20.12.2022 #music #pop rock

DasRADIAL, PTOLEMEA, and Sheebaba selected to take part in Excite Music 2023!

Three acts have just been selected to represent Luxembourg in the 2023 EXCITE program : DasRADIAL, PTOLEMA, and Sheebaba. Kultur | lx remains an active partner in the EXCITE network, a highly-collaborative project between at least eight partner organisations based across Europe (BE, DE, DK, LU, NO, NL, SE, UK). This innovative network leverages a dynamic mechanism to expedite the internationalisation of young artists earlier in their careers and development. The delivery model is built around a core of at least eight partner festivals in their respective markets, where at least one of the selected Luxembourgish artists will have the chance to perform, with potential for visibility on curated stages at events like Reeperbahn Festival and The Great Escape. 

Learn more about each of the three acts below and stay tuned for more EXCITing news to follow in 2023 : 


DasRADIAL grows out of the absurdities of our digital age: a being, not man not machine, walks between dream and reality. Musician and actor Max Thommes, who spent 10 years as a drummer in the Luxembourgish band INBORN! produced by acclaimed producer Ross Robinson, has been going his own way since 2019, creating a dystopian cosmos with DasRADIAL. After several works for the German State Theatre, he also produced the title track of the ARTE documentary “UNTERM RADAR“. With his electronic beats and sharp-tongued lyrics, DasRADIAL now seeks the symbiosis of art figure and musical live performance.


PTOLEMEA is the artistic project of founder and lead singer, Priscila Da Costa, where nature and synchronicity have their own place. As its music gets created, PTOLEMEA grows more and more into an alternative and experimental style, definitely pagan rock / dark folk. The magic of this project lies in the fact that its captivating music emerges from the connection that the artist experiences with the cosmos. With her band, Sarah Kertz on synthesizer and backing vocals, Remo Cavallini on guitars and Martin Schommer on drums, Priscila harvests an innovative sound signature that allows her to create what resonates deep within her soul. The energy of this sound and her voice touches the public and it is on stage where PTOLEMEA really reveals itself! 


Sheebaba is an art rock/wave duo based in Mainz, Germany. Eliott Eccho & Prof. Costello began their journey through walls of noise and poetry in late 2019 and have since then released an EP “bruit” on the Mainz based label “Katalog”. The sound of Sheebaba has been described as “artschool-wave” by local promoters and that might be close to the truth. Their live shows blur the lines between performance art and concert, incorporating mechanical noise elements, distorted drum loops and poetic lyrics with melodic guitar and synth work. The multi tasking doesn’t stop there for the two artists that have their origins in Luxembourg. Their catalogue features songs in English, German and French. Sheebaba paints a vast tableau of pop culture references, providing the listener and viewer with a crooked vision of a lost future.