Global Project Grant (call closed)

Continuing the initiative founded by music:LX in 2020, Kultur | lx is taking over and expanding the Global Project Grant. This grant, available to artists in the Luxembourgish music scene, offers them the chance of setting out and proposing a project that will enable them to kick-start their career development, promotion and marketing, participation in tours, involvement in international workshops/conferences, and to increase the depth of their compositional work.

This initiative is intended to add value to the project and to encourage artists and their teams to plan their strategy one year ahead, with a dedicated budget. For its part, Kultur | lx is committed to accompanying the laureates in all stages of the project.

Deadline to apply : September 18, 2023


This grant is intended for:

  • Artists;
  • With Luxembourg citizenship or residency in Luxembourg.
Exclusion and restrictions

Beneficiaries of the Global Project Grant are not eligible for other individual grants in the same year and may not apply for the Global Project Grant again the next year.

Targeted sectors


Decision Process

The application files will be examined by the Music External Selection Committee, which will name the beneficiary/ies. The committee’s decision is final. The committee may decide not to award the grant, if it feels that the applications submitted to it do not justify the award.

Applications to be submitted by: September 18, 2023

  • Close involvement with the Luxembourg cultural scene;
  • Having recorded at least one EP or album;
  • Long-term career strategy;
  • Artist’s development plan over the year in question;
  • Relevance and uniqueness of the project;
  • Potential for export;
  • Guaranteed commitment of a professional entourage (manager, agent, booker, label, etc.);
  • Quality of the budget and diversity of funding sources;
  • Financial investment from other partners and/or private entities amounting to at least 20% of the total grant.
Eligible expenses

Including, but not limited to:

  • Tours (transport, accommodation, technical team costs, per diem, visas, etc.);
  • Promotion and marketing (press-agency services, community management, creation of promotional material linked to the project, purchase of advertising space, etc.);
  • Composition skills development (services of producers/composers, workshop-registration fees, masterclasses, song-writing, etc.);
  • Career development (management services, business trips, registration fees for conferences/showcases/trade shows, expenses of visiting professionals, etc.).
Ineligible expenses
  • Pressing of CDs/vinyl records;
  • Production of merchandising;
  • Production of music videos;
  • Studio time;
  • Artist’s website.

All other costs related to the artistic and production phase.

Amount of the grant

The total amount of the grant is capped at €25,000. The amount ultimately awarded will depend on how well the criteria are met.

Obligations and terms of payment

The artist undertakes to:

  • Follow, as far as possible, the submitted project, and to inform Kultur | lx of any changes necessary to properly put that project into effect;
  • Submit a mid-term report on the project;
  • Submit a detailed report at the end of the project and provide full evidence of payment and invoices;
  • Strictly meet his/her statutory obligations (tax, social contributions, copyright, related rights, etc.);
  • Inform Kultur | lx of upcoming events and provide everything required for publicising and promoting them in due time (images, texts, videos, concert dates, etc.);
  • Maintain a regular dialogue with Kultur | lx sur on the project’s progress.

Terms and conditions for payment of the grant:

  • Instalment 1 – 50% of the total when the contract is signed;
  • Instalment 2 – 25% of the total at the mid-point of the period set for the project;
  • Instalment 3 – 25% of the total after receipt of the detailed final activity and financial report.

The award of the funding will be voided if the project in respect of which the funding was awarded does not take place by the deadline that the organisation set at the time when the funding was awarded. The same applies in the event that one of the conditions applicable to the award of the funding is no longer being met, or that the funding was awarded on the basis of inaccurate or incomplete information.

Should the funding be voided, the organisation will be entitled to reimbursement of any payments already made. The organisation may, on an exceptional basis, waive its right to reimbursement upon the submission of a written request setting out the reasons, which must be outside the control of the beneficiary of the funding, why the project did not take place and their direct causal link with the fact that it did not take place.

Mention of Kultur | lx

The beneficiary of the grant must include the Kultur | lx logo on all project-related communication materials, with the statement “With the support of Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg”.

Additional information

List of previous Laureates

Pop/Rock/Electro/Hip-Hop: Josh Island
Jazz/World: Greg Lamy

Pop/Rock/Electro/Hip-Hop: Francis of Delirium
Jazz/World: Claire Parsons
Classical/Contemporary: Francesco Tristano

Pop/Rock/Electro/Hip-Hop: TUYS
Jazz/World: Michel Meis 4TET
Classical/Contemporary: Cathy Krier