PROPULSION is a career development and networking programme dedicated to jazz and improvised music artists from the Région Grand Est (France), Luxembourg and the French-speaking part of Belgium.

The laureates, who are selected upon a call for proposals, are granted tailor-made training on touring, production and communication. Mentors from each country provide the laureates an artistic point of view and advice on their projects.

The first edition of the programme gave the bands of Daniel Migliosi (Luxembourg) and Hugo Diaz (Région Grand Est) the opportunity to be accompanied by the team of the Compagnie Tangram and the artistic mentors of the programme, who were Stéphane Scharlé and Maxime Bender.

This second edition of the program brings a number of new features. Firstly, the arrival of Belgian partners in the program, and the introduction of a second program entitled PropulsionWOMEN, aimed exclusively at female musicians wishing to develop their skills in the leadership of musical projects. In addition to taking part in the joint PROPULSION program, the aim of the three laureates will be to finalise an artistic project to be presented live by one of PROPULSION’s partners by the end of the program. The winners will be mentored by a fellow musician with a proven track record. The mentors are Marion Rampal for the Grand Est region, Claire Parsons for Luxembourg and Margaux Vranken for the French-speaking part of Belgium.

Propulsion #2 is also offering the second edition of its PropulsionBANDS program, dedicated to the career and artistic development of existing projects. The BAND mentors are Stéphane Scharlé for France, Jeff Herr for Luxembourg and Manuel Hermia for the French-speaking part of Belgium.

Both programmes have the following objectives:

Who are the Luxembourgish laureates of PROPULSION #2?

PropulsionWOMEN | Veda Bartringer, guitarist

Veda Bartringer is a multi-instrumentalist from Luxembourg. She discovered the world of jazz at the age of 17, taking classes at the Conservatoire d’Esch-sur-Alzette, the Conservatoire de Luxembourg and the École de Musique de Dudelange, where she learned from musicians such as Pit Dahm, Pol Belardi, David Laborier, Jacques Pirotton and Erik Teuwens.

Starting in 2017, she pursued advanced musical studies in jazz guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, graduating with a Master’s degree in jazz guitar in 2022. During these 5 years of study, she learned alongside guitarists Fabien Degryse and Victor Da Costa, as well as François Decamps. Veda is a member of several Belgian and Luxembourg projects and has shared the stage with various artists. She is currently working on several personal projects, including duo projects with saxophonist Fabrice Muratore, Madagascan guitarist Joël Rabesolo, a solo guitar project, as well as the Veda Bartringer Quartet.

Guitarist Claire Besson is the winner of PropulsionWOMEN for the Grand Est region, and Lucia Pires, a flautist based in French-speaking Belgium, has been selected to take part in the program.


PropulsionBANDS | The Metz Foundation, Joël Metz

Joël Metz is a saxophonist. Having achieved his Bachelor and Master studies at the conservatory of Amsterdam and Codarts Rotterdam, Joël pursues his musical career as a bandleader of his group The Metz Foundation, a sideman for projects like the Josh Island Band and the Luxembourg Jazz Orchestra and as an educator for modern music at the Conservatoire du Nord in Luxembourg.

With an affinity for extended techniques like multiphonics, Joël likes to combine traditionally informed material with experimental sounds in his playing.

PropulsionBANDS selected Nobaban for the Région Grand Est and Bodies for the French-speaking part of Belgium.

This year’s edition of the rainy days festival, curated by the Luxembourgish composer Catherine Kontz, put light on numerous musicians and composers from Luxembourg. In this frame, Kultur | lx organised its first Contemporary Music Focus by inviting curators, ensembles and publishers involved in the contemporary music sectors in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium and Croatia.

During this weekend of contemporary music, Kultur | lx organised activities allowing the international guests, the artists and the professionals coming from the Luxembourgish music sector to meet and exchange. For instance, the speedmeeting session gave Luxembourgish artists the opportunity to present their current projects to the international delegation. In addition, the Philharmonie and the Federation of Luxembourgish Authors and Composers jointly organized forums of discussions moderated by Catherine Kontz, and called Coffees with Composers. These meetings offered composers Nik Bohnenberger, Albena Petrovic, Roby Steinmetzer, Camille Kerger and Marco Pütz the chance to talk about their own artistic practices.

