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Benjamin Kruithof, Lou Koster, David Ianni, Sabine Weyer, Arthur Possing et KLEIN, 6 classical/jazz albums of the new musical season.

03.09.2021: Benjamin Kruithof, Russian Mood
First-Prize winner of the Amsterdam National Cello Competition Benjamin Kruithof is to publish his debut Album Russian Mood on September 3rd under Ars Produktion.
Recorded with the Nordwestdeutsch Philharmonie under the baton of Conrad van Alpen, the record gathers pieces by Tchaikovski, Glasunov, Davidov and Rachmaninov.

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17.09.2021: Der Geiger von Echternach + Release concert: Mierscher Kulturhaus, 24.10.2021
Label OehmsClassic is to release a CD recording of Lou Koster’s oratorium Der Geiger von Echternach. This composition based on Nik Welter’s eponymous text, is performed by vocal ensemble Singer Pur, pianist Claude Weber and violonist Sandrine Cantoreggi. The CD release concert will take place on October 24th, 2021 at the Mierscher Kulturhaus. It will bring Lou Koster’s composition to a dialogue with Catherine Kontz’ Le Joueur de Vièle, a solo-violin piece inspired by Koster’s work, and commissioned by CID Fraen an Gender.

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06.07.2021: David Ianni, Timelessness et Songs of Love
Le pianiste et compositeur David Ianni a sorti en juin 2021 son disque Timelessness, rassemblant des œuvres orchestrales en l’honneur du Luxembourg, enregistrées avec le City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra et le Czech Studio Orchestra sous la direction de Mikel Toms. La sortie de ce disque a été suivie par Songs of Love en juillet 2021.

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Sabine Weyer : CD release concerts
To celebrate the launch of her CD Mysteries dedicated on Bacri and Miakovsky on January 2021, Sabine Weyer will give three recitals at Hambourg Tchaikovsky Saal (24.09.2021), at Goethe Institut Paris (19.10.21), and at Boesendorfer Salon in Vienna (13.11.2021).

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28.08.2021 : Arthur Possing Quartet, Natural Flow
Natural Flow is Arthur Possing Quartet’s second album. As a continuity from their debut release entitled ‘Four years’, this new album explores plenty of innovative and researched compositions and sounds, giving it its unique characteristics.
For this album, the quartet features the French trumpeter Thomas Mayade (Brussels Jazz Orchestra, David Linx, Electro Deluxe,…), who adds a special and unique colour to the band.
The band recorded the album in Peter Gabriel’s famous Real World Studios in Box (UK), which are some of the best sounding and most acclaimed studios in the world.
The album is scheduled for release on 28 August on Double Moon Records/Challenge Records, go get it right away!
The Arthur Possing Quartet will present its new album in concert at opderschmelz in Dudelange on September 24th and on will be on tour.

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28.10.2021 : Klein,
SONDER (noun; from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows) is, in essence, the realization that each random stranger lives a life as vivid and complex as your own, with his own hopes, struggles and routines.
In continuation of their very distinct sound, combining electronic elements and acoustic instruments (Piano, Vibraphone), KLEIN present a journey through new and seemingly ever-evolving soundscapes that thematically revolve around a personal acknowledgement and celebration of the complex and interconnected nature of life.
Their first single Episode will be out on 28 October, before the full album release on 10 December 2021!

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