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On the shelves now! – Pop/Rock

TUYS | Everyday Soleil
Single release: March, 10 | TWO STEPS TWICE records

Everyday Soleil is a track about the sunlight that a relationship can bring to our lives. The song comes with a new part of TUYS’ upcoming short film

“Reality Management Ltd.” in which TUYS turn into a company selling realities to frustrated clients. The band has performed at the last editions of festivals such as Reeperbahn Festival, Iceland Airwaves or ESNS and will tour Europe in May after the release of their album. The latest single “Look Alive” has been playlisted in All New Rock (US), Indie Goesting (on the cover), New Music Friday BE or All New Noise.

«Tour mates of The 1975, Everything Everything and Imagine Dragons, TUYS are kicking off their 2023 with a stellar new single, ‘Look Alive’» – House of Solo


Pleasing | feed me to those I envy the most
Single release: February, 14 | TWO STEPS TWICE records
EP release: April, 7 | TWO STEPS TWICE records

“feed me to those I envy the most” is Pleasing’s second single of the upcoming EP titled “for us to escape”. The tale started with “the structure’s above” where a divine being descends to question Patrick’s pursuit for meaning. This time, Pleasing unleashed noisy synths, uncontrollable screams and melodic atmospheres to throw back any frustration at one’s biggest judge: Yourself. From feelings of inferiority to egocentric and bitter behavior, the judge will use every expectation you have towards yourself to bring you down.

“Pleasing has achieved a master stroke: his new song makes depression tangible without trivialising it.” – Kulturnews


Sheebaba | bruit_RE
bruit_RE digital release: February, 24 | Katalog records
bruit/bruit_RE physical vinyl release: March, 14 | Katalog records

During the recording and production of their debut EP “bruit” in early 2022,  Sheebaba quickly realised that the material they gathered is capable of more than just what they are able to do with it. The universe of Sheebaba is ever expanding and so are the possibilities of their output. In order to reveal what their songs can become if interpreted by someone else, Sheebaba gave the stems to some of their favourite artists from Luxembourg, Germany and the UK and let them run wild with it. The result is an EP that flows in the same vein as the group‘s usual work, yet coming from a bunch of different angles.


Seed to Tree | Major Lydian
Single release: March, 17 | Pop-up records

On their new single Major Lydian, Seed to Tree is taking a new turn on their musical journey, walking down the memory lane of new wave and dream pop. Their newest song is loaded with pop-cultural references hinting at David Bowie, The Talking Heads or 90s cult movie Trainspotting. But besides being an homage to all the influences that have been part of the band’s history, the song is mainly a realisation that the band Seed to Tree has become more than the sum of all their inspirations. After playing music together for more than a decade, the four musicians are finding their comfort of a home town in creating songs together that have an identity on their own.

Single release: February, 24 | Listenrecords

Both musicians draw on a long legacy of omnivorous instrumental and genre-bending music, with a sound that is slow and widescreen, incorporating elements of electronica, contemporary jazz and well-crafted indie-pop. As if working from a lab setting, the duo composed by Georges Goerens and Niels Engel, isolates samples from their common musical lexicon to unearth hidden relationships, always leading to the discovery of enticing combinations. Those first experiments and songs shaped the nature of the collaboration resulting in their debut EP Odes to Everything to be released on the Berlin-based label Listenrecords in 2023. Taking cues from the endless scroll of everyday life, ENGLBRT delivers a dazzling soundtrack to our accelerated culture, shaping new sonic possibilities in the process.


Josh Island | Rewind
Single release: March, 17
Album release: September, 15

With “Rewind” Josh calls on listeners to take a step back when things don’t work out: “We all have moments that we worry about what’s next, a fear of failure. Sometimes you’re not comfortable with a situation, things don’t go to plan or you’re simply unsure what steps to take. Take a step back – and start over again.”

This theme not only comes up in the lyrics, but also in the song’s arrangement, with lots of reverse effects and repetitive riffs. Rewind is a pop-rock track full of driving guitars, rhythmic vocals and a massive, crescendo finale. The single was produced once again by Nelson Canoa (Sara Tavares, Carminho), who also produced Josh’s last EP and upcoming album. Musicians from The Black Mamba (Eurovision 2021) formed his studio band during recordings.

CHAiLD | Close to You
Single release: March 17 | Beast records

Close to you is a romantic sing along in the car pop song. It is about the genuineness of the first love and how it makes us feel like we’re on top of the world. Along the lines of Julia Michaels and Tate McRae, imagine this song to be a warm and nostalgic ray of sunshine as we’re slowly coming out of winter. 

CHAiLD | Urgent Care EP
EP realease: April 14 | Beast records

“This world just seems a bit too heavy sometimes. I seek shelter in my inner world, my dreams and my imagination. As I close my eyes, my mind slows down and I feel myself fading away to peaceful places. “Urgent care” is a collection of songs about vulnerability and healing from trauma through honesty with oneself and others.

I wrote it in a time where I felt hopeless, and in which songwriting was my way to cope with my anxiety. In a way, making this record was my “urgent care”” – CHAiLD

Single release: February 17 | Beast records

LAST DAY is Maz’ second single of his “EMO SEASON EP” campaign. It’s a song about trying to enjoy every last bit of every single day because it might be your last. « There’s not enough time in this life to play a fake and restricted version of who you really are ; free yourselves! ». This is a one of the brighter tracks in the rather dark Univerze of Maz, combining pop and punk-rock elements which will make people feel like it’s summer during the cold and dark winter.

EDSUN | Carter
Release : March 24 | Beast records

“Artists get taken advantage of a lot of the time. This is a reminder to ask for what is yours. As an eye witness I can say that we are getting tired of excuses. Business is Business, now cut my check.”- EDSUN

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