Luxembourg selection at the 2024 Festival OFF d'Avignon (Call closed)

Through this scheme, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, in collaboration with the ministry of Culture and the THEATER FEDERATIOUN, supports the presence and the promotion of a Luxembourg theatre production at the 2024 edition of the Festival OFF d’Avignon, a strategic professional platform in the economic sector of performing arts. The performance venue will be the Caserne des Pompiers, a programming venue of the Grand Est Region within the framework of its agreement with the ministry of Culture of Luxembourg.

Extension of the call for application for the Luxembourg Selection at the 2024 Festival OFF d’Avignon
Noting that the duration of the call did not allow a certain number of shows created at the end of the season to apply to be presented at the Caserne des pompiers as part of the Festival OFF d’Avignon 2024, the Jury wished, in the interests of fairness, to extend the call for applications for the Luxembourg Selection in Avignon until September 3, 2023.

  • Artists;
  • A.s.b.l (non-profit organisations);
  • Cultural institution;
  • Luxembourg nationals or living in Luxembourg;
  • The selection is open to theatre, puppet, musical theatre, young audience and multidisciplinary performances created or reprogrammed between September 2022 and June 2023;
  • The application deadline is September 3, 2023 at midnight.
Exclusion and restrictions

The selected artistic team shall not be eligible for any other support from Kultur | lx due to its presence at the Avignon Festival.

Sector targeted

Performing arts (excluding dance)

Organisation and Jury

The application must be sent via the online application form only. No documents can be sent by post.

Each applicant is entitled to submit one or more projects.

An independent jury will attend the applicant’s productions or view them on video. The selection of the winning production will be based on the artistic quality of the performance and the quality and feasibility of the submitted project.

Kultur | lx reserves the right not to submit to the jury any incomplete project or that does not meet the selection criteria.

The jury is made-up of:

  • Serge Basso de March (author and poet)
  • Pablo Chimienti (communication and public relations manager at THEATER FEDERATIOUN)
  • Godefroy Gordet (journalist, author, director and president of the cross-border playwrights’ collective Le Gueuloir)
  • Lee Fou Messica (artistic director of the Espace Bernard-Marie Koltès – scène conventionnée d’intérêt national in Metz and co-president of the Quint’Est network)
  • Karine Sitarz (critic)

The jury’s decision is final.

  • Ties of the artist / a.s.b.l to the Luxembourg cultural landscape;
  • Artistic quality of the performance;
  • Feasibility of the promotion and dissemination strategy at least on the French territory;
  • Identification and references of the professional team;
  • Adaptability of the performance to the show terms of the Festival Avignon OFF (characteristics of the stage, reduced set-up and dismantling times, limited storage possibilities, limited lighting, duration of the time slots…), and especially to the Caserne des Pompiers (see technical sheet);
  • Accessibility of the performance to a French-speaking audience
Required documents
  • Art CV and portfolio of the artistic team;
  • Promotional portfolio;
  • Technical file;
  • Production budget for presence in Avignon;
  • Touring strategy;
  • Recording with good audio quality as soon as available;
  • Any additional information that may support your application.
Eligible expenses
  • Travel;
  • Accommodation;
  • Fees;
  • Per diem;
  • Transportation expenses (sets, instruments, insurances);
  • Technical expenses (additional equipment rental);
  • Promotional costs:
    • Press agency / public relations costs (fees);
    • Purchase of advertising space (print, radio, online, professional publications…);
    • Promotion and digital marketing (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram…);
    • Invitation tickets for professionals
  • Fees for Tour Manager
Obligations of the artistic team

The artistic teams presenting one or more projects shall, during the selection period, ensure invitations for the members of the jury, subject to availability.

The entire artistic team ensures its availability for the entire duration of the Festival OFF d’Avignon and a potential tour during the following season.

The artistic team ensures that the copyrights of the show are covered for the festival and for a tour in France.

The artistic team shall provide Kultur | lx with an assessment report on its participation in the Festival OFF d’Avignon (including a financial report, attendance figures, media coverage, the number of professional contacts made, promotional possibilities, etc.).

By submitting an application, the artistic team states that the information provided is true and complete. They agree that all members of the jury may have access to the personal information of their members. They authorise the Kultur | lx Coordination service to check the accuracy of all information relating to the application. If any of the information provided by the artistic team is inaccurate, the artistic team consents that Kultur | lx reserves the right to cancel the application.

The artistic team shall be available for meetings and preparatory meetings with the jury and Kultur | lx staff.

Liability of Kultur | lx

Kultur | lx guarantees artistic freedom. The artistic team is autonomous as to the choice of its project within the framework of the allocated residency and in accordance with its artistic project described at the time of the application.

Kultur | lx expressly reserves the right to cancel to cancel the award of the aid for duly justified reasons, without any applicant being abble to claim any compensation in this respect.


Terms of payment

The aid shall be paid in two instalments:

  • The first instalment of a maximum value of 80% of the total amount of aid shall be paid on signature of the agreement;
  • The second instalment of a minimum value of 20% of the total amount of aid shall be paid on submission of the evaluation and financial report.
Additional information

List of the latest winners
2019 – Révolte by Alice Birch | staging by Sophie Langevin
2021 – Salles Gosses by Mihaela Michailov | staging by Fábio Godinho
2022 – Terres Arides by Ian de Toffoli | staging by Ian de Toffoli (and the ensemble)
2023 – Petit Frère – La grande histoire Aznavour | staging by Gaëtan Vassart and Laure Roldàn

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