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New literary releases in french

On the occasion of Luxembourg’s national presence at the next Brussels Book Fair, discover the latest in Luxembourg’s French-language literary creation.

Antoine Pohu, Parfois la nuit se tait
Capybarabooks, 23 March 2023, fiction, French

Brussels, at night.
Daniel walks his fingers over the pianos, from bars with kitschy decor to famous concert halls. His friends already seem to know the trajectory they want to give to their lives. He is still searching, in the light of the headlights reflected on the pavement. Between the vivid memory of Paul and a reasoned passion for Marie, he scans the beauty of a world that both attracts and repels him. What if getting away from this city that sticks to him was the solution? Sometimes, when the night is silent, you have to listen to it.

Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-duchesse Charlotte, (re)conversion – Tiers-lieux culturels au Luxembourg

Oeuvre National de Secours Grande-duchesse Charlotte and Esch22, March 2023, fine books, French
In order to document the genesis of the cultural third places and to pay tribute to these historical places, the Oeuvre commissioned a publication on the transformation of these three disused industrial wastelands into cultural third places.
Photographer Sven Becker has documented the change in these places through an approach that focuses on the human beings who occupy these spaces. At the same time, the artist Sophie Feyder has collected archive and amateur photos highlighting the human relationships that have developed in these places over time.

The artist Daniel Wagener produced the graphic design for this publication, which is enriched by texts on the cultural third places, the general philosophy and the context in Luxembourg written by Niklas Schulz and Christine Graval.
The result is a visual dialogue between the various image sources, representing the different perspectives of the actors involved around the three sites.

© Romain Girtgen


Robert Weis, Rêves d’un mangeur de kakis
Michikusa Publishing Luxembourg, janvier 2023, poésie, français

In this collection of poems, Robert Weis shows that “poetry is that brief moment when the world holds its breath…and then breathes again, reminding us of the permanence of impermanence. Dreams of a Persimmon Eater is, as Davide S. Sapienza describes it, “the love book written by a man who crosses a thin line invisible under the sun, but always close enough to the reign of darkness to recognise its role in our individual journey through Life.”

Still on librairies :

Jean PortanteUne dernière fois, la Méditerranée
Editions Phi, January 2023, Fiction, French

Une dernière fois, la Méditerranée
 closes the trilogy opened in 2015 with L’architecture des temps instables and extended in 2019 with Leonardo. The Nardelli of Mrs Haroy ou la mémoire de la baleine , who became Rossi in the course of writing, will thus be found, as well as Jean Portante’s favourite themes: migration, war, generational mixing, secrets buried in the layers of time, the skilful amalgam of fiction and autobiography. And this time, a diversion through the founding myths of travel and exile.

Tom Reisen
Discours sur la littérature 09
CNL, October 2022, essai, French

Tom Reisen’s work questions, among other things, the relationship to time and reality by relying on the mechanisms and possibilities of narration. Articulated in two stages, his discourse first focuses on the personal practice of writing, its memorial, intertextual and autobiographical aspects. The reflection then extends to the Luxembourg literary field in order to raise questions and propose theoretical paths in the context of a literary history that has yet to be written.

Kerstin Medinger, Le Départ
Editions Phi, October 2022, fiction, French

In Le Départ, Kerstin Medinger tells the story of five outsiders – an elderly lesbian couple, two unhappy teenagers and a disillusioned writer – who leave flooded Luxembourg in the midst of a pandemic and head south. In this crazy road trip they are looking for freedom, inspiration and poetry. They will try to escape their destiny by embarking on an adventure that will change their lives. No one expected to find themselves there.