Since its establishment, Kultur | lx has been working actively on the promotion of the Luxembourgish musical creation on an international scale. This includes the integration of international networks such as the Impuls neue Musik fund, as well as the Focuses, which contribute significantly to the identification of the Luxembourgish scene. These key moments are also valuable networking platforms at a European level encouraging cross-border collaborations and the circulation of works.

Awarded annually to up to three musicians from the different aesthetic (pop/rock/ electro/hip-hop, jazz/world, classical/contemporary) since 2020, the Global Project Grant supports artists in the development of an ambitious medium- or long-term project aimed at boosting their career through promotion, marketing and dissemination, as well as the acquisition of know-how in the music industry. Kultur | lx accompanies the artists and their teams in each step of the project.

After Josh Island (pop/rock), Greg Lamy (jazz), and following a call for applications, the selection committee, composed of Stephanie Baustert (manager), Marc Hauser (Rotondes) Florence Martin (United Instruments of Lucilin), Marc Nickts (SACEM Luxembourg) and John Rech (opderschmelz), unanimously decided to award the Global Project Grant to C’est Karma (pop/rock/electro/hip-hop) and Pascal Schumacher (Classical/Contemporary).

C’est Karma
Statement of the artist
I am filled to the brim with joy to have been awarded next year’s Global Project Grant. I’ve spent the last few years working hard on my identity as an artist and musician and on putting together my dream team. With a lot of exciting projects coming up next year, the financial support granted through the Global Project Grant will help me put those plans into action. Aside from the financial aspect it also means a lot to me to be given the trust and faith in my vision.

For C’est Karma music is a tool for change. From causing trouble with her punk band in the age of 14 to her bold, hyperpop-infused 2022 EP „Amuse-Bouche“, Karma Catena’s passionate activist heart always beats at the core.
The daughter of two first generation immigrants grew up in Luxembourg but relocated to Amsterdam to „study the Internet“, as she calls it. Channeling her frustration into words and music has gained the 21-year-old critical acclaim from renowned publications such as Rolling Stone, GQ, ELLE or The Line Of Best Fit and collaborations with Canal+ or La Blogothèque, who also invited C’est Karma to their 2021 edition of arte concert Festival in Paris next to Damon Albarn and Joan As Police Woman.
Ploughing furrows covered with hyperpop, alt-pop and noise/industrial influences, Karmas songs range from attacking the inaction on the climate crisis and the disparity between the filthy rich and the less fortunate to her love for women, the cinema and the closest thing to her heart: Pasta.
On the back of extensive praise for her riveting one-woman live show at her first ever North America concerts, C’est Karma has recently embarked on her biggest and most ambitious project to date.

Presentation of the project
After having experimented with different musical genres over the past years, C’est Karma has found her artistic vision. On the back of significant live experiences, critical acclaim from renowned international media and together with a team of highly experienced industry professionals, Karma is ready to release her debut album. Being aimed for release in the second half of 2024, the album draws back to her musical inspirations throughout the years. It refers to musical icons like Björk, Kate Bush or Imogen Heap and draws inspiration from contemporary avant-garde idols like Arca, SOPHIE or Caroline Polachek. Being without a doubt her most personal and introspective work to date, the album explores the space between comfort and discomfort. It confesses her love to her younger brother, to her partner, to her family’s country of origin, Portugal and to the loss of control in the nightlife scene. It also opens up about abuse and fear.

With this album Karma and her team aim to build a sustainable foundation for a long-lasting career. Therefore, they have created a visual identity and drafted an extensive multi-facetted strategy to build a dedicated global fan-community that enables Karma to make a living from her art in the long run. To nurture long-term relationships Karma will combine in-person community-building events around Europe with artist-growth campaigns on social platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, cross-media PR campaigns and her very own Mailing list. In addition, she and her live team are currently creating a memorable live performance that she will present on stages around the world, starting with renowned ESNS Festival in The Netherlands in January 2024.


Pascal Schumacher
Statement of the artist
I’m absolutely enchanted to receive the 2024 Global Grant, a crucial boost for my upcoming project, GLASS TWO. Teaming up with the accomplished German-Greek pianist Danae Dörken, we are shaping a deeply personal rendition of Philip Glass’s oeuvre, interwoven with original compositions infused by his unique style and aesthetics. This funding is crucial for both the tour and the promotional campaign of the upcoming album.

