28.05.2021 #jazz #music

The Luxembourg jazz scene in the media: spotlight on France and Belgium!

Promotion is one of the central pillars of the support Kultur l lx provides for Luxembourg artists. We are therefore proud and happy to highlight things that have been well received by the media in different countries. 

Greg Lamy racked up some excellent coverage in the French and Belgian press, where his new album, Observe the Silence was very well received. In France’s Jazz News No. 89, for example, Benoît Merlin praised the “impressionist composer”, who “is sparing with his words and tries to draw breath, slowing the tempo to play with silences, those notes that are anything but mute”. The crowning glory came from prestigious French magazine Telerama, where Louis-Julien Nicolaou gave the album the highest possible rating, saying that listening to it brought to mind the “ebbs and flows of emotion and desire that we are made up of and that only artists have the courage to bring to the surface and give shape to”.

In Belgium, a double-page spread in the Le Soir newspaper – the result of Jean-Claude Vantroyen’s interview with the artist – concluded with the words: “this album contains a sort of continuous groove, fluidity, flow of clarity, and need that fills the listener with excitement and happiness”.

Reis Demuth Wiltgen received good coverage in Citizenjazz, where Gilles Gaujarengues highlighted the trio’s unique style: “Here, as on their previous albums, as well as obvious elements of the great traditions of their genre, there are also traces of rock and pop. The influence of EST is clear, for one thing”.

They also enjoyed a decent amount of radio play, particularly on France’s TSF Jazz station and on France Musique, where Alex Dutilh’s Open Jazz programme marked the album’s release by playing the track Diary of an Unfettered Mind as the show-opener.

It should be noted that Michel Meis 4tet feat Théo Ceccaldi, were guests on Open Jazz in June 2021, following the release of their album KABOOM on 28 May 2021.