24.06.2022 #music #pop rock #release

CHAiLD and Turnup Tun link up with BBC Horizons for collaborative single

Sometimes small Nations have a lot to offer, and a meeting at the digital online Great Escape in 2021 started a conversation between two music projects aiming to break down barriers for musicians. Kultur | lx and Wales’ Horizons / Gorwelion felt that we had a lot in common when discussing our homegrown music scenes – a thriving urban, pop, and contemporary culture and a unique language and identity. This led us to explore new ways of working across the digital field, eventually welcoming the BBC affiliated organisation to Excite as the network’s UK partner.

A highly-collaborative project between nine partner organisations based across Europe (BE, DE, DK, FI, LU, NO, NL, SE, UK), Excite leverages a dynamic mechanism to expedite the internationalisation of young artists and music businesses earlier in their careers and development. The network also organises and produces dedicated songwriting camps and sessions with internationally respected and emerging writers/producers to accelerate artistic development and encourage deeper peer-to-peer collaborations. 

More and more these days, co-writing sessions between artists (or between artist and producer), are becoming an important tool for Luxembourgish artists to expand on their international network and better facilitate industry connections abroad. These sessions help the artists not only gain a new perspective on the process of making music but also allows them to tap into the audiences/fans of the collaborators they work with. In its mission of stimulating the career development of Luxembourgish creatives and supporting and encouraging the dissemination of artistic creation, Kultur | lx plans, in the year(s) to come, to expand on these types of connections for the Luxembourgish music industry. 

Focusing on the positive forces for artists to create and collaborate, Kultur | lx and Horizons have bypassed any industry expectations through a songwriting session between four artists. Foxxglove and Minas from Wales, and CHAiLD and Turnup Tun from Luxembourg, were brought together for this co-writing session, swapping ideas, melodies, beats, and lyrics. The result is the wonderful meeting of minds between talents and the release of their collaborative, multi-lingual single, “Awyr / Himmel / Sky.”

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