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On the shelves now! – Pop/Rock

MAZ | “School Reunion”
New music video Released December 14, 2022

“School Reunion” is the latest single and accompanying video from Luxembourgish rapper, MAZ, prominently featuring his singing/vocals for the first time. Speaking of the track, MAZ described in a recent social media post that “School Reunion” is about letting go and celebrating the people that we’ve become. It’s about confidence and actually feeling cool now. It’s about letting go of the self-hatred and those embarrassing moments, letting go of the pain that some people cause with their words and intentions. This song is also a shout out to the “weird” kids and a “f%*k you” to the bullies.” Catch MAZ Friday, January 20th at Eurosonic (21:30 at Grand Theatre Main). More info here.

Scarred | “p A t i E n C e” EP
Released December 2, 2022

Crushing live performances, relentless energy and a tidal wave of melodic atmospheres and ear-catching hooks have made Scarred one of the standard-bearers for the Luxembourgish metal community. Originally a thrash metal project, the band was formed in 2003 by drummer Laurent Kessel and guitarist Diogo Bastos. Drawing on a broad range of influences from the periphery of the metal spectrum (Pink Floyd, Tool…), their sound has matured into a feral blend of technical extremes fused with 90’s metal, creating a proliferate buzz around this five-piece.

After releasing their long awaited self-titled LP in January 2021, Scarred retreated into a cabin in the woods to write new music. The band wanted to relinquish control and see what would come out if they isolated themselves from the outside world. As described in a recent announcement, “there were no pre-written riffs, ideas or lyrics. No blast-beats, no double bass. We only had a variety of instruments, our voices and an open mind at our disposal. It’s always difficult to put music into words but terms such as “psychedelic”, “atmospheric”, “emotional” and “hypnotic” would definitely come to mind as far as describing this 4-song EP called ‘p A t i E n C e,'” released December 2, 2022 via Klonosphere. 

ROME | “Hegemonikon” LP
Released November 25, 2022

‘Hegemonikon’ is ROMEs 17th album and holds a few daring surprises: On this new album, the influences of electronica and new wave have shaped ROME’s trademark guitar-based dark folk into a new beast by adding a subtle touch of post-punk synth-rock to the mix. Ever since the band’s inception by Luxembourg-born mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Jerome Reuter in 2005, ROME has displayed a resilience and constitution found only in Olympic athletes when it comes to releasing hard-hitting, bullet-proof albums every single year.

“Hegemonikon is only 37 minutes in length, but the 11 songs that are on offer provide a stunningly unique and interesting blend of electronica, industrial, folk, and post-punk synths. It is evident that Reuter has no boundaries or limits, his creativity unbounded.” – Metal Talk

TUYS | “Yellow Ether”
Released November 18, 2022 (part of forthcoming LP, out Q2 2023)

What if reality becomes a service? And what if discussions distort? In their upcoming album (due out in 2023) and short film, TUYS turn into Reality Management Ltd., a company selling realities to frustrated clients. With “Yellow Ether,” the first of such realities is revealed.

Yellow Ether is a track about missed conversations. “It is a collage of a song about our former drummer’s departure (after being in the band for more than 10 years) and also the story of a guy I was dating, who would always leave quite early in the morning,” says Tun Biever. In its video, we follow the first of Reality Management Ltd’s clients into their reality. Rilke Bomann, a German researcher in the field of truth serums, wants her drug to be finally approved. At the end, it’s up to the audience to decide the continuation. Catch TUYS Wednesday, January 18th at Eurosonic (23:35 – 00:15 at News Café). More info here.

Josh Island | “Pennies From Heaven”
Released November 11, 2022 (part of debut album due out September 2023)

2023 Global Project Grant laureate Josh Island is gearing up to release his debut album in September 2023. As a vocal powerhouse, soulful songwriter and engaging live performer, Josh Island has been steadily growing a loyal fan base across Western Europe. He draws inspirations from Sting, Dave Matthews Band or John Mayer, a dynamic blend of singer-songwriter pop with influences of soul and folk. But at its core lies Josh’s unique ability to connect with the crowd – no matter how small or large the venue, his interactive shows remain printed in memory forever.

