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Recent translations and literary publications supported by Kultur | lx

In the field of literature and publishing, Kultur | lx advises and supports foreign publishers and professionals from the publishing sector who wish to contribute to the development and dissemination of Luxembourg authors and literary creation.

Two types of support in particular, the Publishing support and the Translation support, are aimed at foreign publishers:

The Publishing support for Luxembourg authors with foreign publishers (commercial companies or non-profit organisations) aims to make works created in Luxembourg known internationally and is intended to contribute to the international dissemination of Luxembourgish literary creation.

The Translation support is intended to contribute to the development and dissemination of Luxembourg’s literary heritage by supporting foreign publishers and theatre structures (performance venues, producers) in the translation of Luxembourgish literature.

The following text genres are eligible for funding: Anthology; comic and graphic novels; biography; drama; literary essay; children’s and youth literature; poetry; prose

The next deadlines for submitting projects are: 27 June and 5 December 2024.

All applications will be reviewed by the Literature and Publishing Selection Committee.

Recent translations and literary publications supported by Kultur | lx

By promoting translations and publications by Luxembourgish authors with foreign publishers, Kultur | lx gives readers in other countries access to Luxembourgish literature.

Discover the most recently translated and supported works from the Grand Duchy:

Nathalie Ronvaux, Le Chesterfield du Cinquième (Éditions Guy Binsfeld, 2021)
Published by Aviana Publishing House (2023)
Translated by Krasimira Kirova

Jean Portante, Depois do Tremor, Editacuja Editora, 2023

Bernd Marcel Gonner, Re-belln, KILLROY media Verlag, 2024

Robert Weis, Retour à Kyoto, Transboréal, 2023
Emile Hemmen, A l’écoute du sablier, Editions Folle Avoine, 2023
Jean Portante, Œuvres Poétiques Tome 2, La rumeur libre éditions, 2024
Hélène Tyrtoff, Retours de lignes, APIC, Spring 2024

Jean Portante, Concezioni, Edizione Kolibris, 2023
Paul Mathieu, Le Temps d’un souffle, bilingual edition, Edizione Kolibris, 2024
Jean Portante, L’étrange langue (Éditions Le Taillis Pré, 2002)
Published by Edizione Kolibris (2023)
Translated by Chiara De Luca

Jean Portante, Diario de un olvidador intimo, Mantis Editores, 2023
Jean Portante, Mrs Haroy o la memoria de la ballena, Granises, 2023

Jean Portante, Depois do Tremor, Editora Exclamação, 2023

Tullio Forgiarini, Céruse (Hydre Éditions, 2020)
Published by New Human Publisher (November 2024)
Translated by Deniz Gunce Demirhisar