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Visual arts Focus for the German-speaking professionals of contemporary art

Craft 3.0 - De Mains de Maîtres Copyright - Marion Dessard

Taking advantage of the last days of the exhibition Hacking Identity, Dancing Diversity co-produced by Esch2022 – European Capital of Culture for the Möllerei, Kultur | lx organized from May 13th to 15th a focus on the artistic scene of the south of Luxembourg for the German-speaking professionals of contemporary art.

During three days, the German professionals moved between visits of postindustrial venues, art centers, museums and artists’ studios.

They were able to discover the diversity of Luxembourg’s creative industries and the dynamics that lead to the reconversion of former industrial sites into cultural venues. They visited the 1535° – creative hub in Differdange and the exhibition Craft 3.0, curated by the association De Mains De Maîtres, before going to the Ferro Forum in Schifflange where they attended the first caramel pouring of the Kamelleschmelz installation by Trixi Weis, a real miniature blast furnace producing small berlingots with a taste of coca. They also visited the VEWA site in Dudelange, newly inaugurated and entirely renovated thanks to a participative process implemented by the artists and members of the DKollektiv. After the visit of the exhibition Archaeological Manufacturing by Hisae Ikenaga presented at the Rotondes in Luxembourg, this first tour, centered on the industrial south of the territory and its current evolution, ended with the visit of the exhibition Hacking identity, dancing diversity co-produced by Esch2022 – European Capital of Culture and the ZKM Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

As for art centers and museums, German professionals discovered with great interest the installation The Everted Capital (Katabasis) by Fabien Giraud and Raphaël Siboni, presented at the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain in the company of Kevin Muhlen, curator of this long-term project. During a privileged visit to the Konschthal Esch, they were also able to see the exhibition Instant Comedy by Filip Markiewicz, in the presence of the artist and the director of the place, Christian Mosar. Finally they penetrated the Garden of Resistance by Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil, then saw the exhibitions Fly In League With The Night by Lynette Yadom-Boakye and To the River by Zoe Leonard before attending the performance-installation Deary Steel by the choreographer Cécilia Bengolea, commissioned by Mudam and Esch2022.

For this Focus, Kultur | lx called upon a French curator, Margot Delalande, in charge of the collection at the Frac Lorraine, to select a few portfolios and propose a series of studio visits to our German guests. Six artists opened the doors of their studios or homes to guide visitors into their singular worlds: Justine Blau, Bruno Baltzer et Leonora Bisagno, Lisa Kohl, Nathalie Noé Adam, Suzan Noesen, and Claudia Passeri. Moments of intimate and deep exchanges that allowed each of them to confront another view of their work and other horizons of expectation.

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Kultur | lx thus intends to stimulate circulations and exchanges between the national scene and foreign scenes with an attention payed to reciprocity processes. This time of meetings often makes it possible to take distance with its own practice to consider it from a more distant point of view, while offering to the professionals in return an outline of the questionings which work the territory in depth. The next Focus will take place from November 8 to 10, 2022. The whole Kultur | lx team is already looking forward to it and would like to thank the Luxembourgish artists and professionals who have nourished these days with their commitment and their professionalism. Let’s bet that this will be a collective pollination for the future.