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Kultur | lx launches new initiatives for the Hip-Hop sector : "|lx finest" event to take place April 29th at Den Atelier

Since its inception in the 1970s as an underground movement in the Bronx area of New York City, Hip-Hop has massively influenced the way pop music (i.e. popular music) is crafted and continues to push popular culture forward around the world. Fast forward half a century to 2022, Hip-Hop is thriving as one of the most popular genres in Luxembourg among the younger generations, and remains one of the main genres in the country where the Luxembourgish language is widely used. 

The preservation of Luxembourgish within the music scene remains very important, however, it also presents several challenges from an export perspective. Several neighbouring countries, despite the close cultural or language connection (i.e. Germany, France and Belgium), still find it difficult to import Luxembourgish rap. Even among older generations locally, the knowledge of the scene is still very limited and therefore Kultur lx has sought out ways to promote this very diverse and active scene both locally and internationally.

Introducing, “|lx finest : Hip-Hop” presented by Kultur | lx in collaboration with den Atelier, Eldoradio, Unison Studios and Konektis, highlighting some of the most notable Luxembourgish Hip-Hop acts in 2022 through a multi-part audio-visual series and showcase event. Produced by the team from Unison Studios, this four-part web series will offer a rare insight into the lives of Hip-Hop artists in Luxembourg, how artists and their respective producers craft their songs collaboratively, how they see their role in the local music scene and how Hip-Hop and Rap are thriving in Luxembourg.

“We have had the pleasure to follow two generations of Hip-Hop artists and producers, each with individual styles but the same values and goals…to do their own thing!” says Max Hochmuth of Unison Studios. “Between a home studio in a shed to actually making a living off of music, you’ll get a glimpse into the diversity that our local scene has to offer.” 

Kultur lx has also brought in Luxembourg’s Hitradio station Eldoradio in order to promote the scene through on-air interviews, airplay and in addition, to promote the Hip-Hop showcase event taking place at Den Atelier on Friday, April 29th.

“Eldoradio is proud to collaborate with Kultur|lx, den Atelier, Max Hochmuth and David Galassi for the “lx finest: Hip-Hop” series. As the largest hit radio station in Luxembourg we constantly continue our efforts to support the local music scene. This will be a good opportunity to also put the focus on the Hip-hop community” said Tony Ewen, director of Eldoradio.

Also reflecting on the initiative, De Läb co-founder David Fluit noted that ; 

“For a long time, Hip-Hop has been the most ignored and neglected culture in our society. Today, it’s one of the most present and active forms of music shaping the modern music industry with its rich, diverse and thus unique cultural background.”

“|lx finest” will feature some of the most active players from the scene including : Magestick, Turnup Tun, Tommek, De Läb, Corbi, Maz, Nicool, Culture The Kid, and Denis Schumacher. Stay tuned for the “|lx finest” webisodes launching end-of-April 2022 and look forward to seeing you on Friday, April 29th at the Atelier!