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Noé Duboutay, laureate 2024 of the residency at Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

Noé Duboutay

Following a call for applications for the research and creation residency at Cité internationale des Arts, performance artist and writer Noé Duboutay was selected from a list of eleven applicants.

Jury members Vincent Gonzalvez (Cité internationale des arts), Lis Hausemer (MNAHA), Julien Hübsch (lauréat 2023), Nathalie Ronvaux (Kulturfabrik) and Francisco Sassetti (Philharmonie Luxembourg) assessed the applications received and awarded Noé Duboutay for his research project:“what a hero!”.

Statement of the jury
The jury was eager to highlight the extensive research conducted by the artist, noting its plural and persuasive nature. The Cité internationale des Arts can provide valuable guidance on the issues raised by the research project. The residency appears to coincide well with the artist’s current career stage. The avenues outlined in the dossier can also be further explored during the brief residency period.

Noé Duboutay is a performance artist and writer based in Berlin and Luxembourg.

They perform with their body and voice, making installations and props and writing scripts, poems, and prose exploring human identities’ entanglements with non-human entities and materialities.

Noé’s artistic practice moves within finding ways of experiencing a body and forms of embodiments that questions what makes a body and what reads a body. He navigates with the entanglements of social and political constructs of gender and sexuality and creates space for fragile uncertainty and softness.

Through fictive and virtual realms of writing and moving, Noé creates ways of finding queer connections, ally- and kinships as means to mutate with pleasure.

Born and raised in Luxembourg, they graduated in 2019 from HBKsaar with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, 2021 with a Master of Fine Arts from ZHdK, and they finished their performance studies in Live Art Forms at AdBK Nürnberg in 2023. Noé won the Akademiepreis AdBK Nürnberg in 2022 and received the Bourse Auguste van Werveke-Hanno the same year. In 2023, Noé published his first literary publication, “mud and the bros” with Lemon Press Zurich.