Call for expression of interest | 2025 Luxembourg Selection at Festival OFF d'Avignon and Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Following the second call for a Luxembourg Selection at the festival OFF d’Avignon in 2022 and the creation of new support for Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2023, Kultur | lx would like to invite producers from Luxembourg to make strategic proposals to stage shows at one of these festivals in 2025.
Significant investment is required to participate in these festivals, requiring clearly defined objectives and expected outcomes.

Objectives for producers from Luxembourg:
• Facilitate participation in the most suitable platform for the proposed performance (aesthetic suitability, priority distribution territories, timing);
• Receive support to find the right venue for their performance and ensure it is suitable (identified by professionals, conditions);
• Receive support through guidance, communications, networks to maximise their participation, and promote future tours.

Objectives for Kultur | lx :
• Propose Luxembourg Selections suitable for the platforms targeted;
• Boost scouting of performances by professionals at international level by targeting partner venues at festivals;
• Promote projects with international distribution strategies.

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg is therefore now opening a second call for expression of interest in the 2025 Luxembourg Selection for the Avignon OFF and Edinburgh Festival Fringe. These two events are high-profile strategic professional platforms for networking with a view to distributing creations from Luxembourg and supporting the career development of performing arts professionals.
Kultur | lx backing includes financial support for the distribution of shows and a prospecting programme.


Performing arts producers

  • Artists
  • Non-profits
  • Cultural institutions

Applicants must hold Luxembourg nationality or be resident in Luxembourg.

The selection is open to performances in all disciplines created in the past 5 years.

The performance must have been created before the Festival OFF in Avignon or Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The premiere must not be performed at either of the festivals.

Producers may apply for both platforms with a different performance for each platform. They shall be required to propose an overall strategy and also outline their ability to attend both festivals and follow up any further opportunities that may arise following the festivals.

The deadline for submitting applications is midnight on Sunday 1 September 2024.

Eligible sector

Performing arts


1.Luxembourg selection at the Festival OFF in Avignon / Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Phase 1:
The Performing arts Selection Committee shall select projects meeting the criteria in line with the budget allocated for each festival

Phase 2:
The successful applicants will receive support to submit their production to the venues identified by each festival.
Kultur | lx support shall only be granted if the performance is programmed at one of the following venues:

  • At the festival OFF d’Avignon: Théâtre du Train Bleu; La Manufacture; Le 11 – Gilgamesh; Théâtre Golovine; Théâtre des Halles; Théâtre Transversal; Théâtre du Balcon; Théâtre du Chêne noir; Théâtre des Carmes; Théâtre du Chien qui fume; Le Totem; La Factory; La Scierie.
  • At Edinburgh Festival Fringe : Summerhall; Assembly; Dance Base; C venues; Zoo; Traverse Theatre; Pleasance; Gilded Balloon; Underbelly.

Kultur | lx can only support a limited number of projects.

The deadline for submitting applications is midnight on Sunday 1 September 2024.


2. Luxembourg delegation: Prospecting programme at the Avignon OFF / Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Kultur | lx is organising a prospecting programme for a delegation of professionals from Luxembourg with a dedicated programme. Kultur | lx shall support—through the Support for prospecting, research and career development—freelance artists and professionals.

The delegation is limited to 5 members for each festival. The selection shall be made by the Performing Arts Selection Committee on the basis of the objectives clearly identified by the applicants.

The deadline for submitting applications is midnight on Sunday 1 September 2024.

  • Clear connection between the artist/non-profit association with the Luxembourg cultural scene;
  • Artistic quality of the performance;
  • Evidence of a professional artistic team (producer, distribution officer, PR agency etc.);
  • Adaptability of the performance to the Festival OFF in Avignon / Edinburgh Fringe Festival (stage technical specifications, limited time for assembly and disassembly, limited storage options, limited lighting, time slots);
  • Accessibility of the performance for a French speaking (Avignon) / English-speaking (Edinburgh) audience;
  • International distribution strategy beyond attendance at the festival (before and after);
  • Investment by producer (financing, valuation of the industrial contribution, support).
Documents required
  • Artistic CV and portfolio of the whole team;
  • Overview of strategic development plan for participation in the Avignon OFF and Edinburgh Festival Fringe;
  • Technical specifications;
  • Production budget for the performance (expenditure and income) in Avignon / Edinburgh, including preparation and follow up;
  • High-quality audio and video recording. If the performance has not been created yet, a detailed file outlining all of the creation stages must be included. The performance must have been created before the Avignon OFF or Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The premiere must not be performed at either of the festivals;
  • Any additional information that supports your application.
Eligible costs
  • Travel;
  • Accommodation;
  • Fees for the artistic and technical teams (in line with the ASPRO / THEATER FEDERATIOUN scale);
  • Daily subsistence allowance (per diem);
  • Transport costs (set, instruments, insurance);
  • Technical costs (rental of additional equipment);
  • Rights;
  • Promotion costs:
    • Press agency/PR costs (fees);
    • Purchase of advertising space (print, radio, internet, professional publications etc.);
    • Online advertising and marketing (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.).
Scales and conditions for eligible costs
  • Travel: return trip within Europe:
    Train travel should be preferred. Travel in second class (train) or economy class (plane) shall be reimbursed.
    Travel by car shall only be reimbursed—at a rate of €0.30 per kilometre and toll charges—if it is the only solution possible.
  • Accommodation:
    • Avignon, maximum of €90 per night per person;
    • Edinburgh, maximum of €110 per night per person.
  • Fees for technical and artistic teams in line with the minimum rates approved by ASPRO and THEATER FEDERATIOUN: download recommended rates (in French).
  • Daily subsistence allowance (per diem):
    €30 per day per person on days worked. €15 per day per person on travel days.
    Days off are not included.
  • Marketing costs: total maximum amount of €6,000.
  • Re-run costs for a work that has already been created but been suspended for a significant period of time (12 months since the last performance). One or more actors may be changed for a rerun.
    Costs covered include rehearsal fees in line with the minimum rates approved by ASPRO and the THEATER FEDERATIOUN and rental of rehearsal space. The support will cover a maximum of 5 working days.
Obligations for the artistic team
  • The entire artistic team shall undertake to be available for the entirety of the Avignon OFF / Edinburgh Festival Fringe and for a potential tour during seasons thereafter. In the event of unavailability for the duration of the festival, a reason must be provided for not participating for a limited period of time;
  • The artistic team shall ensure that the rights for the show are available for the duration of the festival and any potential tour abroad;
  • By submitting an expression of interest, the artistic team declares that the information provided is accurate and complete. It grants all members of the Committee access to personal data about its members;
  • It authorises the direction of Kultur | lx to verify the accuracy of all information contained in the application. In the event that any information provided is inaccurate, the artistic team understands that Kultur | lx reserves the right to reject its application;
  • The artistic team shall be available for meetings, preparatory meetings, and for a review with the Kultur | lx teams.
Kultur | lx liability

Kultur | lx guarantees the artistic freedom of the applicants.

Health and wellbeing

Bringing together over hundreds of programmers and producers, the Avignon OFF and Edinburgh Festival Fringe are unique platforms for raising the profile of artists and their productions. The experience, however, represents a significant financial cost and personal investment before, during and after the festivals. Performing and promoting a production every day for several weeks, alongside thousands of other shows, in an unfamiliar international environment, may represent a risk to the physical and mental health of participants and must be given serious consideration by potential applicants.

Please consult, for example, the section on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe website about health and wellbeing: Health and Wellbeing – Fringe connect.

Additional information

Recent Luxembourg Selections

At Avignon:

Corps au bout du monde by Marion Rothhaar, La Manufacture
Go ! de Jennifer Gohier, Train bleu
Megastructure by Sarah Baltzinger and Isaiah Wilson, Atelier

Petit Frère, la grande histoire Aznavour by Laure Roldàn and Gaëtan Vassart, Caserne des pompiers
Hear Eyes Move, dances with Ligeti by Elisabeth Schilling, Hivernales – CDCN d’Avignon

Terres Arides by Ian de Toffoli / directed by Ian de Toffoli (and ensemble), Caserne des pompiers
Starving dingoes by Léa Tirabasso, Hivernales – CDCN d’Avignon

Salles Gosses by Mihaela Michailov / directed by Fábio Godinho, Caserne des pompiers
Hidden Garden by Jill Crovisier, Théâtre Golovine
The Passion of Andrea 2 by Simone Mousset, Hivernales – CDCN d’Avignon

Révolte by Alice Birch / directed by Sophie Langevin, Caserne des pompiers

At Edinburgh :
stark bollock naked by Larisa Faber, Assembly
Shoot the Cameraman by AWA – As We Are, Assembly
Lovefool by Gintare Parulyte, Summerhall (with support from TNL)

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