01.05.2021 #jazz #music

The Luxembourg jazz scene in the media: spotlight on Germany!

Promotion is one of the central pillars of the support kultur l lx provides for Luxembourg artists. We are therefore proud and happy to highlight things that have been well received by the media in different countries.

In Germany, the trio Reis Demuth Wiltgen’s album SLY enjoyed an excellent reception in magazines such as:

Jazzthing: “Echoes of the trio’s trademark aesthetic, namely the repetitive patterns of minimal music and techno, can still be found in the 13 original pieces on Sly. Apart from the band’s improvisation skills, this trademark aesthetic has become the driving force behind the boundless energy of their melodic fluency, harmonic density and rhythmic intensity.”

Jazzthetik: Rolf Thomas stresses the three performers’ strengths: “The three musicians demonstrate the qualities every piano trio need if they want to hold the audience’s attention: listening to one another, anticipation and agility”.

Concerto: Zappy highlights the trio’s musical maturity: “Clever, artful or simply creative – in Sly, Reis, Demuth and Wiltgen have produced their best work yet. Their joy at playing shines through”.

Pascal Schumacher also got noticed thanks to his collaborations with other artists for his latest album, Re:SOL. The rework provided by producer and DJ Fejká earned Scumacher his first coverage in webzines and magazines focusing on electronic music and pop, such as ourculture and SERIALGK: “Downtempo rhythmic beats and elegant synth samples take center-stage, all the while the vibraphone makes discreet appearances lightening what could otherwise be a much darker mood”.

In the Audio magazine review of Greg Lamy’s Observe the Silence album, Werner Stiefele hailed the bond between the musicians and the richness of their improvisations: “They are intuitively in sync with each other. Lamy’s compositions leave lots of room for improvisation”.

As far as the German airwaves are concerned, the group have been given a lot of radio play, particularly on Byte FM and WDR3.