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|lx music workshop : learn how to tackle the french music market

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg is taking up the “next step” workshops initiated in 2021 and is adapting it to the pop/rock/electro world. Kultur | lx will offer artists an inside look and training course dedicated to the pop/rock/electro music market in various territories around the world, starting with the French market on October 25 & 26.

The course will be led by Paris-native Géraldine Zanaska, founder of international music business consultancy, Compass Music. Between earning her master’s degree in Music Business Management from London’s University of Westminster and launching Compass Music, Géraldine has worked for an independent record label, a music venue, a live music promoter, a cultural institution, and the French music export office.

This workshop will address the essential points for developing a strategy to present, market, and promote a project in France. In particular, the workshop will cover the various networks and professionals involved, as well as an overview on the French touring and recording landscape, the challenges and evolution of touring, and the key methods and innovative tools to better promote your project in France. 

This interactive training will start each day with a theoretical presentation and will be followed by a round-table discussion and Q&A with French professionals from the pop/rock/electro sector (TBA). The goal is also for the participants to come away with actionable advice and have communication-ready assets (like bio and press releases, highlighting what matters locally) once the workshop is finished.

More information & registration to come…Stay tuned!