18.12.2023 #digital arts #kulturlxnews #visual arts

That's all folks! Claudia Passeri designs the 2023 season greeting card

Still from Claudia Passeri / Untitled, 2023

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg commissioned visual artist Claudia Passeri to design its 2023 season greeting card. The artwork, originally a digital work, has subsequently been adapted to a physical card.

Claudia Passeri creates site-specific interventions and contextual pieces that explore human perception in relation to place. Depending on the site and the context, the work takes on social, political, and environmental aspects. Her research has a neo-romantic aspect that seeks, frequently via the use of irony, to reveal the mechanisms that activate the human creative processes, which transform how we view the world.

This video has been created in her kitchen in Umbria on November 3 2023.

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