Pascal Schumacher, a versatile artist from Luxembourg, seamlessly blends classical training with contemporary innovation. He pursued studies in classical percussion and jazz vibraphone at prestigious European conservatories, earning Master’s Degrees in musicology from Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg and music focused on jazz vibraphone from the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague. Collaborating with a diverse array of talents like Jef Neve, Francesco Tristano, Sylvain Rifflet, Kenny Barron, and Magic Malik, Schumacher has honed a unique musical identity. Today, his music defies traditional categorization, fusing emotional classical melodies with minimal electronic elements, liberating his compositions from genre constraints to explore a boundless musical landscape.

Presentation of the project
GLASS TWO is a collaborative project featuring Luxembourg’s vibraphonist and composer Pascal Schumacher and the talented German-Greek pianist Danae Dörken, as they delve into the works of the iconic American minimalist composer Philip Glass. The album is slated for release in the third quarter of 2024 under the German label NEUE MEISTER (edel/ KULTUR). This project represents a significant step forward in Schumacher’s artistic journey, extending well beyond its initial inspiration.

In order to facilitate the circulation of Luxembourg musical creation and its performers at European level, and keen to be part of cross-border touring networks, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg joined the Impuls neue Musik fund in January 2023, joining the French, German and Swiss partners.

The 17th Impuls Artistic Committee meeting was held on 28 September 2023. Composed of Carl Adalsteinsson (artistic director of CAPE-Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck), Julien Annoni (percussionist, cultural mediator and event creator), Bernhard Günther (artistic director of the Wien Modern festival), Jean-Luc Hervé (composer), Cathy Milliken (composer, musician), Anne Montaron (Radio France) and Carol Robinson (musician, composer), the Artistic Committee  selected 10 projects, including three with a link to Luxembourg. Two productions with a Luxembourgish component – Déposer by United Instruments of Lucilin and Elsa Biston, and ANTIPODES by the Kollektiv Unruhe – and one coproduction of which the rainy days festival is part – Onceim, Double Commande à Genevieve Murphy et Christian Marclay – are supported by the Impuls neue Musik fund.

These projects show the commitment of Luxembourgish artists and institutions in cross-border collaborations. In the first year of its partnership, Kultur | lx is delighted by the support provided by Impuls, which is helping to promote the vibrant Luxembourg contemporary music scene and its international dissemination.

United Instruments of Lucilin, Elsa Biston, Déposer (installation-concert) | 10 000 €

Déposer is a sound installation by Elsa Biston and a 30-minute musical performance by the Luxembourgish ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin.  The installation consists of instruments scattered around the space such as cymbals, skins and everyday objects.

They form a complex, apparently living organism in which vibrations are transmitted from one object to the other. During the performances, the sounds of the musicians are picked up by the installation, setting the objects in motion. Outside the performances, visitors can move between the objects and are invited to operate cranks, for example, to make the objects suspended from the ceiling move and change the soundscape. Both the installation and the performances are based on a search for involuntary gestures and loss of control, allowing the musicians to enter into a symbiotic relationship with the installation.

© Alfonso Salgueiro


Kollektiv Unruhe e. V., Antipodes | 10 000 €

The ANTIPODES project by KOLLEKTIV UNRUHE and Ensemble Orbis aims to reconcile local community and international exchange, while taking care to preserve each individual’s identity. It links Berlin and Lyon through music, with Luxembourg as its focal point. The four creations, each signed by two members of each of the two ensembles, highlight the unique sonorities of each group to create a unique sound experience. Three young composers from the training institutions of the three towns will provide miniatures, thus deepening the links that exist at local level. The concerts presenting the project will take place at Silent Green in Berlin, Grame in Lyon and at the Philharmonie Luxembourg. The project will run from January to December 2024 and will focus on the theme of “Unity in diversity”. With ANTIPODES, these two young collectives/ensembles in the making hope to establish a long-term collaboration.

KOLLEKTIV UNRUHE, of which Luxembourg composer Nik Bohnenberger is a member, stands for a musical practice that is self-organised and self-responsible in shaping the conditions for its own artistic work and constantly wants to cross the boundaries to other art forms and scenes.

© Norbert Frank


Onceim, Double Commande à Genevieve Murphy et Christian Marclay | 15 000 €

L’Onceim impulses a European co-production uniting France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany, with Gaudeamus (NL), Musica (FR), Rainy Days (LU) and Exploratorium (DE). Two exclusive musical commissions will be entrusted to the talented Scottish performer and composer Genevieve Murphy and the renowned Swiss-American visual artist Christian Marclay. For both of them, this collaboration is their first experience with a large, experimental ensemble (30 musicians). Another milestone of the collaboration is a three-day residency in Berlin, which includes workshops and concerts in ensembles of 2 to 30 musicians. Together, they focus on collaborative creation and bring together the stakeholders of the Berlin scene as well as the orchestra members for improvisation sessions and the presentation of commissioned works. This initiative continues the experimental and research work initiated by Onceim and funded by Impuls Neue Musik since 2012.


About Impuls neue Musik
Impuls neue Musik supports musical projects that favour exchanges between the German- and French-speaking cultural and linguistic spaces. It binds together the contemporary music scenes of Germany, France, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Since its establishment, Impuls neue Musik supported 214 projects to an amount of 1,6 million €. Its partners are the Sacem, the French Embassy in Germany, the CNM, the Institut Français, the Fondation Francis et Mica Salabert, the Goethe Institute, the Swiss Foundation for culture Pro Helvetia, the Musikfonds and Kultur | lx.

Georg Ruby & Sascha Ley | The Laughter of the Red Moon. Dedicated to Hildegard Knef
Album release: October 12, 2023 | JazzHausMusik

Georg Ruby and Sascha Ley allow a wide range of musical parameters to take effect, creating original reinterpretations of the chansons and lyrics of the great German actress, singer and author Hildegard Knef (1925-2002) without imposing any stylistic boundaries.

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Dock in Absolute | [RE]FLEKT

Album release: October 13, 2023 | Cam Jazz

Piano trio Dock In Absolute are perhaps the leading lights of a tremendous recent resurgence of creative music in Luxembourg, a territory that punches well above its weight in musical terms. The group’s previous work for CAM JAZZ established a distinctive voice, energised by pianist Jean-Philippe Koch’s compositions but realised by the energetic and thoroughly musical contributions of bassist Arne Weigand and drummer Victor Kraus. With roots in the vast literature of jazz piano trios, but with eyes set very much on the present, Dock In Absolute offer a music that is unmistakably contemporary and fresh but aware of tradition as well. Recorded in CAM JAZZ’s signature bright, responsive sound, [RE]FLEKT is set to be one of the must-have jazz records of the year. (Liner notes by Brian Morton)

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Shauli Einav | Living Organs  
Album release: November 18, 2023 | Outside in Music Europe

After six albums as a leader with only acoustic instrumentation, Shauli Einav, an Israeli saxophone player based in Luxembourg, explores more electronic and electric soundscapes. The music is inspired by both jazz and music from outside the jazz idiom. Einav aims to revive the sounds he was listening to in the 1990s: British artists such as Jamiroquai, The Prodigy, Simply Red or David Bowie, mediaeval folk music, and modern jazz-influenced harmonies.

“In a way, this is my homage to my teenage years where I aim to bring more audiences to jazz music, by building a bridge from the younger generation’s popular aesthetics to today’s mainstream jazz.”

For this new project, Einav’s band was selected for a week-long residency at opderschmelz, a week dedicated to getting deep into Einav’s new compositions and tightening the band! Einav teamed up with some of the rising stars of the European jazz scene: Dutch guitarist Eran Har Even, French organist Laurent Coulondre as well as Luxembourg drummer Paul Wiltgen.

Michel Reis | For A Better Tomorrow
Album release: December 1, 2023 | CamJazz

If jazz remains the “sound of surprise”, Luxembourgish pianist Michel Reis still cleaves to that hoary definition of the music. While still attractively accessible, Reis’s solo improvisations constantly take unexpected directions. He plays the piano “straight”, but still somehow manages to make it sound deliciously unfamiliar, as if it was only invented yesterday.
On his second recording for CAM JAZZ, Reis dedicates his music For A Better Tomorrow. There’s no clear political agenda in that title, but simply a dedication to the notion that in constantly reinventing itself, jazz is inherently progressive and committed to a human desire for improvement and self-development. Not a fiery showman, Reis is more like a close-up magician. One can hear everything he does, but it isn’t always quite clear how he does it. The magic of a music that never stops moving forward… (Liner notes by Brian Morton).

Under the supervision of music producer Ermanno Basso, For A Better Tomorrow was recorded and mixed in January 2023 by Stefano Amerio at Artesuono Recording Studio in Cavalicco (UD), Italy, and mastered by Danilo Rossi.

IETM will come to Luxembourg for the first time with the support of Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg (28-30.11.2023). As a performing arts professional from Luxembourg, this is a unique opportunity to discover this network and engage with your international peers.

This Focus meeting will address the one topic we all have to face –  the climate crisis. Although the cultural sector is far from being the one that has the most impact on the environment, each and every one of us has to face reality and deal with it. This second edition of the Focus meeting will be the final event in IETM’s first year of environmental transitioning, and will bring members and professional guests together for a joint brainstorm. Participants will benefit from the targeted programmes and accumulated knowledge gathered by the network through all its activities in 2023 and work towards co-creating an eco charter for the entire network.

In addition to the networking opportunities, Luxembourg’s dance scene will be showcased, with the TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois presenting a panorama of the local contemporary dance scene.
Detailed program HERE

About IETM

IETM is a large and influential international network of performing arts professionals, with members from all genres and all functions in the ecosystem: artists, producers, companies, venues, festivals, research and resource centres, residencies, networks and associations, governmental bodies, etc. Currently, it counts over 500 performing arts organisations and individual members in over 60 countries.

IETM stimulates the quality, development, and context of the contemporary performing arts, in all its diversity. It advocates the value of the arts and culture and empowers performing arts professionals through access to international connections, knowledge, and a dynamic forum for exchange.

IETM serves its members by organising networking opportunities, peer-to-peer learning, exchanges and dialogues via various events. Moreover, it commissions publications and research, facilitates communication and distribution of information about the performing arts and advocates for the position of performing arts professionals, worldwide.

To better support Luxembourg’s dancers and choreographers, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg and TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, in partnership with the National Dance Centre in Lyon and Le Gymnase CDCN in Roubaix, offers grants to a creative team based in Luxembourg to develop a dance project.

This grant runs over two years (2024 + 2025) and will support all aspects of the creative process: project development, promotion and international networking. The grant will also provide direct financial support for the production, residencies in Lyon and Roubaix, presence on international platforms, and funding for the development phase.

Following a call for applications, five proposals were received and the jury unanimously decided to award the EXPEDITION grant to William Cardoso.

Winner Statement
For William Cardoso, this grant represents “an extraordinary, unmissable opportunity (…) which will be the perfect occasion to create a new choreography in the perfect conditions. It will allow me to consolidate and further strengthen my relationships with cultural stakeholders at international level. The high-quality residencies offered by prestigious institutions such as the CN D in Lyon, Le Gymnase CDCN in Roubaix, the Grand Théâtre and TROIS C-L in Luxembourg, will allow me to develop a new work titled Deadline.

Deadline will explore and present the theme of rupture, a frequent occurence throughout our lives. This work seeks to disrupt the system to make a fresh start, rupture for rebirth.

Jury Statement
The jury, composed of representatives from the five partner institutions (Bernard Baumgarten – TROIS C-L; Tom Leick-Burns and Anne Legill –  Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg; Davy Brun – CN D Lyon; Laurent Meheust – CDCN – Le Gymnase in Roubaix) commended the relevance and urgency of the theme of the project which demonstrate both the choreographer’s creative flow and the notions of our times. The jury noted William Cardoso’s unique approach to the body and the relationship between genders and praised the young choreographer’s maturity. The EXPEDITION grant will support the artist’s consistant career development, giving him the opportunity to take his research further, explore larger forms of choreography, and connect with international production and distribution networks.

