06.07.2021 #kulturlxnews

Official launch for Kultur | lx

Kultur | lx ©Sven Becker

Almost a year after its creation, Kultur | lx lifts the veil. At a press conference this Monday, July 5 at the Ministry of Culture, the Minister of Culture, Sam Tanson, President Catherine Decker and the coordinators of Kultur | lx, Diane Tobes and Valérie Quilez, came together to officially launch the new structure in favor of the support and development of luxembourgish culture and creativity.

Accessible on the website, artists and professionals in the cultural sector can now find a range of support and grants centered around three core goals: Career Development, Touring, and Promotion. These new forms of support have been developed in a multisectoral spirit and in complementarity with existing tools. Two calls for applications are therefore launched, one for all the sectors supported, the Portfolio Grant, the other dedicated to musicians, the Global Project Grant. Support is available throughout the year.