Every two years since 2015, the Luxembourg Design Awards offer a showcase for the various local design sectors by highlighting their know-how and excellence. This year, the traditional award ceremony bringing together the nominated project leaders and their clients will take place on 1 June at Les Rotondes.

What is special about this 4th edition? The 2023 winners will be at the heart of an exhibition dedicated to them, which will be unveiled on site after the awards ceremony. Visible until 4 June, this exhibition will be an integral part of the programme of the European Design Festival that Luxembourg has the honour of hosting at the same time.

The categories

In order to cover the various sectors of design, the Luxembourg Design Awards 2023 will be awarded to eleven different categories – including a special “Junior talent” category reserved for Luxembourg school and university students – through a “Gold” and/or a “Silver” Award. What’s new? A special “Eco design” mention may also be awarded in each of the categories to a project considered to be good for the environment throughout its life cycle, sustainable, responsible, “green” or even ecological.

One month to submit your designs

You can submit one or more projects via this registration form from 15 February until 24 March 2023. Please note that for this 2023 edition all works created in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 are eligible.