Research and creation residency for visual artists in Montreal 2024 (call closed)

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg is working with the Fonderie Darling in Montreal to launch a call for applications for a three-month research and creation residency for Luxembourg visual artists or visual artists living in Luxembourg artists at the Fonderie Darling in Montreal.

With a pilot project starting in 2023, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg will also offer artists the opportunity to extend the residency by three weeks as part of the Residencies programme at the Matapedia Train Station (Gaspésie) .

The Fonderie Darling is a visual arts centre located in classified former industrial buildings in the west of Old Montreal. Founded in 2002, and run by the not-for-profit Quartier Éphémère, the centre aims to support research, creation, production and promotion of contemporary visual arts. Both local and international artists are at the heart of the Fonderie Darling programme.
Vital to the dynamics of a creative space, international exchanges contribute cultural diversity, stimulate creativity, and build long-lasting relationships between artists and professionals from all areas of the art sector. These exchanges happen in two ways at Fonderie Darling: regular programming of artist exhibitions and international curators in its galleries; and international residency programmes in the studios.

The Matapedia Train Station is a historic building with fully-preserved original architecture anchored in the heart of a village, in a majestic natural setting. Transformed into an artistic and community centre, The Matapedia Train Station becomes a space-workshop for creation, production and dissemination, joining different surrounding communities.

This international residency aims to encourage artists to immerse themselves in the Montreal art scene and build networks with the local art scene, contributing to the development of artists’ professional careers in the longer term. Artists can use the residency for their own creative work and there is no obligation to produce a specific piece of work. The residency is therefore an opportunity for artists to create, experiment, soak up a variety of social contexts, start collaborations or partnerships, and receive support for the promotion of their work. The residency shall be granted under the terms and conditions defined below.


Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg shall award a research residency following a call for applications from visual artists who can demonstrate significant professional experience. Applicants must hold Luxembourg nationality or reside in Luxembourg. There is no age limit.

Applications must be submitted via the online registration form. Documents submitted by post shall not be accepted.

Deadline for applications : Sunday October 1st, 2023 at 23:59 CET.

Residency terms

The residency shall take place from September to November 2024 at the Fonderie Darling and in December 2024 at the Matapedia Train Station and cannot be split. The laureate shall stay in one of the four live-in studios at the Fonderie Darling. The studio accommodation is equipped with a sink, small kitchen and a small bedroom in a mezzanine. The bathroom, large kitchen, dining room and rooftop terrace are communal and shared by all artists. Bedlinen and towels are provided.

For the Matapedia Train Station residency, the laureate shall be offered accommodation in the village and a studio in the Matapedia Train Station.
The additional three-week residency at the Matapedia Train Station is optional. Candidate should mention and justify his or her intention to take advantage of this opportunity when submitting the application. Once the call for applications is closed, it will no longer be possible to apply for an extension of the residency in Matapedia Train Station.

The resident agrees to respect the dates of the residence and the general rules.

The residency program at the Darling Foundry / Matapedia Train Station will offer:
• support and administrative follow-up;
• support for the development and dissemination of artistic work and networking with regular meetings organized with professionals from the art world;
• provision of technical workshops and experienced technicians.

Financial terms of the residency

Will be made available to the laureate:

  • A studio;
  • A grant: residency stipend worth a maximum of €8,400 (Fonderie Darling) or €8,400 + €2,100 = €10,500 (Fonderie Darling + Matapedia Train Station);
  • Flat fee for transport and daily expenses: maximum flat rate of €1,500 for Montreal + €500 for Matapedia;
  • Production support: maximum €2,000 reimbursement of original, paid invoices.

The artist must have health and repatriation insurance during his stay in Montréal.

Organisation and Jury

The application is free of charge and unpaid.

The laureate shall be selected by:

  • A jury consisting of representatives from the cultural sector, which shall make an initial pre-selection of applications received;
  • The final decision is up to the board of the Fonderie Darling.

The jury shall award the residency on the basis of the relevance and completeness of the artistic project. The decision of the jury is final.
The jury may decide not to award the residency if it does not deem any of the applications suitable.

All applicants shall be informed of the outcome by e-mail.

The jury is made-up with:

  • Steph Meyers (Rotondes)
  • Justine Blau (artist and laureate 2023)
  • Stilbé Schroeder (Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’Art Contemporain)
Documents required
  • Photocopy of ID document;
  • Certificate of residence of the candidate;
  • Social security registration certificate (certificat d’affiliation) issued by the relevant social security office;
  • Artist curriculum vitae;
  • Cover letter;
  • Statement of intent describing the research project and the planned media (challenges, aims, techniques, strands of work etc.), 3 to 5 A4 pages;
  • Artist portfolio including visuals, texts, press reviews.

Only complete applications submitted by the deadline shall be accepted.

The candidate must find out before applying the conditions for entering Canadian territory and in particular the obligations in relation to the health crisis, to ensure their ability to carry out their residency.

Consent and obligations

By submitting an application, applicants declare that the information provided is complete and accurate. Candidategrant all members of the jury access to their personal data. Applicants authorise the jury to verify the accuracy of all of the information contained in their application. In the event that any information provided by the applicant is incorrect, the applicant agrees that Kultur | lx reserves the right to exclude the application. The recipient of the residency shall grant Kultur | lx permission to use their name for promotional and advertising purposes.

Laureate obligations

In addition to time spent on research and creation, the laureate shall be required to present their work to the public, attend meetings, raise the awareness of and involve visitors to the Fonderie Darling in the creative process.

The laureate agrees to submit a detailed report to Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg at the end of the residency. The report shall be shared with the Fonderie Darling. The report may be published by Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg. Kultur | lx may request full or partial reimbursement of the grant if the artist does not submit the report.

In the event that the residency in Montreal is terminated before completion, the laureate shall be required to reimburse the grant and any costs corresponding to the period not completed.

The laureate agrees to mention Kultur | lx and Fonderie Darling during the presentation of the works resulting from this residency as well as in any communication related to this residency.

Payment of the grant

The residency stipend and the flat rate to cover travel costs shall be transferred to the personal bank account of the beneficiary in two instalments. The first instalment of 80% shall be paid upon the beneficiary’s arrival at the Fonderie Darling, notified to Kultur | lx in writing. The second instalment of 20% shall be paid upon submission of the report to the jury by the artist at the end of the residency.

A maximum sum of €2,000 shall be paid at the same time as the second instalment upon presentation, at the end of the residency, of documents and accounts paid to cover costs related to production, presentation of the residency and any costs for an exhibition/event/meeting.


Kultur | lx reserves the right to cancel, at any point in time and for any reason, the allocation of grants under the terms of these conditions. In this event, applicants shall not be entitled to claim any sort of compensation.

Additionnal information

List of recipients


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