16.12.2022 #dance #kulturlxnews #performing arts #theatre

Luxembourg performing arts delegation visits Strasbourg

Pursuing its efforts to connect the Luxembourg performing arts sector with those of neighbouring countries, Kultur | lx organised a programme of professional meetings in France with the main actors of the Strasbourg Euroregion.

This meeting was organised with the aim of allowing artists, independent collectives and production companies from Luxembourg to discover their peers in order to foster cross-border collaborations.

A delegation of eight professionals took advantage of this unique opportunity to discover the theatres of Strasbourg and its region, even beyond the German border. Le Maillon, TAPS, Théâtre Baden Alsace, CDCN Pôle-Sud and Schiltigheim culture all opened their doors to this delegation. In addition, the Agence Culturelle Grand Est and the production and support office Artenréel#1 gave advice on how to get Luxembourg productions circulating in France and develop collaborations between the two countries.

The visit to the performing arts sector in and around Strasbourg was very interesting because it gave us the opportunity to meet various structures that were very different in size, mission and vision. This gave us a fairly representative spectrum of venues with which we could collaborate and also an understanding of the mechanisms of production and dissemination in the territory. The directors and representatives took the time to meet with us and we had a lively and interesting discussion, which gave some of us the opportunity to talk about projects in progress that had already been sent. I also found that the eclecticism of our group, which brought together several disciplines, made it possible to open up several enriching discussions during the presentations of our work. It’s a wonderful ‘laboratory’ for encounters“, commented Sophie Langevin of the company JUNCTIO.

As the Strasbourg area has become a neighbour of Luxembourg through its integration into the Grand Est region, and as it already shares great similarities with Luxembourg, notably in its French-German bilingual dimension, these first meetings will hopefully lead to many more.