Support for career development

This support has been designed to facilitate international mobility with the goal to acquire knowledge or specific expertise. Recipients may be awarded funding for the purpose of networking (attending festivals, trade shows, exhibitions, auditions, meetings with the media or with those working in the sector); of training (conferences, workshops, master classes, or mentoring); or of specialisation (specialist training courses, internships, residency, or song-writing camps). Applications from students will not be accepted.

This support replaces the previous music:LX ones entitled “Composition & Songwriting Support” and “Support for Local Structures”.


This support is intended for:

  • Artists;
  • Authors;
  • Composers;
  • Curators;
  • Self-employed culture-sector professionals (managers, agents, booking agents, etc.).

With Luxembourg citizenship or residency in Luxembourg.

Exclusion and restrictions

Beneficiaries of the Global Project Grant for the year in question are not entitled to this support.

Targeted sectors

All sectors supported by Kultur | lx.

Decision Process

Applications are assessed by the person responsible for the sector in question and the relevant project manager.

Application deadline : 15 business days before the event.

  • Relevance of the targeted event/platform/training programme;
  • Clearly identifiable objectives;
  • Benefit for the career/education of the person in question;
  • A coherent budget;
  • For attendance at trade shows and exhibitions, the availability of a professional entourage is an advantage;
  • Sustainability: the need to travel must be demonstrated and must form part of a career- or network-development approach. It will be necessary to check that the resources required to achieve the desired result cannot be found in Luxembourg.
Eligible expenses
  • Travel;
  • Accommodation;
  • Per diem;
  • Accreditation fees;
  • Registration fees;
  • Visa fees;
  • COVID test fees.
Rates and conditions for eligible expenses
  • Travel

Travel should be by train where possible. Second-class tickets will be reimbursed, as will economy-class plane tickets.

Travel by car will only be covered – at a rate of €0.30 per kilometre plus any applicable tolls – if that is the only possible solution.

  • Accommodation

Maximum amount for hotels: €140 per night. That sum might be re-evaluated for certain countries/cities, or if it is impossible to find accommodation at that price.

  • Per diem

€25 per person per day

Amount of the support

The total amount of the support is capped at €3,500. Nevertheless, where justified by the nature or scale of the project, the Coordinators of Kultur | lx reserve the right to exceed that amount on an exceptional basis.

Terms of payment

The support will be paid on submission of invoices and a report. A breakdown of the expenses must be submitted on the date specified in the support-award letter. Without the final breakdown of expenses, the Coordinators of Kultur | lx may block payment of the support.

The award of the funding will be voided if the project in respect of which the funding was awarded does not take place by the deadline that the organisation set at the time when the funding was awarded. The same applies in the event that one of the conditions applicable to the award of the funding is no longer being met, or that the funding was awarded on the basis of inaccurate or incomplete information.

Should the funding be voided, the organisation will be entitled to reimbursement of any payments already made. The organisation may, on an exceptional basis, waive its right to reimbursement upon the submission of a written request setting out the reasons, which must be outside the control of the beneficiary of the funding, why the project did not take place and their direct causal link with the fact that it did not take place.

Mention of Kultur | lx

The beneficiary of the support must include the Kultur | lx logo on its communication materials, with the statement “With the support of Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg”.