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On the shelves now! – Classical/jazz

The year 2023 starts with a couple of releases in classical/contemporary music and jazz!

Naama Liany – Daydream (Origin Records)

Liany’s new album, Daydream, is a stunning example, bringing together works on the subject of dreams by Samuel Barber, Leonard Bernstein, Federico Mompou and Albena Petrovic. The album was developed with the support of the prestigious Philharmonie Luxembourg and recorded at their magnificent facilities with the help of an award from the country’s Ministry of Culture. Dreaming is an apt subject for Liany, whose parents recall her waking up at the age of four and recalling a dream where she sang in front of a crowd of joyful listeners. The repertoire is comprised of hand-picked, rarely performed pieces by 20th which are tied into one unifying theme. The repertoire speaks of the experiences one may go through the night, through dreams, and at dawn. The solitude of night resembles the solitude that was forced on the musicians, without their audiences. From this solitude came the great motivation of creating this exciting program. Some of the pieces are not always the easiest to digest musically and are challenging harmonically, lyrically, and conceptually, just like any other 20th-century art. However, it is Liany’s goal and knowledge from previous programs, to make it accessible and relevant to the broad public. Musically speaking, the repertoire presents clear playful melodies which are accompanied by somehow awkward, dissonant-colored piano chords. This constant dissonance is similar to dreams where the plot might make sense to the dreamer, but with displaced backgrounds and situations.

Release date: 13 January 2023
Source: Naama Liany
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Raíz, Triana y Luca

Merging melancholic melodies inspired by folkloric music, Raíz is Triana y Luca’s first single original single from their upcoming debut EP. With powerful vocals, sublime guitar, and the accompaniment of a string ensemble, Raíz is a forceful yet delicate composition which tells of a compelling story on migration. Bringing listeners on a journey of blended cultural sonority, Raíz is intimate and emotive.

Raíz was composed by the duo with a string arrangement by Latin Grammy award winning arranger Gustavo Jaramillo Pimentel. Recorded at Tritone Studios (LU) and produced by Mike Butcher (producer of Black Sabbath, Rod Stewart, Jaco Pastorius), it is part of their 5 song debut EP which is set to be released in June 2023.

Release date: 13 January 2023

Phase O, Phase O (Badass Yogi Productions)

Recorded during the summer-heatwave of 2018 “Phase 0” is the result of a few sessions of improvised music at Rameldange’s famous “Ricording Studios”. Gathering musicians from different musical worlds the music on this album is a real journey, going from mysterious atmospheres over free-jazz to stoner rock.

Dedicated to the memory of Itaru Oki and Steve Kaspar who were masters of free-jazz and soundcollages themselves, this album is almost alchemistic in its trying to establish music within utter chaos.”

Release date: 29 November 2022

Renata van der Vyver , Viola
Pichel Pilz, Bass clarinet
Paul Gehl, Guitar
Vedran Mùtic, Bass
Benoît Martiny, Drums
Rico Querin, Soundcontrols
Auke Triesschijn, Coverdesign
Rico Querin, Mix and Mastering