2023 season greeting card. The artwork, originally a digital work, has subsequently been adapted to a physical card.

Claudia Passeri creates site-specific interventions and contextual pieces that explore human perception in relation to place. Depending on the site and the context, the work takes on social, political, and environmental aspects. Her research has a neo-romantic aspect that seeks, frequently via the use of irony, to reveal the mechanisms that activate the human creative processes, which transform how we view the world.

This video has been created in her kitchen in Umbria on November 3 2023.

Discover the work on the home page of our website and on our social networks. (FacebookLinkedInTwitterInstagram)

As part of its mission to promote and disseminate the Luxembourg arts scene, Kultur | lx has joined forces with Rotondes and Spektrum to invite professionals from the international digital arts scene to discover the projects of Luxembourg artists who will be exhibiting at the next edition of Multiplica, which will be held from 24 February to 5 March at Rotondes.

On the programme: on the site of the Rotondes and elsewhere, the public of all ages will be able to discover international and local digital and multimedia art creations, workshops for children and adults, audio-visual performances, concerts and meetings with artists, including:
Andrea ManciniMINERALS: performance, installation, meet the artist / 24.02-26.02.
Steve GergesTOWERS: installation / 24.02-26.02.
Slumbergaze : concert / 25.02

About Multiplica
The Multiplica festival is a cultural and artistic project initiated by the Rotondes which started in 2015 with a first conference entitled “What is digital art? Driven by the will of some members of the team to create a festival around digital and multimedia arts in Luxembourg, the project has grown through its biennial editions (2017, 2019, 2021) and has become an important meeting point for everyone who is interested in arts that use current technologies and in the many themes related to the digitalisation of our daily lives, such as the impact of technologies on our environment or digital exclusion.

Discover the complete programme of Multiplica here.



Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg headed to Montreal in early November with a large delegation of artists. At the invitation of the Film Fund Luxembourg, Kultur | lx developed a programme of events, meetings and residencies in the wake of the CINEMANIA Festival, honouring the Grand Duchy.

One of the highlights of this event was the artistic meetings organised on 3 November at the Centre PHI in the form of a networking event and a micro-festival presenting three artists and collectives from Luxembourg, a programme in the context of the Centre PHI, between experimentation and hybridisation: Andrea Mancini, C’est Karma, Compagnie Eddi van Tsui.

Professionals and the general public were thus able to discover some of the many facets of Luxembourg’s creation. The feedback was enthusiastic.

The presence in Montreal also made it possible to organise a visit to the studio of artist Suzan Noesen in residence at the Darling Foundry and to confirm once again the interest of the partnership with the Darling Foundry, which will continue in the years to come.

Beyond this highlight, Kultur | lx has worked to extend the artists’ experience by offering them other opportunities in the territory.

While artist Andrea Mancini flew to Brooklyn for a series of concerts, Eddi van Tsui, Giovanni Zazerra, Baptiste Hilbert (AWA) took advantage of their presence to network at CINARS, C’est Karma is preparing for its showcases at the M for Montreal Festival, artists Sophie Langevin and Ian de Toffoli are benefiting from a writing residency at the Centre des écritures dramatiques de Montréal. This residency was concluded with a conference on 19 November as part of the festival “La Salle des machines”.

All these moments and meetings have allowed us to forge new links with the Montreal artistic scene and to strengthen the ties with existing partners. The desire for cooperation is there, and discussions will continue in order to design sustainable programmes in a spirit of exchange and mutual benefit.

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Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, in partnership with the Cité internationale des arts in Paris, offers a three-month research and creation residency based on a call for applications to artists of all disciplines of Luxembourg nationality or living in Luxembourg. This residency program aims to allow an artist, author, dancer, choreographer or musician to carry out a personal research and creation project. The project will preferably be carried out in conjunction with a partner institution, or a structure, or an artist, identified in Paris and its agglomeration. This stay, which is for the artist a privileged moment of reflection and creation, will contribute to the visibility of the Luxembourgish artistic scene in Paris.

Is my project eligible? How can I apply? What are the practical conditions of the residency? What does the residency have to offer?
We are here to answer your questions!

18.01.2022 | 16:00
WEBINAR (in English)
Duration: 1h30 minutes

Speakers: Andrea Mancini (resident 2021), Vincent Gonzalvez (Head of residency programs – Cité des arts), Souraya Kessaria (Residency programs and partnerships – Cité des arts)
Moderation by the team of Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg

Inscription here

About the Cité internationale des arts, Paris
The Cité internationale des arts is an artists’ residency in the heart of Paris that brings together creators and allows them to implement a production or research project in all disciplines. For periods of two months to a year, the Cité internationale des arts offers an environment conducive to creation, open to meetings with professionals from the cultural sector. Residents benefit from customized support from the Cité internationale des arts team. In the Marais (18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris) or in Montmartre (24 rue Norvins, 75018 Paris), the residency also provides an opportunity to meet and dialogue with more than 300 artists and actors from the art world of all generations, all nationalities and all disciplines. In collaboration with its many partners, the Cité internationale des arts opens several thematic and/or project-based calls for applications throughout the year.