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Josh Island and Greg Lamy, Global Project Grant laureates 2023

Photos: Josh Island © Lynn Theisen / Greg Lamy © Paulo Lobo

Awarded annually to a musician of each aesthetic (pop/rock/ electro/hip-hop, jazz/world, classical/contemporary) since 2020, the Global Project Grant supports artists in the development of an ambitious medium- or long-term project aimed at boosting their career through promotion, marketing and dissemination, as well as the acquisition of know-how in the music industry. Kultur | lx accompanies the artists and their teams in each step of the project.

After Francis of Delirium (pop/rock), Claire Parsons (jazz) and Francesco Tristano (classical/contemporary), and following a call for applications, the selection committee, composed of Stephanie Baustert (manager), Florence Martin (United Instruments of Lucilin), Marc Nickts (SACEM) and John Rech (opderschmelz), unanimously decided to award the Global Project Grant to Josh Island (pop/rock/electro/hip-hop) and Greg Lamy (Jazz).

In accordance with the attribution conditions related to the Global Project Grant, stating that the Committee may decide not to award the grant, if it feels that the applications submitted to it do not justify the award, no Global Project Grant will be awarded in the classical/contemporary music category for 2023. The Selection Committee felt that the early stage of the applicants’ careers and the lack of a holistic approach to project development made it impossible to award the grant, as Kultur | lx has other schemes to assist and support artists.


Josh Island

Statement of the Selection Committee
With a strong drive and DIY spirit, Josh Island’s development over the past couple of years, not just on the touring but the recording side, has already proved that the artist is on the right path to success. Josh Island presented a very impressive, realistic, and actionable plan for 2023 that convinced the committee to award him the 2023 Global Project Grant.

Statement of the artist
An artist’s debut album is a magical milestone, and having just concluded recordings in Portugal I look forward to its release in September 2023. Being awarded the Global Project Grant means I can promote the record extensively in the Benelux & GSA regions, both through media promotion as well as on the road. Some highlights include my 2023 headline tour as well as playing Fengaros Festival in Cyprus. I also look forward to more cross-border collaborations with other artists and producers in Europe, such as songwriting camps, which I find super exciting and creatively motivating.

Biography of the artist
Josh Island is a true European. Born in the British roundabout town of Milton Keynes to a Dutch family, he moved to Germany and the Netherlands before eventually settling in Luxembourg. This natural curiosity for cultures and people is reflected in his music, with the ability to go beyond geopolitical boundaries.

As a vocal powerhouse, soulful songwriter and engaging live performer, Josh Island has been steadily growing a loyal fan base across Western Europe. He draws inspirations from Sting, Jamie Cullum or John Mayer, a dynamic blend of catchy singer-songwriter pop with strong influences of soul and folk. But at its core lies Josh’s unique ability to connect with the crowd – his interactive shows break down invisible barriers between audience and artist.
Since starting out playing local bars in Luxembourg in 2015, he has opened for James Morrison and Passenger, toured the Benelux and Germany and released two EPs.
​For his latest EP, ‘Love Don’t Come Easy’, Josh travelled to Portugal to work with producer Nelson Canoa (Sara Tavares, Carminho), with contributions by members of The Black Mamba (Eurovision 2021) and renowned arranger Luis Figueiredo. The singles ‘Fire In You’ and ‘Love Don’t Come Easy’ achieved national airplay in Germany and Luxembourg. Josh also worked with Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue) and represented Luxembourg at the Eurotoire songwriting and album production camp on Cyprus.
In 2022 he released two singles off his debut album, coming September 2023. ‘Make It’ is about forging your own path no matter what other people say, and was premiered on Sublime FM (Netherlands). ‘Pennies From Heaven’ is a song about cherishing the moment and questioning our relationship with time. It was premiered by KINK FM (Netherlands) and added to Spotify’s Stay Tuned! Playlist.


Greg Lamy

Statement of the Selection Committee
The Selection Committee would like to congratulate Greg Lamy for his application to the Global Project Grant. It entails indeed a long-term vision and demonstrates a strong strategy that will be carried out thanks to Greg Lam’y professional entourage.

Statement of the artist
The Global Project Grant allows me to approach the post-production and especially the promotion of my latest album with more serenity, with Flavio Boltro and the whole team!  I also see the award of this grant as a recognition that allows me to consolidate my career at the European level, but also internationally. It greatly confirms the artistic choices I have made in the past and motivates me even more to start new collaborations and to continue on the artistic path I have chosen. Our project with Flavio Boltro will be presented during the concert on Friday, December 09 at the Philharmonie Luxembourg.

Biography of the artist
“A guitar player whose refreshing and pure guitar sound gives birth to multiple melodic climates, underlined by a most fluid style, a musician with a promising future. ” Such is Lionel Loueke’s praise of the American-Luxembourgish guitarist and composer Greg Lamy, one of the most talented artists of the European jazz scene.
After studying jazz guitar in Boston at the Berklee College of Music as well as in London at the Trinity College, Lamy was quickly noticed when showcasing with various bands in clubs and at festivals across Europe and the United. He plays and has played with, among others, Lionel Loueke, Gretchen Parlato, Flavio Boltro, Bojan Z, Marco Massa, …
For Lamy, a tour follows hot on the heels of another. Europe, United States, Brazil, China – his music goes around the world. He released numerous albums with different projects, most notably, with his quartet, “Meeting” in 2013 and “Press Enter” in 2017, both on Igloo Records and both highly praised and among the label’s bestselling albums.
In 2016, Greg Lamy won the Export Artist of the Year Award (music:LX) in the Jazz category. In 2020, he was offered an endorsement deal by the renowned guitar manufacturer “Westville”.
In April 2021, he will release his new album “Observe the Silence” on Igloo Records.