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Tania Soubry, laureate 2022 of the choreographic residency in Annonay (F)

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg and TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, is offering an artistic team based in Luxembourg a choreographic residency at La Chapelle, Annonay, to accompany it in the final steps of its creation. La Chapelle is under the joint direction of choreographers Abou Lagraa & Nawal Lagraa Aït-Benalla.

Following a call for applications, the selection jury, composed of Bernard Baumgarten (TROIS C-L), Jérôme Konen (Kinneksbond Mamer), Tom Leick-Burns (Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg) and Léa Tirabasso (choreographer and 2021 laureate of the residency), unanimously decided to grant the residency to Tania Soubry for her project DJ Whimsy or what will the climate be like?

Tania Soubry is a transdisciplinary artist, dancer, performer and choreographer, working with the body, atmospheres, text and sound. Her practice and work investigate the possibility a poetic re-enchantment of the world through sensuousness, humor and solidarity, following tensions, curiosities and desires. Preoccupied with regeneration on an individual, social and global level, she uses fictive imagination to deal with the present and create possibilities, considering the links between the economic, political, socio-cultural, ecological, spiritual and psychological. She is based in Luxembourg and London.

The laureate will benefit from a specific accompaniment offering financial support as well as networking around a choreographic creation project. She will be welcomed for a 4-week creative residency at the Chapelle Sainte-Marie and then for a 2-week technical residency at the Théâtre des Cordeliers in Annonay.

The residency, which will take place in autumn 2022, will be an integral part of the Annonay Rhône Agglo En Scènes season and the resulting choreography will be previewed at the Théâtre des Cordeliers in Annonay.

The creation co-produced by the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg will also be an integral part of the latter’s 2022/2023 programme and will be presented there as a sneak preview.

Details of the call for applications: