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Jazz from luxembourg at jazzahead!

From 28 April to 1 May, Kultur | lx presents the diversity and eclecticism of the Luxembourg jazz scene alongside jazz professionals from all over the world in Bremen (Germany) as part of jazzahead!

On the occasion of jazzahead! and for the first time, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, in the framework of its mission to support and disseminate Luxembourg culture and creation, is bringing together a delegation of musicians, managers and programmers representing the Luxembourg jazz scene on a national stand. This 28m² stand will be an essential meeting point for all the actors of the Luxembourg jazz scene, who will have the opportunity to make contacts, exchange ideas, dialogue with international professionals and present their current and future projects.

In the spirit of synergies between the arts, the stand (5D33 – Hall 5), designed in collaboration with Studio Polenta and the Luxembourg illustrator, designer and graphic artist Dirk Kesseler, will showcase the diversity and creativity of Luxembourg jazz.

“I wanted the illustrations to have a warm and welcoming feeling to them. Especially as musicians and music fans have rough times behind them and better times are ahead. I had a lot of fun creating the illustrations showing the different venues as I did not go after a realistic look but tried to accentuate the architectural features which make them special,” explains Kesseler

A brochure will also be produced to present all the Luxembourgish actors.

We will be happy to welcome you on the JAZZ FROM LUXEMBOURG stand to exchange and invite you to discover.