09.03.2022 #classical #contemporary #kulturlxnews #music

Emerging classical musicians mentoring programme

Willing to give the artists a long-term accompaniment, Kultur | lx just built a mentoring programme for emerging classical musicians. This programme aims to give these artists keys to adopt the best practices within the classical music sector. To achieve this, Kultur | lx collaborates with Aimee Chow, Director of Intermusica Berlin Office. Aimee Chow studied violin at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She spent six years working at IMG Artists in New York prior to joining Intermusica in 2013, where she now manages instrumentalists such as Renaud Capuçon, Nelson Goerner, Kian Soltani, Antoine Tamestit. Aimee has been training in a variety of High Performance Coaching techniques and is passionate about wellness.

This mentoring programme will mix individual sessions for each artist with Aimee Chow to receive personalised advice, as well as collective sessions intending to tackle transversal topics and to share common problematic.

In case of interest for this emerging classical musician mentoring programme, please contact Clémence Creff, project manager for classical/contemporary music: