21.12.2022 #festival #kulturlxnews #literature

Luxembourg literature featured at the Bridge Festival in Athens

Luxembourg was the guest country at this year’s Bridge Festival in Athens from 16 to 18 December. Over three days, Luxembourg authors Elise Schmit, Tullio Forgiarini and Tom Reisen read and spoke about their translated books into Greek, their œuvre and writing practice, the diversity of Luxembourgish literature and multilingualism, together with the curators of the festival programme, the writer Christos Chryssopoulos and Pascal Seil (curator, CNL), as well as the translators of the books. Elise Schmit’s „Stürze aus unterschiedlichen Fallhöhen“, Tullio Forgiarini’s „Amok“, both of which got translated by Vakxikon Publications, and Tom Reisen’s „Les Bulles“, translated by World Books, were presented.

The Luxembourg Embassy in Athens organised a reception in a convivial atmosphere which allowed for further exchanges with the Greek literary and cultural scene.

Kultur | lx’s translation support and such exchanges contribute to and stimulate the circulation and visibility of Luxembourg literary works.