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Focus on Hip-Hop: |lx finest features Turnup Tun, Tommek, Maz, Magestick, Nicool, De Läb, Culture the Kid & 2NI

Who are the biggest names in Luxembourgish Hip-Hop today? Kultur | lx’s first ever multi-part audio-visual series “|lx finest” offers a rare insight into the lives of various Hip-Hop artists in Luxembourg, how artists and their respective producers craft their songs collaboratively, how they see their role in the local music scene, and how Hip-Hop and Rap are thriving in one of the smallest countries in Europe. The four-part series features the likes of Magestick, Turnup Tun, Tommek, De Läb, Corbi, Maz, Nicool, Culture The Kid, and Denis Schumacher (aka “2NI”) and was produced by the Unison Studios and Skin teams. Watch the full four-part series via Kultur | lx’s YouTube channel here. More on each artist below!

“We have had the pleasure of following two generations of Hip-Hop artists and producers, each with individual styles but the same values and goals…to do their own thing!” says Max Hochmuth of Unison Studios. “Between a home studio in a shed to actually making a living off of music, you’ll get a glimpse into the diversity that our local scene has to offer.”


ABOUT NICOOL : Her debut album “Den Ufank vum N”, released in summer 2019, marked the start of Nicool’s rap career. In collaboration with local hip hop record label De Läbbel, Nicool worked together with various beatmakers from Luxembourg (i.e. 8Cee, BTM, Nick Sauber, to name a few). Her live performance is like no other, whether you understand the Luxembourgish language or not, it is guaranteed that the crowd will vibe along with the beats and head-nod along with her flow and rhymes.

ABOUT DE LÄB : Luxembourg’s cultural heritage when it comes to Hip-Hop made in Luxembourg. De Läb have been around since 2007 and played every stage there is in Luxembourg at least twice – including the slot as support act for Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill. This 7-piece live band is formed by 4 of Luxembourg’s most established musicians (Benoit Martiny, Rene Macri, Georges Sadeler and Michel Lopes), including DJ Funkstarr (one of the best around) and of course fronted by the rap duo Corbi and David Fluit, featured in this video. They are true masters of their own craft, covering today’s topics with a rather old-school approach.


ABOUT TOMMEK : Tommek, Tom Mersch or Peter Punchline is a Luxembourgish rapper from Clervaux. He began rapping at the age of 11, initially in German, then from 16 years of age in his mother tongue. In 2013 he released his first single and in 2015 his first album “Tëschent Humor a Wourécht” (Between Humour and Truth). In May 2020 his latest album came out with 16 tracks, dealing with issues such as family, solidarity, happiness amongst friends and what matters most at the end of life. Tommek is renowned for his extensive use of wordplay and humour in his lyrics, and while using this humour to tackle more serious issues in society.

ABOUT TURNUP TUN : Tun Tonnar, aka Turnup Tun, is a Luxembourgish producer, singer-songwriter, musician and rapper. He has worked with various artists, such as Tommek, Bandana, Skinny J and Don Piano, to name a few. He is a member of the group Räpzodi and the collective Stayfou. In his singles, albums and EPs, he expresses himself in Luxembourgish and delivers socially charged Hip-Hop.


ABOUT CULTURE THE KID : As he introduces himself, Culture the Kid is a 19-year-old Brazilian/Luxembourgish lyrical rapper based in Luxembourg combining old school sounds and rap with new themes and lyrics. He is basically just a kid trying to preserve what’s left of his definition of good music and adding his own spice to it.

ABOUT 2NI : Denis Schumacher a.k.a. ‘2NI’ (which is simply a phonetic spelling of his first name in French : “deux-ni”), is one of the most sought out musical producers and drummers from Luxembourg. As a drummer, Denis is known more recently for his involvement with the grunge-rock band Francis of Delirium, as well as previous bands CHEAK and District 7. As a producer, 2NI lives within entirely different genres : Hip-Hop & Rnb. After meeting and producing his first song with Luxembourgish rapper Brooze, 2NI’s work has quickly evolved to include a number of artists, from Nevlo, to Troka, Vinci, EDSUN, and Maya Maunet. His goal for the future is to bring Luxembourgish music to a level where it can compete with those from abroad.


ABOUT MAZ : Maz is known for delivering a powerful and truthful message to his audiences with the aim to spark a raw confrontation with life in brutal honesty. A determination to not only scratch at the surface but to tear through it and see what lies underneath. He absorbs melancholy and reciprocates hope. His flow and highly evolved technical skills will leave the audience “Maz”merized. Risen out of the ashes of early 2000’s Metal and Rock influences – it is those heavy and dark, and yet extremely emotional and energetic beats that carry the words of the progressive rapper from the future. Maz is the new engine of a more genuine and profound generation and incarnates a courageous attitude of empathy with a solid perspective towards a future world.

ABOUT MAGESTICK : Magestick Records, founded by the 30 year old music producers, André & David, mostly produces Hip Hop and Rnb Instrumentals which are offered for sale on their website. Embarking on a production career in 2013, they are known for their successful online beat catalogue on YouTube. Magestick Records has over 245.000 subscribers and is the biggest channel in Luxembourg. In 2020 André & David signed a publishing deal with SONY ATV Music Publishing Germany.


A free showcase event took place at Den Atelier on April 29th. During this special night, five artists – Culture the Kid, Nicool, Corbi (De Läb), Maz, Turnup Tun and Tommek – could showcase their musical talent and personalities in front of the public as well as select international pros.

Kultur | lx would like to thank all the partners of the event: Den Atelier, Konektis Entertainment, Eldoradio as well as the producers of the mini-series: Unison Studios and SKIN.