About William Cardoso
William Cardoso is a choreographer and dancer based in Luxembourg and Portugal. His work celebrates everything that is a contradiction, unpredictable, creative and committed. It addresses intimate, personal issues that affect everyone. His performances point the finger at a heteronormative, patriarchal society. Hungry for change and filled with anger at injustice, his work often focuses on a fight and a physical effort as it defends various issues.

With his three works to date (Raum, Dear Mum, Baby), William Cardoso has developed his own identity using a unique language. A dialogue between bodies in conflict with their minds. His work echoes contact improvisation, yet goes against the flow with non-fluid, short, sharp movements.



The visual arts scene in Luxembourg is home to a wide variety of actors and continues to grow in vibrancy. Its diversity makes it unique, reflecting the various places where the artists have trained, the mediums they have chosen to express themselves, the regions where they are active, and even the ways in which they have decided to show their work.

Looking outwards at other art scenes abroad— where they live, where they have studied, or where they have developed networks—Luxembourgish artists know how to ‘export’ themselves easily, helped by their multilingualism and the various connections they can rely on.

On the occasion of the Luxembourg Art Week (10-12/11), Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg is organising three days for visual arts professionals to promote exchanges and to make the Luxembourg art scene, its artists and actors, whether institutional or private, better known. By facilitating encounters between professionals during studio visits, portfolio reviews, exhibition visits and exchanges between professionals, Kultur | lx aims to stimulate dialogue between different art scenes in a convivial atmosphere, and create cross-border working habits.

For this fourth Focus on Visual Arts, Kultur | lx offers foreign professionals studio visits curated by Mirela Baciak, curator and director of Salzburger Kunstverein.

Finally, in addition to this curated programme, Kultur | lx is organising a round table on Friday 10 November from 2 to 3 p.m. on the site of the Luxembourg Art Week, about L’artiste chercheur, un pléonasme ou une figure dans l’air du temps ? by Sandra Delacourt (moderation by France Clarinval) as well as a Pitch Presentation from 4 to 7 p.m. at Casino Display (mandatory registration, limited capacity).

Note: admission to Luxembourg Art Week is charged (€15 for adults, free for children and students).
Ticketing on site and online on the
Visit & Tickets Page.

After a first edition of the Contemporary Music Focus that took place in September 2022 in the frame of the Festival 33,7, organised by United Instruments of Lucilin and the Kulturfabrik, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg is happy to join forces with the Philharmonie Luxembourg from November 17th to 19th on the occasion of their rainy days festival.

The programme, curated by the Luxembourgish composer Catherine Kontz, will put light on composers such as Albena Petrovic, Roby Steinmetzer, Marco Pütz, Catherine Kontz, Nik Bohnenberger, Camille Kerger, as well as Ivan Boumans. Ensembles such as Ars Nova Lux, United Instruments of Lucilin, Noise Watchers Unlimited as well as the Trio WAS+ will share the stage with the London-based Langham Research Centre and the Belgian Ensemble Ictus.

During these three Focus days, Kultur | lx will invite a delegation of professionals from contemporary music festivals and ensembles located in numerous places in Europe. These invitation programmes play a significant part in fulfilling Kultur | lx’ mission to promote and foster the identification of Luxembourgish artists on the international level. On the one hand, the international guests will have several occasions to see the works of Luxembourgish composers and musicians during the three festival days. On the other hand, the Focus will consist of several exchanges and network moments, notably through a speed meeting session during which Luxembourgish artists and professionals will have an occasion to meet the international delegation invited for the event. These meetings are crucial for the establishment of contacts and synergies to further help the identification and circulation of the Luxembourgish musical creation on an international level.

About rainy days
rainy days is a festival dedicated to new music. For four days, the event will feature numerous insights and perspectives in different compact formats that can satisfy experts as well as curious people who want to get a first impression of the current state of today’s musical creation – aesthetic experiences for the here and now, as well as nourishment for your own personal memory!

This edition is dedicated to the topic of memory, that is quite tackled in the arts nowadays. The concerts, performances, installations that are presented during the festival are building ties, in their own way, sonic histories, tales, memory fragments and memory snippets extending from Morton Feldman, Christian Wolff to composers from the emerging new music scene.

