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Venice Art Biennale 2024 - "A Comparative Dialogue Act" by Andrea Mancini and Every Island

A Comparative Dialogue Act - Andrea Mancini & Every Island

The project of the Luxembourg pavilion challenges the entrenched notion of individual artistic authorship by presenting a collection of works where artists relinquish ego in favour of a profound exploration of collective creativity through the medium of sound.

The title, A Comparative Dialogue Act, encapsulates the nature of this experimental project – an investigation of diverse sonic languages and a contemplation of dialogue beyond the visual, into the immersive world of sound as a tool for negotiation.

This exhibition explores the potential of sound as a medium for cultivating connection and understanding. It aims to transcend the limits set by singular perspectives of what sound can lend to the acts of interpreting, distorting and appropriating.

The pavilion is conceived as an infrastructure for the transmission of sound. Technology is used to develop a local experiment investigating the transmission of knowledge and work in progress.

A programme of four residencies taking place over the duration of the Biennale Arte 2024 will transform the pavilion into a production space where each individual research will contribute to a shared body of work. An unprecedented collaboration by four emerging artists from diverse backgrounds, it brings together Spanish musician and performer Bella Báguena, French transdisciplinary artist Célin Jiang, Turkish artist Selin Davasse and Swedish artist Stina Fors to offer four intersecting approaches to the multiple ways identity, performance and sound can meet.

The artists are invited to explore the elements that define their individual practices and artistic methods. Each of them is asked to create a sound library representing their unique approach by the start of the Biennale Arte 2024. These libraries will be made available in the Pavilion space as a common tool. Each artist will appropriate and use this library to create a soundscape. The aim being to stimulate cooperation and community through an understanding and interpreting of what was made available.

The body of work, both the libraries and the residencies’ productions, will constantly be absorbed and integrated anew – challenging notions of authorship and appropriation.

Each artist will engage in a series of performances. The performance is part of the collaborative artwork and is the moment during which each artist presents his/her contribution in public. The resulting sequence of pieces will be published as a vinyl record, to be released at the end of the Biennale Arte 2024.

A Comparative Dialogue Act offers a rich composition of singular voices brought together in a blurred sound artwork that pushes the boundaries of contemporary art production.