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TUYS, The Aquatic Museum and Greg Lamy release their "Global Project Grant" projects

Implemented in 2020 and awarded every year to Luxembourgish musicians from all genres, the Global Project Grant allowed its laureates to release tremendous new albums: we remember the ambitious integral of Ligeti’s Piano Etudes by Cathy Krier, Michel Meis with his album Kaboom, Francis of Delirium, as well as Francesco Tristano’s on early music.

This grant supports artists in the development of an ambitious project on the mid- or long-term to stimulate their career through promotion, marketing and touring, as well as the acquisition of know-how on the music industry. Kultur | lx gives advice to the artists and their teams at each step of the project.

In May 2023, new projects will arise, sometimes after several years of development and work, showing to which extent the Global Project Grant seeks to support long-term projects and ideas.

Stay tuned for 2024’s call for applications!

Tuys – Global Grant Laureate 2021
Album release: 28 April 2023

Tuys, laureate of the Global Grant 2021 in the pop/rock category, went through countless adventures before releasing their new album REALITY MANAGEMENT LTD on April 28th, to listen here. The album release had to be pushed because of the pandemic but they reached the end of it. This record deals with alternative truth in times of polarization and echo chambers.

Composed in Berlin in 2020 and produced in 2021 with Jan Kerscher (Ross Robinson, Karnivool, Like Lovers, A Tale Of Golden Keys), the band captures a feeling of control loss of the reality which characterised the creative process of this album. The music is accompanied by a short-movie in which TUYS transforms into Reality Management Ltd, a company that sells realities to frustrated customers. The truth becomes a mysterious merchandise, crafted by a company who reveals to be more and more fraudulent as the film progresses.

You can watch the first part of the short film below:

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All parts from the short film can be watched here.

Since last year, TUYS clearly showed their intention to mix their music to audiovisual art, thus creating an immersive multimedia experience. The band will also be back on the road in May. Don’t miss them!

05.05 Cairo | Würzburg (YUUN Support)
06.05 Messtival | Reckange-sur-Mess (LU)
19.05 Irgendwo | Bremen (DE)
23.05 Blue Shell | Cologne (DE)
25.05 Glockenbachwerkstatt | Munich (DE)
26.05 Kramladen | Vienna (AT)
30.05 Glocksee | Hannover (DE)
11.06 Francofolies | Esch-Sur-Alzette (LU)
17.06 Fête de la Musique | Dudelange (LU)

The Aquatic Museum – Claire Parsons & Laurent Peckels – Global Grant Laureates 2022
Album release: 25 May 2023

A genre-breaking project, The Aquatic Museum skilfully combines the colour palettes of jazz harmony, the delicacy of a chamber ensemble, and the energy of a pop band. Carefully crafted compositions take us on a journey that reinvents the sound of pop delicately weaving moving lyrics with a spectrum falling between the poles of minimalism, the epic, and everything in between. This is chamber pop.

The collective – founded by singer-songwriter Claire Parsons (UK), musician and app developer Laurent Peckels (LU) and in praise of folly violist Nicole Miller (US) – extends beyond European borders bringing together an arsenal of individually accomplished musicians and multimedia artists to bring the album, live concept and app to life striven by the determination to go beyond conventional ways of creating, releasing and performing music.

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First singles Large Pleasure Watercraft, Trash Tub and Entrance are to be found here.

Greg Lamy & Flavio Boltro, Letting Go, Igloo Records – Global Grant Laureates 2023
Album release : 8 June 2023

After Bojan Z, guitar player Greg Lamy presents a project with trumpet player Flavio Boltro: since the beginning of the 1990s, the Piemontese has established himself as one of the most sought after trumpetists of the European jazz scene. He was part, among others, of Michel Petrucciani’s sextet, Michel Portal’s and Stefano di Battista’s quintets, not to mention his own projects such as the recent BBB that caught the attention of Greg Lamy due to its modernity and the research on effects.

Flavio Boltro took a huge part in the conception of Letting Go. With him, Greg Lamy found a complicity they had the chance to deepen during numerous concerts in Europe before considering a recording. “I knew we would end up playing together in a studio”, Flavio says. This need to refine automatisms and live emotions on stage is clearly depicted through the band’s cohesion and spontaneity. It is also reflected in the sharing of the compositions: six are coming from the guitarist, three from the trumpet player and the last one, Pino Daniele’s Chi Tene O’Mare, was chosen by Flavio Boltro.

Letting Go marks a clear evolution in the guitarist’s playing, which is distinguished by the care taken in the colours, the way he plays with spaces in an increasingly refined sound, and the lightness of the sidemen that avoids overload. Above all, the whole is designed to emphasise the partner’s listening skills. It is an album of bewitching spontaneity – all the tracks are first takes! – and natural fluidity at all times.