As part of its mission to promote and disseminate the Luxembourg arts scene, Kultur | lx has joined forces with Rotondes and Spektrum to invite professionals from the international digital arts scene to discover the projects of Luxembourg artists who will be exhibiting at the next edition of Multiplica, which will be held from 24 February to 5 March at Rotondes.

On the programme: on the site of the Rotondes and elsewhere, the public of all ages will be able to discover international and local digital and multimedia art creations, workshops for children and adults, audio-visual performances, concerts and meetings with artists, including:
Andrea ManciniMINERALS: performance, installation, meet the artist / 24.02-26.02.
Steve GergesTOWERS: installation / 24.02-26.02.
Slumbergaze : concert / 25.02

About Multiplica
The Multiplica festival is a cultural and artistic project initiated by the Rotondes which started in 2015 with a first conference entitled “What is digital art? Driven by the will of some members of the team to create a festival around digital and multimedia arts in Luxembourg, the project has grown through its biennial editions (2017, 2019, 2021) and has become an important meeting point for everyone who is interested in arts that use current technologies and in the many themes related to the digitalisation of our daily lives, such as the impact of technologies on our environment or digital exclusion.

Discover the complete programme of Multiplica here.



Thursday evening was the opening ceremony of the Walfer Bicherdeeg and the presentation of the Lëtzebuerger Buchpräis 2021. In a warm atmosphere, accompanied by jazz music, the following were honoured:

In the category “Literatur” :

Jemp Schuster, Editions Imprimerie Centrale

Déi eng schreiwen alles op, Dag fir Dag, Heftervoll, leeën déi Hefter op d’Säit a paken se ni méiun. Déi aner hunn all Erënnerungen am Kapp. Déi kann een zu all Zäit unzapen, wéi e vollt Faass. Mee kann een deenen Extrakter trauen? Wat ass wouer a wat ass erfonnt? A Bluttsëffer stinn d‘Famillje Gerber, Maltes a Birnbaum vu Grozeg am Mëttelpunkt.

Kultur lx - Arts council luxembourg - Buchpräis

In the category “Kanner a Jugendbicher” :
Waking the Mountain
Marina Fonseca & Lisa Junius, Zoom Editions

Nature is suffering, and so is Zura’s friend Milo. Naturally, this makes Zura angry. Soon, she knows she’ll have to turn her anger into action if she wants to save both. Waking the Mountain is a relevant and hopeful story about friendship and working together towards a better future and healthier.

In the category “Design” :
Stories from the Inside
40 Years Valentiny Architects Point Nemo Publishing

Kultur lx - Arts council luxembourg - Buchpräis

In the category “Sachbicher” :
John Marshall, Maison Moderne

Did you know that Radio Luxembourg was the first radion station to play an album by British rock band The Beatles? A book assembling 150 stories connecting the United Kingdom and Luxembourg, told by Ambassador John Marshall.

Kultur lx - Arts council luxembourg - Buchpräis

In the category  “Coup de cœur du public” :
12 Nei Gutt-Nuecht Geschichten
Sonja Bintner, Editions Phi

Et gëtt näischt méi Schéines, wéi matKanner op d‘Rees ze goen, an dWelt vun der Fantasie, wou et den Zauber nach gëtt a wou alles nach méiglech ass.Hei fannt dir 12 nei Geschichten, fir klengen a manner klenge Kanner virzeliesen an ëmmer erëm ze liesen

Kultur lx - Arts council luxembourg - Buchpräis

Find these books in Luxembourg bookshops and enjoy reading them!

If there is one Luxembourg literary event that cannot be ignored, it is the Walfer Bicherdeeg.

For the 26th edition of the largest book fair in Luxembourg, which will take place on 20 and 21 November, the theme “Magic words and a wonderful future” invites us to focus on discovery and imagination in a world strongly marked by the pandemic.

On this occasion and during the presentation of the Lëtzebuerger Buchpräis 2021, Kultur lx joins forces with Kulturkanal, Radio 100,7, the Federation of Luxembourg Publishers and the National Centre for Literature to present portraits of Luxembourg authors. Thanks to an original principle, the writers will read an extract from their latest books while the illustrator Antoine “Tunn” Grimée draws their portraits. This playful and contemporary format will enable the Buchpräis nominees for literature (Jemp Schuster, Tullio Forgiarini, Nathalie Ronvaux, Jean Back, Guy Helminger) and children’s books (Marina Fonseca & Lisa Junius, Marie Isabelle Callier, Sonja Bintner) to be discovered.

Let’s go for a month of reading, literary encounters and fun in November!

The detailed programme is available online HERE

On 16 and 17 October 2021 TRAFFIK THEATER will bring its children’s show Babar, der kleine Elefant back to the Wiener Konzerhaus with the support of Kultur|lx.

More than 80 years after the first edition of this book, BABAR inspires young and old with its poetry and the power of the unique music composed by Francis Poulenc between 1940 and 1945. Using Chinese shadow theatre, Dan Tanson tells the famous Story of Babar, the little elephant, and invites fans of slightly older tales on a sonic journey full of poetry and suspense.

Lynn Orazi, piano
Christophe Morisset, acting and shadow
Dan Tanson Erzähler, storytelling, acting and shadow
Christophe Morisset, concept and set design
Dan Tanson, concept
Jean-Lou Caglar lights

The Wiener Konzerthaus is one of the most important institutions in international musical life. Together with the State Opera and the Musikverein, it forms the prominent triad that establishes Vienna’s worldwide reputation as a leading music metropolis.