Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg in collaboration with the Fonderie Darling in Montreal offers a three-month research and creation residency for Luxembourg visual artists or visual artists living in Luxembourg artists at the Fonderie Darling in Montreal, based on a call for applications.

Jury members Justine Blau (artist and laureate 2023), Stéphane Meyers (Rotondes) and Stilbé Schroeder (Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’Art Contemporain) assessed the applications received and made their recommendation to the Fonderie Darling. At the end of the procedure, Julien Hübsch was selected by the board of the Fonderie Darling.

During his residency, which runs from September to November 2024, he will be researching the temporary urban interventions in specific parts of Montreal, that are appearing over the summer to revalue certain public spaces and then serve different purposes in winter. At the heart of this approach lies a particular interest in the historical imprints left by these interventions.

Statement of the jury

The selection committee selected artist Julien Hübsch for the quality of his artistic practice, rooted in a raw aesthetic and the inventive use of everyday materials. Through interventions in the city and in the exhibition space, always in connection with the architecture, the artist explores issues that are central to the Fonderie Darling’s curatorial vision, its urban location and its status as a former industrial wasteland. The members of the committee would also like to highlight the relevance and coherence of the research project proposed for the residency, entitled Sometimes in the fall.

About Julien Hübsch

Julien Hübsch (*1995 in Esch-Sur-Alzette, LU) is a multi-disciplinary artist, currently based between Mainz and Luxembourg. After studying at Bauhaus University Weimar, Kunsthochschule Mainz and HGB Leipzig, he graduated from Shannon Bools’s “expanded painting” class in Mainz in 2023. In his work he deals with temporary interventions in the urban/public space such as construction sites and vandalism, creating works that oscillate between painting, object, installation and environment. His aim is to extract and quote directly from his field of research, thus creating contemporary witnesses of an abstract urban space.

Julien Hübsch is being represented by Reuter Bausch Art Gallery since 2021 and has been part of exhibitions in Frankfurt, Berlin, Mainz, New York and Luxembourg among others. He is also the recipient of this year’s “Prix Grand-Duc Adolphe”.

In collaboration with the Fonderie Darling in Montreal, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg offers visual artists research and creation residencies for a period of three months. For the first time, a pilot project will extend the residency by three weeks as part of the programme for joint Residencies at the Matapédia Station (Gaspésie).

Following a call for applications, jury members Stéphane Meyers (Rotondes), Stilbé Schroeder (Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’Art Contemporain) and Suzan Noesen (artist in residence in 2022) selected Justine Blau for her project VOYAGE EN SOLASTALGIE.

Jury Statement
Justine Blau has a solid track record and a strong relationship with Luxembourg whilst also being open to a wide range of influences and horizons. From her very first photo collages, Blau has explored landscapes in her work and the ways in which they are transformed by climate change and human intervention. More recently, Justine Blau has incorporated an ethical and ontological aspect into her work by looking at the plants and living beings that make up these landscapes and how they interact in various ways. Her research has naturally led her to look back at the ways in which humans have interacted with their natural environment: a relationship of domination and subjugation interwoven with narratives and beliefs, a relationship that is the opposite of the interdependence shown by other living species. In her most recent work, Blau has explored the memories of past landscapes and how they have been confronted with the way in which these landscapes have evolved and changed. This research has led the artist to focus on the people who saw their environment change as a result of progressive subjugation and who still suffer the effects of a deep trauma (solastalgia). Justine Blau uses her conceptual, almost scientific research, to create extremely refined visual works, such as videos, installations and tapestries.

In addition to the intrinsic value of Justine Blau’s work, the jury believes that the artist’s process for her project to explore the way in which communities of Indigenous peoples in Canada understand and pass on the concept of nature and landscape could be further developed during a residency in Montreal. The jury would also like to mention the artist’s contribution to art in Luxembourg and the synergies she has created around her. Her experimental approach, the range of collaborative aspects to her work, and her ability to open doors and build relationships with others are strengths that will undoubtedly ensure that this short residency will be fruitful.

About Justine Blau
Justine Blau adopts a multidisciplinary approach in her work, combining sculptures, installations, photographs and videos. Through her work, she addresses philosophical questions about humanity’s relationship with nature, images and the living world. Her creations have been exhibited many times in Luxembourg and across Europe, including most recently VIDA INERTE at the Centre Nei Liicht in Dudelange (2020), and the publication of THE VEIL OF NATURE, forthcoming from K.Verlag, Berlin. She is also currently completing PHUSIS, a film featuring a soap bubble representing an ephemeral moment, for which she received a Carte Blanche from the Film Fund. In 2019, she completed an artist’s residency at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris.


Music, performing arts, literature and visual arts – in addition to cinema, which is strongly represented at this year’s Cinémania festival, Luxembourg has a rich and diverse culture, which I am happy to see exported this autumn in several venues in Montreal“, highlights Sam Tanson.