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CHAiLD & MAZ Univerze | Night Call
Single release: November 3 | Beast Records

“Night Call” is CHAiLD and MAZ Univerze’s official entry for the national preselection to represent Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. “This song is as passionate as our friendship since we met just over 12 years ago. Since then, we’ve been through the ups and downs of our personal lives and careers together. From helping each other in school to writing and performing music together, from overcoming our greatest struggles to celebrating our greatest successes. We are proud to call each other best friends and great colleagues”, MAZ Univerze explains the reasons why we decided to enter the competition together.

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The Cookie Jar Complot | Lobster Knife Fight
EP release: October 27

The instrumental duo The Cookie Jar Complot takes a step forward with their second EP “Lobster Knife Fight”, exploring heavier, faster and more danceable themes in music and in imagery. Consisting of eight melodic tracks, it is made up of quality songs with post- and math-rock accents combined with avant-garde and eclectic overtones for immediate effect. The songwriting duo Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener have been behind this endeavour since 2020, with Philipp Colling on bass and Miko Buraczyk on guitar during live performances.

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RAFTSIDE | Midnight Sun
Single release: October 23 | Grzegorzki Records Berlin / Emptypop Records

“Midnight Sun” is RAFTSIDE’s official entry for the national preselection to represent Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. The brand-new song is a vibrant tribute to the pop culture of the 1980s. By blending an infectious rhythm with delightfully surreal lyrics, RAFTSIDE offers us a captivating electro-pop journey. The group manages to capture the essence of this iconic decade, evoking a time when electronic sounds and boundless creativity were celebrated. One of the unique aspects of this song is its connection to Filip Markiewicz’s painting work. The artist has developed the visual aesthetics of the video combining combines painting, 3D animation, and artificial intelligence, creating a deep connection between music and visual art. “Midnight Sun” thus becomes a multidimensional work where music, technology, and art come together to offer a new form of artistic experience.

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Turnup Tun | Nuit Blanche
Album release: October 13 | Beast Records

After the album “Realtalk” in April and the EP “Schlëmme Summer 2” in August, “Nuit Blanche” is already the third longplay release of Turnup Tun this year in which he shows a very emotional side:You lie in bed at night and just can’t fall asleep. 1000 thoughts circle in your head and don’t leave you alone. You keep trying, and eventually you fall asleep. The next day you are completely cranky and unmotivated. That’s exactly how I felt quite often and this is exactly what my new album “Nuit Blanche” is about: the topics I have to think about in the evening when my head won’t let me sleep. I am very happy to finally be able to share this song with my audience. I hope they feel the same way as I do”.

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Single release: October 6

DasRADIAL grows out of the absurdities of our digital age: a being, not man not machine, walks between dream and reality. Musician and actor Max Thommes, who spent 10 years as a drummer in the band INBORN! produced by acclaimed producer Ross Robinson, has been going his own way since 2019, creating a dystopian cosmos with DasRADIAL. After several works for the German State Theatre, he also produced the title track of the Arte documentary “UNTERM_RADAR”. With his electronic beats and sharp-tongued lyrics, DasRADIAL now seeks the symbiosis of art figure and musical live performance. DasRADIAL is representing Luxembourg in the EXCITE network in 2023 and performed recently at Sŵn Festival and Reeperbahn Festival.

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Francis of Delirium | First Touch
Single release: October 4 | Dalliance Recordings

“The core of “First Touch” is about looking back at love with a sense of nostalgia and idealism. I wanted to capture the youthful feeling of being completely consumed by someone and believing everything would work out, even if that is naive. But, I also wanted to emphasise the beauty of that sentiment, the hope and trust that come with really believing in the authenticity of love”, says Jana. The track, produced by Catherine Marks (boygenius, Wolf Alice, The Killers), follows on from previous single, “Real Love” and makes a slight detour from the dark lyricism of the grunge-inspired songs of her first three EPs and reveals a softer, more open, hopeful and vulnerable sound palette. She adds: “It was a bit of a departure from our usual approach of writing with heavy electric guitar and drums. Instead, Chris and I decided to start experimenting with acoustic guitar and drums. During that time, I started listening to a lot of Sheryl Crow ‘s music, particularly her song ‘Soak Up the Sun’, which became a source of inspiration for the song. I wanted ‘First Touch’ to have a kind of ‘sun-rock’ vibe”.