His latest single “Pennies From Heaven” is a song about cherishing the moment. “What is our relationship with time? What would life be like if it could stand still, and what would you do?”

PTOLEMEA | “Balanced Darkness”
Released October 28, 2022 (part of debut album due out January 21, 2023)

After unveiling her single “Fado,” Priscila Da Costa presents “Balanced Darkness,” the title track off her first album to be released at Rockhal on January 21, 2023.

In line with the two previous singles, “Inspiration” representing the Earth element, then “Fado” illustrating the Fire element, “Balanced Darkness” dives into the Water element. Balanced Darkness shows a connection with nature and our own consciousness. This creation invites us to take a new look at the world and at ourselves, and to embark on a path of exploration and transformation through PTOLEMEA’s mystic sound and visuals. The melody drags us into the depths of the ocean and the message is clear : it is possible to find balance (Balanced) by welcoming the dark parts (Darkness) of our soul.

PTOLEMEA is representing Luxembourg in the EXCITE network in 2023.
Catch her January 21, 2023 at the Rockhal Club where she’ll perform the new record live.

Released October 21, 2022

DasRADIAL grows out of the absurdities of our digital age: a being, not man not machine, walks between dream and reality. Musician and actor Max Thommes, who spent 10 years as a drummer in the band INBORN! produced by acclaimed producer Ross Robinson, has been going his own way since 2019, creating a dystopian cosmos with DasRADIAL. After several works for the German State Theatre, he also produced the title track of the Arte documentary “UNTERM_RADAR”.

With his electronic beats and sharp-tongued lyrics, DasRADIAL now seeks the symbiosis of art figure and musical live performance.
DasRADIAL is representing Luxembourg in the EXCITE network in 2023. Expect more music to come next year!

Serge Tonnar | “Jo An Amen” LP
Released October 15, 2022

Luxembourg legend Serge Tonnar has released his latest album, “Jo An Amen,” (translated to “Yes and Amen”). Tonnar’s new work is like an album of sonorous photographs taken in the pandemic years 2020 to 2022 and asks the question of the value of life in the eyes of a rebel, a fighter who goes his way, far away from the Extremism of all kinds, a Don Quixote of culture, just to remain a humanist. It’s a task the artist himself says seems to be getting more and more difficult.

In November 2021, the musician and activist himself contacted the “Mouvement Ecologique” to propose a joint project around one of the songs from the album, “Gëff mer nach eng Chance.” The idea is to combine art with social commitment and thus contribute to a better world, such is the idealistic ambition of this common project. More information can be found here

The Ferocious Few | “Compassion”
Released October 14, 2022 (part of their forthcoming EP, “Only Time Will Tell,” due out February 17, 2023)

Americana punk-rockers The Ferocious Few blend high-paced rock ’n’ roll, folk lyrics, a punk edge and a rockabilly sensibility. Think Johnny Cash meets Nirvana. Their rousing guitar riffs and drum kicks have caught the attention of larger stages and festivals such as Coachella, SXSW, Lightning In A Bottle, Burning Man, Noise Pop, and most recently Reeperbahn Festival. Their latest single, “Compassion,” is part of their forthcoming EP, “Only Time Will Tell,” due out February 17, 2023.

Frontman Francisco Fernandez says the lyrics behind their latest single are an “open call for Compassion, to understand why we fail to empathise and love, no matter the circumstances. As musicians and culture creators, we are in a constant fight for attention, our data to be collected and analysed to create better products and manipulate emotions. Compassion is a call to transform these tools into ways to help each other, not just profit. To come back home to ourselves to our purpose, not just stop at the facade of what is being sold to us.’