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Went online: 27.04.2022

Call for applications for the conception of Luxembourg Pavilion at 18th Venice Architecture Biennale

Deadline for submission: 25/05/2022

The Venice Architecture Biennale is the world’s largest cultural event for architecture. The aim of this international event is to give the world an overview as comprehensive as possible of the themes and projects capable of addressing the future’s scenarios in the fields of architecture, urbanism, the city and our ever-changing society.

The 18th edition will take place from 20 May to 26 November 2023. Nominated in December 2021 by the Fondazione la Biennale di Venezia, Lesley Lokko, architect and woman of letters will be the Chief Curator of the Biennale 2023.

Kultur | lx, in collaboration with Ministry of Culture and LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture, launch a call for applications to represent Luxembourg at the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale.

The call is aimed at multidisciplinary curatorial teams including at least one Luxembourg architect, living in Luxembourg or able to demonstrate a cultural integration in the Grand Duchy. The teams may include all professions useful for the reflection, production and mediation of this pavilion. For example, artists, architects, urban planners, landscape architects, researchers, critics, curators, writers, philosophers, etc. can be part of the team. In addition, the teams may call on the services of third parties.

The jury is made up of the following professionals:
– Michelle Friederici, President of Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs conseils Luxembourg
– Cécile Fries, Architect, sociologist and lecturer at école nationale supérieure d’architecture, Nancy
– Claudine Hemmer, Visual Arts and Architecture Advisor, ministry of Culture Luxembourg
– Nikolaus Hirsch, Artistic director of CIVA – Architect, landscape and urban culture, Bruxelles
– Sara Noel Costa de Araujo, Architect and curator of Luxembourg Pavilion 2021
– Guittou Müller, representing LUCA
– Hélène Doub, representing Kultur | lx

The selection will be carried out in two sessions.
Deadline for submission of preliminary projects : May, 25
Announcement of the laureate: July 22, 2022

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#visual arts
Went online: 04.05.2022

Call for applications: Luxembourg Encouragement for Artists Prize

Deadline for submission: 17/06/2022

Contemporary artists Sophie Jung (in 2016,) Laurianne Bixhain (in 2018), and Hisae Ikenaga (in 2020) all saw their work propelled into the limelight thanks to LEAP – The Luxembourg Encouragement for Artists Prize. Whose turn will it be this year?

The prize provides support for creatives from all disciplines, whose talent and vision have stood out recently and who are ready to take the next step. More than an award, LEAP offers the winning artist a springboard to greater visibility and a career in the contemporary art world. For the LEAPs 4th edition, presented by RTL, Rotondes has yet again tasked an international jury to select 4 artists among those who apply. Their innovative work will be showcased in Rotondes’ Galerie this autumn. The name of the winner will be announced at the opening of the collective exhibition. The award will without a doubt be a significant leap forward.

The members of the 2022 jury are:

  • Alice Motard, director, CEAAC, Strasbourg
  • Gertrud Peters, artistic director, KIT Düsseldorf
  • Frank-Thorsten Moll, director, IKOB, Eupen
  • Marc Gubbini, architect and art collector in Luxembourg
  • Patrick Steffen, researcher and curator, Centre Pompidou-Metz

Deadline to apply: 17 June 2022 

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#digital and multimedia arts
Went online: 04.05.2022

Call for interactive/immersive project: IDFA 2022

Deadline for submission: 28/06/2022

IDFA is open to all sorts of non-fiction artworks that use emerging media to represent reality, including web experiences, digital art, games, audio experiences, immersive experiences (such as VR/AR/MR, social VR and fulldome films), physical installations, live performances, and immersive theater. Submissions of performances/live projects that combine documentary film elements with music, theater, dance, and/or emerging media are encouraged. Your project submission will be considered for IDFA DocLab, IDFA on Stage, and other program sections that explore different ways of showcasing documentary art.

Deadline for submissions: 28 June 2022

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#literature and publishing
Went online: 10.05.2022

Call for applications: National Literary Competition

Deadline for submission: 06/06/2022

Created in 1978 by the Ministry of Culture, the National Literary Competition aims to encourage literary creation in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The subject of the National Literary Competition for the year 2022 is the collection of stories in Luxembourgish, French, German and/or English.

The competition will have two prize categories: one for adult authors, the other for young authors aged 12 to 19:

The first prize in the “adult authors” category is 5,000 euros.
The first prize in the “young authors 12-19 years old” category is 2,000 euros.
The 2022 Competition is open to authors holding Luxembourg nationality or residing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or, where applicable, having their fixed or predominant place of work in the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The deadline for the submission of manuscripts is Monday, 6 June 2022

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#performing arts #residency
Went online: 25.04.2022

Call for applications: Future Laboratory

Deadline for submission: 20/05/2022

Over the course of 30 months, 15 artists will be selected to participate in three research residencies in three partner institutions in three different cities. Each selected artist will be allocated a dedicated partner institution who will contract them for the duration of the project. Dedicated partner institutions will be from the country the artist is applying from or one of the other partners institutions from the network.

