jazzahead! 2024

Welcome to the booth Jazz from Luxembourg at jazzahead!

Come in and discover the current projects and highlights of Luxembourgish jazz, and join us to taste our delightful local white wine on April 12, 2024 at 4p.m.

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Discover Luxembourgish jazz!

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Discover Luxembourgish jazz artists and venues!

Kultur | lx in the Luxembourgish jazz sector

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg was created in July 2020 as an initiative of the Luxembourgish Ministry of Culture to support, promote and develop the Luxembourgish cultural scene.

Kultur | lx aims to support and encourage the dissemination of artistic creation abroad, notably through the Support for touring and the dissemination of productions. Financial assistance for touring and circulation of productions is intended for Luxembourgish professionals in the cultural sector and artists who wish to perform on tour, at festivals, showcases or present their work at exhibitions abroad. Institutions abroad that wish to host a Luxembourgish production or artist can also benefit from this fund. In this case, Kultur | lx’s support should be considered only as a contribution towards part of the costs, which are to be shared with the host/inviting organization.

Kultur | lx is also committed to boot the impact and promotion of artistic creations inside and outside of Luxembourg. For this, Kultur | lx directly supports international professionals in their request to travel to Luxembourg to meet Luxembourg artists through the Luxembourg focus programme.

In this goal to promote artists from Luxembourg, Kultur | lx organizes invitation programmes called “Focus” for international professionals to discover jazz artists from Luxembourg featured in the frame of significant events or festivals. The next Jazz Focus will take place on May 10th and 11th during the festival Like a Jazz Machine, organized by opderschmelz. In case you are interested in our next Focuses, feel free to reach out to our staff.

Looking forward to meeting you at jazzahead!

The Kultur | lx team

Clémence Creff, Project Manager Jazz/World
 | +352 621 500 060

Giovanni Trono, Head of music