Translation support

Kultur | lx is taking over the translation support for foreign publishers that were previously allocated by the Ministry of Culture.
The contribution to translation costs aims to pay for the growth and distribution of Luxembourg’s literary heritage by supporting foreign publishers in the translation of Luxembourg literature.


This aid is intended for foreign publishers (commercial companies).

The contribution to translation costs is aimed at translation projects into foreign languages of a literary work already published by a Luxembourgish author or an author residing in Luxembourg.

All foreign languages are eligible, provided there is a sufficiently large readership in the target language and a distribution of the translated text.

The eligible literary genres are:

  • Biography;
  • Children’s and youth literature;
  • Drama;
  • Literary anthology;
  • Literary essay;
  • Poetry;
  • Prose.

Priority is given to contemporary literature published within the last 15 years by living authors.

Exclusion and restrictions

The support is not intended for:

  • Individuals;
  • Organisations;
  • Municipalities and associations of municipalities;
  • Schools;
  • Charities.

Kultur | lx’s contribution to translation costs shall not be granted for translation projects:

  • that are intended to raise funds for charity;
  • that are self-published or self-financed.
Targeted sectors

Literature and publishing

Decision process

Applications are reviewed by the Selection Committee Literature and publishing.
Application deadline: 2 months before the publishing date of the translation project.

  • Cultural added value, i.e. the positive impact on the author and/or publisher, as well as the scope and representative nature of the language of translation;
  • Economic and business viability of the translation project, i.e. whether professional quality of distribution of the published work is guaranteed (selling price, target audience, editorial condition in the publisher’s country, distribution network, promotional campaigns, literary editorial programme of the publishing house);
  • Literary quality of the work to be translated, highlighted by critical and audience hit, and potentially by literary awards and other credits;
  • Professional experience of the translator, assessed on the basis of his/her curriculum vitae and publications, which will provide information on his/her experience, the genres and authors previously translated, the reputation of the authors and publishing houses, as well as relations with cultural figures or institutions;
  • Attention given to cultural diplomacy objectives and international commitments
Eligible costs

The support takes the form of full or partial reimbursement of the costs for translating a book.
Only costs that have been agreed in writing by Kultur | lx shall be reimbursed.

Rates and conditions for eligible expenses and amount of the support

The request will be assessed on the basis of the translator’s estimate, which specifies the method of calculation.

The total amount of aid is limited to Euros 8.000. However, if the nature or scope of the project justifies it, the Kultur | lx Coordination reserves the right to exceed this amount under exceptional circumstances.

Terms of payment

Payment of the support shall be made:

  • Upon receipt of 5 copies of the subsidised translation after publication, together with an invoice for the translation, made out to Kultur | lx (5-7, rue de l’Alzette, L-4011 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg), signed by the publisher and countersigned by the translator;
  • After checking the note indicating that Kultur | lx supports the publication.

The financial support granted by Kultur | lx shall be void if the project for which the support was granted is not completed within the period set by the institution at the time the support was granted. The same applies if one of the terms for granting the support is no longer met or if the support was granted on the basis of incorrect or incomplete facts.

The invalidity of the granted financial support shall make Kultur | lx entitled to receive the refund of the payment(s) already made. On an exceptional basis, the institution may waive the refund upon notification of a specially reasoned written request setting out the reasons beyond the control of the support beneficiary for the failure to carry out the project and their direct causal link with it.

Required documentations
  • The publishing house’s catalogue of publications;
  • A detailed provisional budget for the translation project, indicating the translation price per word and the number of words of the work to be translated;
  • A copy of the signed agreement between the publisher and the translator;
  • A copy of the signed agreement by the translation rights holder;
  • A copy of the signed agreement by the author allowing the translation of his/her work;
  • A curriculum vitae and a list of publications of the translator and, if applicable, of the reviser of the translation;
  • A scanned copy of the cover of the original edition;

The form may be completed in French or in English.

Only complete applications submitted by the deadline shall be processed. The absence of any supporting document in the applicant’s submission must be duly justified.

Obligation of the applicant

Once the support has been awarded, the applicant shall respect several conditions:

  • Mention “With the support of Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg” in the publication and copy the logo;
  • Inform Kultur | lx of any major changes in their situation (address, mandate, legal and administrative entity, etc.);
  • Provide Kultur | lx with any information or documents deemed necessary for the processing and follow-up of the file (change of publication date, cancellation of the project, etc.)