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Focus on Claire Parsons, 2022 laureate Global Project Grant – Jazz

Claire Parsons and Laurent Peckels, creators of the artistic collective The Aquatic Museum, are the laureates of the Global Project Grant 2022. The Aquatic Museum is an artist collective at the crossroads of pop and chamber music, founded by vocalist and composer Claire Parsons, bassist Laurent Peckels, and violist and leader of the string quartet in praise of folly Nicole Miller. This collective brings together artists from different backgrounds, ready to rethink together the ways of creating, disseminating and performing their music. They are working together to produce their eponymous album, which combines jazz harmonies with pop sounds, while retaining the delicacy of chamber music. Alongside this album, an application is currently in development. It will transport its users into an aquatic museum and guide them through the rooms of this virtual building.

See The Aquatic Museum at opderschmelz on 24 September! More information HERE.

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About Claire Parsons
Claire Parsons, born in 1993, is a Luxembourgish Jazz musician and composer of English origin. After releasing her first EP OnOff with the Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even Duo in 2019, she published her first album In Geometry with her Quintet in May 2020, with the support of the label Double Moon Records (Challenge Records) together with the popular German jazz magazine “Jazz thing” in their series ‘Next Generation Vol. 83’.

About Laurent Peckels
Laurent Peckels is a bass player, teacher and app developer from Luxembourg. After his law degree and Master at HEC Paris he spent many years in France working in the IT field and founding his own company. He only later decided to become a professional musician and make the double and electric bass his new career path. HHe is a member of the Big Band ‘Luxembourg Jazz Orchestra’, the Marly Marques Quintet and the Arthur Possing Trio feat. Claire Parsons. In order to cultivate his attraction for new technologies, video games and music, he created his own application
In 2022, he completed his MA in music at the Maastricht Conservatory.

About Nicole Miller
Nicole Miller (USA) worked as a teacher, performer, developer and violinist, before focusing on viola performance and completing a Bachelor and Master degree in viola performance with Leo De Neve at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.
Her exploratory spirit has taken her to musical worlds as she travels around the world – classical, folk, world, jazz, and tango. In her constant search for connections between the often too closed world of classical music and the other aesthetics she loves, Nicole has chosen to form in praise of folly, an ensemble capable of building bridges between these worlds. She is particularly interested in the place that string instruments play in popular and classical forms of music.

Claire Parsons – vocals / keyboard
Jérôme Klein – drums/piano
Eran Har Even – guitar
Laurent Peckels – bass
Maia Frankowski – violin
Nicole Miller – viola
Annemie Osborne – cello
Charles Stoltz – music producer

About Global Project Grant
Created by music:LX and taken over by Kultur | lx, the Global Project Grant is awarded to a musician of each genre (pop/rock/electro/hip-hop, jazz/world, classical/contemporary). It allows to support the artist in the development of a project that aims to stimulate his/her career. Kultur | lx follows the artists and their teams in each stage of the project.

More information about Global Project Grant here
Applications to be submitted by October 16, 2022