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When Airy met Fairy | Lovebomb Me
Single release: October 2

After a three-year pause, musical duo When ‘Airy Met Fairy is back with an enthralling new single. “Love Bomb Me” showcases the duo’s ability to combine haunting melodies with heartfelt lyrics. Built upon a foundation of longing, the lyrics highlight the emotional journey of the narrator who discovers newfound strength amidst heartbreak. Listeners are immediately immersed in the world of When ‘Airy Met Fairy, as the duo creates a sonic experience that reflects the conflicts and vulnerability present in relationships. Through their unique blend of folk and indie-pop, they weave a tapestry of emotions that is both relatable and cathartic.

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Dreadnought | The Fire Within
EP release: October 1 | Recorded and mixed by Jeff Schmitz

The EP “The Fire Within” features three different tracks ranging from more melodic, epic moods to straight Thrash Metal, capturing the diverse inspirations that make up Dreadnought. Recorded and mixed by the band‘s own Jeff Schmitz, it is both a return to the DIY roots as well as an exploration and expansion of the quintet‘s sound.

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Drogher | Hawara
Single release: September 29

After the release of a debut EP “The Last Wave” in September 2022, Drogher released their latest tune “Hawara” with the same modern death metal sound. Inspired by a broader spectrum from the metal genre, Drogher finds its harbor within a melodic death-thrash current provoking a lot of movement in the pit.

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SAY YES DOG | Not Your Thing
Single release: September 8 | Diskodogs Records

Along with the announcement of their third studio album “DRÄI”, SAY YES DOG has shared the first single “Not Your Thing” from it. The upbeat track works perfectly as a mood elevator for the upcoming dark season and comes with a wacky music video directed by Tun Biever (Two Steps Twice). In November, the trio is playing several small club-shows across Europe under the label “Mini Gigs in Mega Cities”. The album release is scheduled for March 1st 2024 and will be accompanied by a tour, starting with shows in München, Köln, Hamburg and Berlin.

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ARTABAN | Rec. Play. Rewind.
Album release: July 21 | Muaaah! Records

15 years ago, the duo Charles and Max Nilles released their first album “Landscapes”. Some music critics praised it as a unique fusion of the styles of Röyksopp and Boards of Canada. Following their 2013 release “Flow,” the Nilles brothers dedicated a decade to perfecting their cinematic masterpiece, “Rec. Play. Rewind.” This latest record was signed under the banner of Muaaah! Records, an ambitious new Luxembourg-based indie label. This label was established by a trio: Marc Hauser, a programmer at Rotondes; Yann Gelezuinas, the technical director at Rotondes; and Nicolas Przeor, who is also a programmer at Rotondes and notably a guitarist for the math-rock group Mutiny on the Bounty.

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Lara Grogan | What Was Mine
Single release: July 7 | Recorded and Produced by Charles Stoltz

Inspired by the Beatles, 19-year-old Lara Grogan began writing songs when she was 11. At the age of 13 she started participating in local song-writing competitions and then in music festivals such as the Screaming Fields Festival. In 2022 she performed the song “City and its People” which she wrote exclusively for the Opening concert of Esch 2022. In July 2023, Lara released the song “What Was Mine” for which she wrote the lyrics, music as well as the string arrangement. She writes from her own experience and expresses questions and thoughts about the world around her. Lara loves to experiment with interesting chord progressions and her music has elements of pop, jazz and classical music.

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Dreamcatcher | Live – Under a blood red ground
Album release: June 9 | jazzhaus records

In 2018, the musicians of Dream Catcher invited their fans to an extraordinary concert to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary at an even more extraordinary venue: the Rumelange National Mining Museum, some seventy meters below ground. The three sold-out nights were recorded and filmed to produce a double live album: “Under a Blood Red Ground”. “The album is a tribute to all the women, men, children and also animals who have worked in the mine of the “Minette”. And sometimes, unfortunately, gave their lives. Our existence, our human rights, our existence, which we like to take for granted, is based on these people and their sacrifices. As a gift to us, for which we should always be grateful”, says singer John Rech. Dream Catcher creates a beautiful connection between pub folk rock and timeless acoustic pop ballads that come from the heart.

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