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On the shelves now!

Luc Spada, Ptolemea, KLΞIИ, CHAiLD, Jackie Moontan and Fred Barreto, 6 new albums to put under the Christmas tree!

19.11.2021 : LUC SPADA, “Ciao Luca”

Luc Spada creates with words and loves the stage. The Luxembourgish artist writes about the good and the bad of people – confronts their extremes, their enmity, and their abysses – but also acknowledges their beauty. He writes poetry, prose, lyrics, plays and scripts and now has started his career as a singer. From 2008 to 2018, Luc toured Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Estonia with literary solo shows and short appearances on reading stages and literary festivals. As an actor, he has also appeared in leading and supporting roles in theater and film productions, but has focused on writing since 2015. His most recent single “Forever Fan (feat. Maz)” was released on September 30th ahead of his first-ever music album, Ciao Luca, which will be released in November 2021.


29.10.2021 : PTOLEMEA, “Mad”

The name Ptolemea is inspired by the astronomer and astrologer Claudius Ptolemeus. He took part in the discussion of the “music of spheres” in which the distance of the planets in the universe was measured by musical intervals. Believing that the expansion of the universe is connected to the expansion of every living soul, Priscila Da Costa chose this name in a willingness to share the key steps of her musical and spiritual path which defines her identity as an artist. The journey started with the first EP Tome I (2018). Looking for authenticity, she kept seeking her true self throughout her second EP “Maze” (2020). With this new single “Mad” she is transitioning into a new artistic direction, letting her music and sound evolve and expand as her life journey takes its turns.


29.10.2021 : KLΞIИ, “Episode”

In his latest project, KLΞIИ works with a veritable array of contrasts in a minimalist setting, slipping into a misty mood of melancholy and dark tones. After releasing their first EP beginning of 2019 and touring for almost 2 years, playing shows in France, Germany, Canada, India, South Korea, Laos,and Ukraine among others, 2021 marks a first break for KLΞIИ into a creative process where they will release a new album on December 10, 2021 via Cristal Records. Their new single, “Episode” bears witness to the times when one struggles against his own sense of self-worth. A time when the individual assesses his place in the world and wonders if the contributions he intends to make, whether through daily actions or through his art, have any value for society. “Episode” marks a very important stage in KLΞIИ’s evolution, as it is more of a song than a composition. This is the first time that Jerome Klein has been heard to pose his voice, adding a stronger meaning to the title using text and sung melodies.


24.10.2021 : CHAiLD, “Ocean Boy”

On the back of CHAiLD’s dynamic performance with Maz at Kulturfabrik, the 22-year old electro-pop artists has released his latest single, “Ocean Boy.” CHAiLD’s unique, soothing, yet intense voice grabs you by the gut, only to let it go with a rush of exhilaration and a tear in your eye. Catchy hooks and ear-worm melodies ; that’s how CHAiLD has managed to establish himself as one of the most promising and undeniable young artists from the Grand Duchy’s musical landscape. His melancholic universe combines the Italian and Portuguese musical influences he grew up with alongside his own take on modern electro-pop. Think elements of Troye Sivan’s hooks and Woodkid’s cinematography with the attitude of a young Oscar and the Wolf.


15.10.2021 : JACKIE MOONTAN, “The Longest Sunday in History”

The Longest Sunday In History is about the story of Jackie Moontan living his life locked down as a never ending Sunday. “Wishbone”, the first track of the EP, introduces this new monotonous life in which he’s going to try to keep some glitter by putting on his “Eau de Cologne” and singing in his “makeshift microphone”. Despite that, he has to face himself and everything that can pervert him : greed in “Butter” and the risks he takes to buy a cabbage or a pudding, putting his life in danger because of the virus while the world is standstilling ; avarice and the vortex of a telephone that he can’t afford but still buys, bringing him in both extreme consumption and emptiness of social networks in a world that doesn’t have art or live shows anymore ; and finally lust in “Crystal Roof” that combines all the vices he developed during this locked down time, the bad boy he becomes when he braves what’s forbidden and the rejection of being alone, dreaming about his “top story on his IG”.


01.10.2021 : FRED BARRETO GROUP, “Moving On”

You may be familiar with the Brazilian but now Luxembourg-based guitarist, Fred Barreto, who has performed alongside Blues-legend Archie Lee Hooker. His very own Fred Barreto Group features Daniel Fastro on bass, Michael Stein on drums and Nadja Prange on organ and has now been around for 10 years, playing countless concerts with their own style of Blues-based Rock. Their debut album, Moving On, highlights the rock’n’roll foundation of the band around Barreto as a guitarist, singer and frontman. Overdrive guitar riffs, the original Hammond organ and a solid rhythm section define this anthem for life and love. Moving On was recorded, produced and mixed by Mike Butcher (Black Sabbath, Marvin Gaye and Rod Steward) and released on October 1, 2021.


18.11.2021 : JOSH ISLAND, ” Love Don’t Come Easy”

Luxembourg-based singer-songwriter Josh Island has performed over 300 shows across Europe, including supports for James Morrison, Mighty Oaks and Charlie Cunningham. Starting out in the local pub circuit aged 15, he quickly gained recognition as a vocal powerhouse, honest storyteller and entertainer. Blending his love for different genres in the styles of Dave Matthews, Sting or John Mayer, he released his second EP “Love Don’t Come Easy”, produced by Nelson Canoa (Carminho, Sara Tavares).

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