Each artist will see themselves allocated a project coach by their dedicated partner institution, who will guide them on their entire journey and work with them in between residencies, support their research as well as their learning and capacity building.

Throughout this project, partners will be seeking to work with a range of artists including those from underrepresented and underserved communities. Factors will include gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orinetation, age, and socio-economic background.

The overall objective for the artists is to formulate a project idea that matches their own artistic convictions and that will be the result of their research and experience.

This idea will emerge as they progress with their research and will be based on the most urgent issues they have identified around the larger theme of social inclusion and fed by new and missing narratives they feel need to be told on our stages tomorrow.

At the end of the project, the artists will have the opportunity to present their concept idea for a production to the partner institutions at a closing symposium.

Deadline to apply : May 20, 2022

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#performing arts
Went online: 04.04.2022

Call for application: Luxembourg selection at the 2023 Festival OFF d’Avignon

Deadline for submission: 27/05/2022

Through this scheme, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, in collaboration with the ministry of Culture and the THEATER FEDERATIOUN, supports the presence and the promotion of a Luxembourg theatre production at the 2023 edition of the Festival OFF d’Avignon, a strategic professional platform in the economic sector of performing arts. The performance venue will be the Caserne des Pompiers, a programming venue of the Grand Est Region within the framework of its agreement with the ministry of Culture of Luxembourg.

Find here the detail of the call (The application must be sent via the online application form only. No documents can be sent by post).

List of the latest winners

2022 – Terres Arides by Ian de Toffoli / staging by Ian de Toffoli (and the ensemble)
2021 – Salles Gosses by Mihaela Michailov / staging by Fábio Godinho
2019 – Révolte by Alice Birch / staging by Sophie Langevin

The application deadline is Friday 27 May 2022 at midnight.


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Went online: 28.02.2022

Call for projects: production of a sound recording

Deadline for submission: 15/09/2022

The Ministry of Culture, as part of the reform of its subsidy policy, is pleased to announce the introduction of a program to support sound recordings of all musical genres. Two calls for projects are launched each year, one in spring as well as one in autumn.

The present call for projects is aimed at professional Luxembourg artists or groups of artists, residing in Luxembourg and/or with a proven cultural base in the Grand Duchy, as well as Luxembourg labels and Luxembourg record companies (Sarl/Sa). The aim of these two grants is to support creation, to encourage the emergence of new talent, and to encourage professionals in the field to invest in the long-term development of artists’ careers.

The examination of the dossiers submitted in the context of this call for proposals and the awarding of the grant is entrusted to a jury consisting of an employee of the Ministry of Culture and four professionals from the music world. The work of the jury is secret. No appeal against the decisions of the jury will be accepted.

Deadline for applications: September 15, 2022

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#visual arts
Went online: 25.01.2022

Andrea Neumann Art Prize

Deadline for submission: 31/07/2022

The Andrea Neumann Art Prize is a continuation of the artistic and cultural work of Andrea Neumann (1969-2020), who contributed, as artist-curator and vice-president, to the development of the exhibition and event programme of the Saarländisches Künstlerhaus.

The call for applications is aimed at artists, curators and visual arts collectives living and working in the Greater Region, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Lorraine, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Wallonia. The prize, worth 5,000 euros, will be awarded for the first time in 2022/2023.

The Andrea Neumann Art Prize is a grant which will finance a new project or its continuation, or a new series of works. The project or the result of the creation will be presented in an exhibition at the Saarländisches Künstlerhaus.
For the application, a description of the project (max. 2000 characters) as well as a significant portfolio (CV, portfolio and/or a demo via a streaming link of previous works of a maximum duration of 10 minutes) is expected.

The applicant is free to choose the subject of the project, the medium(s), the working method(s) and the thematic approach.
Application documents must be submitted in German and/or French or English in electronic form to the following address:

Application deadline: 31 July 2022

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Went online: 11.11.2021

Call to applications : Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg (DE)

Deadline for submission: 23/07/2022

For four days every September, the international music community meets in St. Pauli district. The eponymous festival takes place on and all around the Reeperbahn strip. As colourful and diverse as the area is the choice of locations and international performing artists: concerts will be hosted in places as different as Molotow music club and the St. Pauli church.

With more than 360 different concerts, readings, art happenings and movie screenings, the festival is packed with highlights for every music lover. From heavy metal and punk to indie, hip-hop, jazz and soul: visitors and artists alike will have plenty of opportunity to broaden their musical minds beyond genre boundaries.

Deadline for submissions : 23 July 2022.

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