Within the framework of Luxembourg, the country of honour of the CINEMANIA festival, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg invites to discover other aspects of Luxembourg’s creation between music, performance, dance and literature. Beyond the highlight at the PHI centre on November 3, Kultur | lx is expanding its programming and allowing artists to present themselves at major platforms and festivals on the Montreal scene. The establishment of a new partnership with the Centre des auteurs dramatiques de Montréal opens a three-week residency to two authors.

03.11.2022 | PHI Centre 

17h : Networking Event
Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg invites professionals from the Quebec cultural scene to come and exchange ideas about Luxembourg’s creation and to share their desire for cooperation.

6pm – 9.30pm: Performances
Free registration HERE

A/V performance (duration 33′)
MINERALS | Andrea Mancini (creation 2022)

Copyright – Yves Conrady

An exploration of the fascinating world of minerals in an audiovisual and sound performance.

Concert (duration 40′)

Copyright – Shade Cumini

Pop, folk or electro, the musician draws from a multitude of influences to build dense, soft and yet powerful pieces.

Dance performance (duration 30′)

Copyright – Eddi van Tsui

In “Art. 13 Runway” the theme of migration merges with that of fashion. A hybrid form created and adapted for the PHI centre that integrates its architecture, consciously playing with the audience’s perception to move and exceed the limits of the stage.


Continuing the discovery…

04.11 | 18h | Darling Foundry, Montreal
Open Studio With Suzan Noesen
As part of her residency at the Fonderie Darling (September-November 2022), Suzan Noesen opens the doors of her studio to discuss her project and her research.
fonderiedarling.org | suzannoesen.com

07.11 – 12.11 | Luxembourg delegation at the CINARS Biennial
Every two years since 1984, CINARS has organised one of the most important international meetings of the performing arts in Montreal with more than 1900 professionals from 54 countries, including 433 of the most important presenters in the world. This year, the artists invited to the PHI Centre and the Machine Room Festival will be accompanied by Kultur | lx to meet international professionals.

07.11 – 28.11 | Centre des auteurs dramatiques
Author in residence: Sophie Langevin and Ian De Toffoli
Founded in 1965 by six authors, the CEAD now has over 290 members. An association of authors serving authors, CEAD is a centre for the support, promotion and dissemination of French-language drama in Quebec and Canada. It occupies a unique place in the theatrical landscape, both in terms of the number of its members and the objectives of research and excellence that it pursues. The CEAD is involved in collaborations with other countries. Luxembourg is invited for the first time to benefit from these programmes.

17.11 | 4pm | Quai des Brumes + 10.45pm | Casa del Popolo
C’est Karma – M for Montreal Festival
For the past 17 years, M pour Montréal has acted as an essential catalyst for the Quebec and Canadian music industry, both for emerging artists and those developing their careers outside of Quebec. The event offers a series of conferences where local and international music industry professionals gather. For this first Luxembourg participation, the artist C’est Karma will be honoured.

19.11 | 5pm | Centre du théâtre d’aujourd’hui
Perspectives d’auteur-rices: l’écriture en chantier. With Sophie Langevin and Ian De Toffoli
Festival la Salle des machines
La Salle des machines is a unique event organised by the Centre des auteurs dramatiques. As part of this festival, authors offer the public dramaturgical meetings around their texts in progress. Ian De Toffoli and Sophie Langevin, in residence at CEAD, will discuss writing in progress and their respective practices.

Kultur | lx would like to thank its partners for the opportunity and the realisation of this programme: the Film Fund Luxembourg, the Cinemania Festival, the Phi Centre, the Fonderie Darling, the M for Montreal Festival and the Centre des auteurs dramatiques de Montréal.

In November, let’s spread our imaginations and meet around the artists and creations of Luxembourg!

M for Montreal (M pour Montréal) returns for a 17th edition this November 16-19, 2022. Now recognized as Quebec’s most important initiative for indie music exports, the event is renowned as a showcase festival and international conference, taking place every November. 

Kultur | lx is proud to be presenting the first Luxembourgish artist at M for Montreal for the first time, C’est Karma. The showcase arrives in the context of a broader Luxembourgish presence in Québec this November. The country of honor at the CINEMANIA festival, Kultur | lx will also be making a presence at the Centre PHI on Thursday, November 3rd, where C’est Karma will also be presented. The event will offer local professionals the chance to meet the team and experience various aspects of Luxembourgish creation, between music, performance and dance (learn more).

With her third EP, Amuse-Bouche,” Karma’s style is covered in noise/industrial and hyperpop influences. The daughter of two first generation immigrants, and supporters of feminist and LGBTQ+ causes, she approaches music as a tool for social change, also attacking the inaction on the climate crisis and the disparity between the filthy rich and the less fortunate (although she sometimes indulges in more sentimental remarks or mentions her love for pasta). 

Join C’est Karma at M for Montreal on Thursday, November 17th at Quai des Brumes. 

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Thursday, November 17, 4 PM
at Quai des Brumes

4481 Saint Denis St, Montréal

Second show confirmed:
Thursday, November 17, 10:45 PM
at Casa del Popolo

4873 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal