Global Project Grant

The Global Project Grant is intended for artists in Luxembourg’s music sector and is designed to enable them to present a global and ambitious project over a period of one year which, if possible, seeks to go beyond the beaten track of a simple album release or tour. The project should have a clear focus on the international level and bring together a variety of aspects ranging from research and project design to promotion and dissemination.

This initiative aims to bring an added value to the project and to encourage artists and their teams to plan and foresee their strategy over a year with a dedicated budget. It also offers the opportunity and recommendation to implement innovative and creative concepts that can go beyond standard career patterns, the aim not necessarily being to achieve commercial success. Preferably, the project should include support in the form of mentoring or participation in various programmes, management workshops and the like.
For its part, Kultur | lx undertakes to support the laureate(s) at every stage of the project.

Our objectives for Luxembourgish artists are:
• To enable the artist to propose an ambitious, inventive and innovative project that goes beyond standard career patterns;
• To give the artist a certain degree of flexibility during the year of the GPG, from the project’s research and conception of the project to its dissemination;
• To bring added value to the presented project;
• To enable the artist to design a project encompassing a variety of medium- and long-term aspects;
• To enable the artist to plan and foresee their strategy over a year with a dedicated budget;
• To increase the visibility and attention of audiences.

The objectives for Kultur | lx are:
• To follow and support a project at every stage, from conception to dissemination;
• To receive projects with a medium- to long-term vision and a defined strategy;
• To promote and encourage artists’ creativity;
• To encourage artistic approaches and projects that incorporate into their development the current thinking on artistic creation, whether in terms of aesthetics, society, the environment or technology;
• To professionalise the sector.


This grant is intended for:

  • Artists;
  • With Luxembourg citizenship or residency in Luxembourg.
Exclusion and restriction

Beneficiaries of the Global Project Grant are not eligible for other individual grants during the same year. An exception may be made for an artistic project different from the one submitted and involving a different constellation of musicians, provided that the artist submits a valid justification. The laureate(s) of the Global Project Grant may not apply for this grant during the four years following the year of the submitted project.

Targeted sector


Decision Process

The application files will be examined by the Music External Selection Committee, which will name the laureate(s). The committee’s decision is final. The committee may decide not to award the grant, if it feels that the applications submitted to it do not justify the award. A maximum of two projects per year, all genres combined, will be eligible for the Global Project Grant.

Applications to be submitted by: September 12, 2024

  • The artist must be firmly rooted in Luxembourg’s cultural scene;
  • The artist must have recorded at least one EP or album;
  • The artist must have a long-term career strategy;
  • A plan for the artist’s development during the relevant year;
  • Relevance and uniqueness of the project;
  • Export potential;
  • International live experience;
  • The artist must have a professional artistic entourage (manager, agent, booker, label, press officer, community manager, etc.)
  • Commitment to providing support for the project (mentor, marketing consultant, etc.);
  • Good quality of financial structure and diversity of funding sources;
  • Financial investment from other partners and/or private sources amounting to at least 20% of the grant;
  • Integration of various programmes or workshops.
Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses must relate to a variety of aspects ranging from research and project design to promotion and dissemination outside Luxembourg, while providing real added value to the project.

Ineligible costs
  • All costs relating to the production of an album (studio recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design of the sleeve, pressing of CDs/vinyls, etc.);
  • Merchandising  production;
  • Production of music videos;
  • Artist’s website;
  • Third-party services guaranteeing streams/views in return for payment and which are not considered legitimate by the official platforms;
  • Initial or further training at conservatoires, music schools or university courses;
  • Concert fees (with the exception of the sound and lighting engineer if a justifiable added value can be brought to the project);
  • Composition orders.
Amount of the grant

The total amount of the grant is capped at €30,000. The amount ultimately awarded will depend on how well the criteria are met.


The artist undertakes to:

  • Follow, as far as possible, the submitted project, and to inform Kultur | lx of any changes necessary to properly put that project into effect;
  • Submit a mid-term report on the project;
  • Submit a detailed report at the end of the project and provide full evidence of payment and invoices;
  • Strictly meet his/her statutory obligations (tax, social contributions, copyright, related rights, etc.);
  • Inform Kultur | lx of upcoming events and provide everything required for publicising and promoting them in due time (images, texts, videos, concert dates, etc.);
  • Maintain a regular dialogue with Kultur | lx sur on the project’s progress.
Terms of payment of the grant
  • 1st instalment of 50% of the total sum at the beginning of January 2025 and after signature of the contract;
  • 2nd instalment of 25% of the total sum in the middle of the period determined for the project;
  • 3rd instalment of 25% of the total sum after receipt of the final detailed activity and financial report.

The financial support allocated by the institution lapses if the project for which it was granted is not implemented within the period that was stipulated when it was awarded. The same applies if the conditions for granting the support are no longer met or if the support was granted on the basis of inaccurate or incomplete facts.

If the financial assistance has lapsed, the institution is entitled to reimbursement of any payments already made. In exceptional circumstances, the institution may waive the right to reimbursement on presentation of a written request specifying the reasons beyond the control of the beneficiary of the support that have prevented the project from being carried out, as well as their direct causal link with this situation.

Required documents
  • Identity card;
  • Certificate of residence;
  • CV of the project leader;
  • Artistic portfolio;
  • Letter of motivation;
  • Description of the project;
  • Timetable of the project;
  • Career development plan;
  • Marketing plan;
  • Overall budget showing all expenditures and income relating to the project (please mention any funding linked to the project).
Mention of Kultur | lx

The beneficiary of the grant must include the Kultur | lx logo on all project-related communication materials, with the statement “With the support of Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg”.

Additional information

List of previous Laureates

Pop/Rock/Electro/Hip-Hop: C’est Karma
Jazz/World: Pascal Schumacher

Pop/Rock/Electro/Hip-Hop: Josh Island
Jazz/World: Greg Lamy

Pop/Rock/Electro/Hip-Hop: Francis of Delirium
Jazz/World: Claire Parsons
Classical/Contemporary: Francesco Tristano

Pop/Rock/Electro/Hip-Hop: TUYS
Jazz/World: Michel Meis 4TET
Classical/Contemporary: Cathy Krier