19.01.2023 #literature #release

New literary releases: From the Red Rocks to the Mediterranean

Whether in French, German or Luxembourgish, literature or other genres, here is a small overview of what you will discover in bookshops at the beginning of the year!

Jean Portante, Une dernière fois, la Méditerranée
Editions Phi, January 2023, Fiction, French
Une dernière fois, la Méditerranée closes the trilogy opened in 2015 with L’architecture des temps instables and extended in 2019 with Leonardo. The Nardelli of Mrs Haroy ou la mémoire de la baleine , who became Rossi in the course of writing, will thus be found, as well as Jean Portante’s favourite themes: migration, war, generational mixing, secrets buried in the layers of time, the skilful amalgam of fiction and autobiography. And this time, a diversion through the founding myths of travel and exile.

Tom Reisen, Discours sur la littérature 09
CNL, October 2022, Essay, French
Tom Reisen’s work questions, among other things, the relationship to time and reality by relying on the mechanisms and possibilities of narration. Articulated in two stages, his discourse first focuses on the personal practice of writing, its memorial, intertextual and autobiographical aspects. The reflection then extends to the Luxembourg literary field in order to raise questions and propose theoretical paths in the context of a literary history that has yet to be written.

Claudine Muno, Dëst ass net däi Liewen
Op der lay, November 2022, Children’s literature, Luxembourgish
Dëst ass net däi Liewen follows a young narrator who meets Jan on the bus and decides to follow him, even though he is not her style. She approaches him on the bus, close enough to determine that he smells of soap, but not close enough to hear the music playing in his headphones.

Susanne Jaspers & Denis Scuto (HG.), This Hard Minett Land
capybarabooks, November 2022, Short stories, German, english, french and luxembourgish
This Hard Minett Land is an invitation to a very special journey through southern Luxembourg: some forty writers and historians have been inspired by the songs of Bruce Springsteen to write about the Luxembourg-Lorraine mining area, about those who live there and have lived there, who were born there or immigrated there, who worked there, loved there, dreamed there, hoped there, struggled there, succeeded – or failed.

With stories from : Jean Back, Ulrike Bail  Jean Back, Ulrike Bail, Serge Basso de March, Romain Butti, Michel Clees, Anja Di Bartolomeo, Andreas Fickers, Tullio Forgiarini, Claude Frisoni, Piero Galloro, Gast Groeber, Julia Harnoncourt, Guy Helminger, Nico Helminger, Tom Hengen, Jhemp Hoscheit, Susanne Jaspers, Jean-Marc Lantz Marc Limpach, Charel Meder, Roland Meyer, Claudine Muno, Gérard Noiriel, Gilles Ortlieb, Luciano Pagliarini, Antoine Pohu, Jean Portante, Irene Portas, Jérôme Quiqueret, Anne-Marie Reuter, Daniel Richter, Nathalie Ronvaux, Fatima Rougi, Jeff Schinker, Denis Scuto, Jens van de Maele, Nora Wagener

EHTL, Mmmmh – Des recettes végétales gourmandes pour bien manger
EHTL – École d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Luxembourg, Diekirch, December 2022, cookbook, french and english
Two chefs and teachers, Steve Lentz covering savoury dishes and Carole Goerend covering sweet dishes, have devised and produced 59 recipes that are entirely plant-based and almost 100% vegan. Gourmet dishes and desserts, inspired by their experiences, discoveries and travels, accessible to all.