13.10.2022 #literature

New literary releases: Recent and upcoming book releases

In French, German or Luxembourgish, literature or other genres, a small overview of what you will discover in bookshops.

Tammy Diderich, Cook it like Tammy
Op der Lay, 2022, Cookbook, German
“Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated!” With 70 quick and great recipes, Luxembourg-based nutritionist Tammy Diderich presents how to eat healthy every day with little effort. Recipes that are not just for vegetarians and vegans, but for anyone who wants to eat quickly, easily and healthily.

Lys & Maï Differding, De klenge Chef
Editions Schortgen, 3rd edition, Cookbook, Luxembourgish
Discover the 3rd edition of “De klenge Chef”!  The cookbook for children contains great tips, fun illustrations and delicious, simple recipes that will make little cooks’ hearts beat faster!
With 10 additional Luxembourgish recipes.


Marc Graas, Bildnis eines jungen Mannes
Editions Guy Binsfeld, October 2022, Novel, German
“Portrait of a Young Man” is a psychological portrait of a complex father-son relationship that is unexpectedly caught up with the past.

Guy Helminger, Die schwere Naht der Flüsse
capybarabooks, July 2022, Travel, German
In 2019, Guy Helminger sets off for Brazil as part of the Semana da Língua Alemã to give readings at various universities and Goethe Institutes. As always on his travels, he keeps an open eye for what lies off the conventional tourist routes.

Fabienne Hollwege,
To Live heißt Leben und Liebe heißt Love
Editions Guy Binsfeld, September 2022, German
“To Live heißt Leben und Liebe heißt Love” is a diverse collection of different types of texts and media. From a feminist perspective, the author addresses questions about being a woman and being free. Fabienne Hollwege’s interdisciplinary project is also her first music album, produced in collaboration with MASKéNADA.

Carla Lucarelli, Chantiers du désir
Editions Phi, July 2022, Short Stories, French
Fifteen characters whose erratic wanderings, introspections and questionings we follow. A young girl discovers love and its vagaries, a woman meets an Indian man on her doorstep, another signs up for Tinder. A journalist comes across a panther and gets scared. Halfway between ordinary micro-fiction and fantastic nightmares, in a style that is often funny and chilling, the author blurs the boundaries between reality and unreality.

Damien François Sagrillo, Françoise Groben – Auf den Spuren einer Cellistin aus Luxemburg
Editions Schortgen, November 2022, Biography, German
After her great success at the International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, the cellist Françoise Groben (1965-2011) was considered a “figurehead” of Luxembourg music. Numerous tours took her all over Europe, to Japan, Russia, China and America as a celebrated soloist with major orchestras, playing with renowned conductors such as Claudio Abbado, Leopold Hager, Mstislav Rostropovich, David Shallon and Yevgeny Svetlanov.

Claire Schmartz,
BUG. 010000100101010101000111
Hydre Editions, Autumn 2022, Fiction, German
The top researcher Professor is working on her latest project, the intelligent robot BUD. She works tirelessly on it because she wants the robot to be perfect. For testing purposes, she moves the prototype into a new flat. But something is wrong with the algorithms, because BUD makes inexplicable mistakes. There is a bug.